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The Wanderosa

Sanctuary Logo

Wanderosa is more than a travel company. The Wanderosa inspires adventurers in a world of wanderlust. This organization was founded by dedicated travelers to create unforgettable travel experiences. Wanderosa searched for the appropriate logo to reflect their wanderlust.

Ironclad Plumbing

Plumbing Logo

Ironclad Plumbing and Drain, LLC is more than just your average plumbing company;
they are a residential service-based plumbing company dedicated to crafting plumbing solutions and forging peace of mind, which is their slogan for their customers in northeast Ohio.

Epicurian-HTW-Logo-Winner-1.jpg (1)

Epicurean Healing Tree

Wellness Center Logo

Epicurean Healing Tree Wellness Center uncovers the root causes of ailments. The company has long been a haven for those seeking genuine wellness. They are taking their mission to new heights and embarking on a rebranding journey.

Epicurean Epiphany

Natural Food Logo

This logo design contest centers on a virtuous food company and a soon-to-come book named Epicurean Epiphany, which proudly touts the tagline, “Simple. Real. Whole Food.”

The company was looking for a logo to front their new book.

Tohil Harmonics

Healing Services Logo

Tohi Harmonics, came to Hatchwise to request a logo that would reflect the unique blend of science and spirituality that the brand incorporates into its healing modalities.

The winning logo was the perfect match for the healing services Tohi Harmonics offers.


Rare Genetics Inc.

T-Shirt Design Contest

Art and design have the power to bring meaningful stories to life. When combined with a noble cause, the impact can be truly profound.

One such remarkable endeavor took place here on Hatchwise, where designers participated in the “ Rare Genetics Inc.” contest.

Earth Dynamics LLC

Contractor Logo

Earth Dynamics is an evacuation site contractor looking for a new logo for their company. They provide a variety of services, ranging from solar fields to commercial building sites. They state in their contest brief that they’re always looking to invest in new technology in the industry to stay ahead of the competition.

Heroes American Cafe

Cafe Logo

Heroes American Cafe is a restaurant that offers a friendly atmosphere where members of their community can gather and meet together over a good, healthy meal. All food is made with the most premium ingredients to ensure that customers get only the best food. Fresh veggies, premium deli meat, and fresh bread and cheese.


St. Patrick Lake Longbows

Archery Business Brochure

St. Patrick Lake Longbows is a company that designs and builds bows for archers of all ages and skill levels. Bower Erik Hoff believes that bows are the connection to nature that everyone needs in their lives. Every bow that is sold is constructed one at a time, each one unique and different from the rest.


Hockey Team Logo

This contest specifically for a hockey team sparked our interest.

The contest received a lot of interest and our talented creatives submitted a variety of unique design concepts to it!

Let’s take a look at a few of the top entries and what the client chose as their final result!


Personal Lubricant Company Logo

The client wrote about their company; “We are developing a high quality, luxury personal lubricant. We want a clean minimalist style to match our clean minimal ingredient list. Good for the body ingredients. We are targeting people who care about what goes into their bodies and the environment.”


Two Rivers Construction Business Cards

This contest was run for a construction company that was looking for business cards for their new company.

Two Rivers Construction does small construction jobs, carpentry, and mechanics. The client filled out a contest brief describing what they were looking for and Hatchwise creatives got to work on their entries.

Star Team

Contracting Business Logo

This contest for a handyman and general contracting services company received a variety of creative entries for their new logo request. While we always see unique entries for contests, this contest especially saw a range of unique designs submitted. All of these designs showed different takes on the contest brief and what the client requested.

Frudy Farms

Farm Logo

This contest for a permaculture farm sparked our interest. Their farm allows people to come out to the country and get a taste of farm living and living off-grid. Their target is all-inclusive, but especially embraces the LGBTQIA community and is a welcoming space for them. They asked that the logo include colors of the PRIDE flag, animals and fruit.

Go Genie

Ecommerce Business Logo

This company provides products to customers worldwide with a simple click of a button. As the name implies, the company can magically give customers what they need with a simple purchase.
They wanted this to be conveyed with the logo, requesting that the logo have a thicker font and a semi-casual nature.

Whiskey Consortium

Whiskey Business Logo

Whiskey Consortium is a group of seven or eight professionals that are in the whiskey business. In the contest brief, they said they included the following details about their company: “A few craft mixologists or bartenders, few whiskey salesmen, and a few marketing and advertising managers that specialize in marketing/advertising.”


Basketball Team Logo

CHAMPIONS Basketball Advantage is a basketball training facility that specializes in shooting. They also offer other instruction training to students as well.

They say in their brief that their primary audience is primarily kids elementary through high school and some college students and young adults.

Brad Merrit Motors

Auto Dealership Logo

This contest for a dealership received a variety of interesting and unique entries from our talented creatives. The dealership requested a new logo for their company that they could use on marketing material.

They received a variety of entries to choose from and ended up with a result that they loved for their business.

Fork In The Road Cafe

Cafe Logo

Fork In The Road is a new cafe and catering company that’s located in an office building in Delaware. The cafe serves homemade lunches to people in the office building, local buildings surrounding the area, and the public. The company has a sister company, ‘I Don’t Give A Fork’, that helps them with fulfilling catering orders and providing food.

Pittsburgh Renegades

Baseball Team Logo

This client was looking for a baseball team logo that was going to be printed on uniforms, hats, and t-shirts. The logo was going to be used for the team’s merchandise and they wanted one that would fit with their style. They requested that the colors red, black, and white be incorporated into the logo and they requested that the logo be creative above all else.

Outdoor Box Club

Monthly Subscription Logo

Canary Creative Group is an interior design company. The company says that they have three audiences; “1. Design Conscious Vacationers (Instagrammers, wabi-sabi/ millennial design enthusiasts) 2. Real Estate Agents and Developers who leverage design as a differentiator 3. Vacation Rental owners looking to improve customer/ stay experience.”

Ready Resource

Medical Equipment Company Logo

Ready Resource is a company based in North Carolina that buys and resells medical equipment. They help people with disabilities by putting together ramps and lifts, working directly with clients to specifically provide them with customized products of exactly what they need. In their brief, they say that they also provide equipment to office workers as well.

Cincinnati Holiday Lighting

Lighting Company Logo

Cincinnati Holiday Lighting is a company that installs, designs, and removes holiday decorations for companies.

They requested that in the design there be, “Possibly an outline of the Cincinnati skyline drawn with light strings.” They said that they didn’t want Santa Claus included in the design, and left the rest up to the creativity of the designers!

Canary Creative Group

Interior Design Company Logo

Canary Creative Group is an interior design company that specializes in staging model homes, interior design, and more. The company says that they have three audiences; “1. Design Conscious Vacationers (Instagrammers, wabi-sabi/ millennial design enthusiasts) 2. Real Estate Agents and Developers who leverage design as a differentiator 3. Vacation Rental owners looking to improve customer/ stay experience.”

Yggdrasil Designs

Woodworking Logo

This client reached out because they were looking for a new logo for their business. They’re a company that makes woodworking crafts and projects. They were looking for a logo that they could put on their business cards and online store for marketing purposes. They wanted the logo to include the Yggdrasil tree, saying in their contest brief, ‘Yggdrasil is the “tree of life” in Norse mythology.



Company Logo

This contest was for a company that was looking for a new logo for their business. In their creative brief, they said that they’d like the design to be fun and friendly.
They requested that the colors be orange and black and said that the logo would be used online. Here we’ll take a look at what entries were submitted to the contest and what the client chose as a final result!

Lotus Active Health

Health Studio Logo

This client described their business as; “Studio for aerial sports, namely pole, and hoop, besides stretching, strength and conditioning, and pole dance, gives an accent on health and movement. For both women and men, any age group (I’m currently an instructor for adults, but plan to do classes for children in the future)” They said that they were thinking of a graceful silhouette for the design, with a minimalist and simple design.


Men's Club Logo

This client requested that the design include four old-world mobster-style men or silhouettes of them. They chose the following colors or combinations of the colors to be included in the design; blue, white, red, blue, and yellow. They described their business as four guys starting a guys club.

L998162-20200807113501.jpeg (1)

The Good News Bears

Baseball Team Logo

This company said that they would like a baseball and a bear included in the design.
They also said, “Minimalist is good, modern is good, negative space is good. Creative is great. Could also feature a theme where the kids being coached are cubs. Baseball, gloves, bats, field, helmets, team”.

Biggest Little Initiative

Non-Profit Logo

This non-profit facilitates small acts of kindness for a big social change, collectively making big impacts around the world. They wanted a logo accompanied with their name.
They also wanted the logo to not only display what they did but the overall concept of small acts making a big change.

Mascot Design

For Service Business

According to their brief, this client described their business as, “We are a service business that provides sales services for commission. For example – if you want to get your product on the shelves in Whole Foods, we will pitch the buyer on your behalf. If the buyer likes it you will soon be on shelves in all their stores.”



Private Community Logo

This client first filled out a creative brief describing what they were looking for and to tell our creatives what it would be used for. They wanted the logo to be simple and elegant, not too busy or complicated. They told creatives that the logo would be used as a sign at the entrance to the community and on marketing material.


Roller Skating Rink Logo

River Roll is a roller-skating facility that offers fun family activities and birthday parties, as well as offering services for other events.

The client requested that the logo be related to roller skating and incorporate their company name, River Roll.

Brew Tour

Biker Patch Logo

This client client said the design should have the following, “looking for a patch/ like on a bikers jacket/ that will be used on T-shirts/ marketing/ etc; I have a basic design that we want you to capture the vision ; enhance, and run with the creative’.”

They also provided some information on the target audience and the event that the contest was for.


Thrive Academy For

Coaching Program Logo

The client described their business as “An exclusive, physician-only coaching program designed to help empower physicians who struggle with their weight, stress and binge eating, and feeling overwhelmed.”

When asked what they were looking for the client said they “Would like versions of the logo with and without the slogan (Lose Weight & Love Your Life)"

Jelly Bean Labels

Stationery Logo

Jelly Bean Labels is a stationary website that was looking for a new logo for their business.

Their focus is on making creative, unique, stylish, and colorful name labels for children and teenagers.
These labels could be used on children’s items when they’re headed to school, on trips or they’re away from home. They wanted a clean logo that was a bit whimsical.


Songhopurinn Spectrum

Vocal Group Logo

The design brief for this contest didn’t go into a lot of detail. They didn’t ask for any particular colors, and they had no specific requests.
However, they list some possible ideas such as rolling hills, lavender flowers, farm equipment, bees, or essential oils. Ultimately though, they were unsure exactly what they wanted, and were open to seeing what the designers could come up with.


Balfour Golf & Recreation

Golf Logo

This client was looking for a new version of their logo and still wanted to embrace some of the elements from the previous logo to keep the branding consistent and recognizable. they described their request in the following, “The bird in our logo stays and could possibly be updated as the head and right wing at times do not show all that well, particularly when embroidered on clothing."

Launch Lobster

Start-Up Logo

This client said they were looking for a logo to set their brand and that it should be fun and creative. To tie in the name, they wanted a lobster included in the logo.
They wanted the color red to be included in the logo, as well as colors pulled from their website design. They wanted the logo to inspire entrepreneurs to launch their businesses with them.

Crooked Acres

Lavender Farm Logo

The design brief for this contest didn’t go into a lot of detail. They didn’t ask for any particular colors, and they had no specific requests.
However, they list some possible ideas such as rolling hills, lavender flowers, farm equipment, bees, or essential oils. Ultimately though, they were unsure exactly what they wanted, and were open to seeing what the designers could come up with.


Bourbon & Bogeys

Golf Club Logo

Here’s a recent contest for a bourbon-and-golf club. As you might imagine, this required a unique aesthetic.
Bourbon & Bogeys wanted a logo for their group that meets up for whiskey tastings and golf games. However, the tastings are the primary draw, so they didn’t want overt golf imagery. It was important that the design didn’t seem like either a tournament logo or a distillery logo.

Happy Day Latte

Coffee Shop Logo

Today’s featured contest is for Hatchwise client Happydaylatte, and we think it’s a good one. They are opening a coffee shop in Texas where they plan to serve pastries and coffee. They got loads of different entries from many different designers, and all of the designs that were submitted had at least one component that the client asked for. Each design, although similar, has its own unique look.

C&B Invitational

Golf Aassociation Logo

The creative brief for this one was pretty short, C&B Invitational just made a few requests for what their logo should contain.
They wanted the text “est. 2022” to be written somewhere on the logo, along with their association’s name.
They also asked that the design be simple, and follow a classic style, like that of a country club.

Eighteen25 Ranch

Ranch Logo

In this brief, the client described their company as, “Fictionera is a website that teaches writers how to write a novel. It will have writing tips, courses, webinars, and exercises on writing that will help neebie writers craft good stories.
It focuses on only Fiction (that’s why name is Fictionera) Target Audience – Anyone who wants to write a book."

Bitcoin Brits

Cryptocurrency Logo

When describing their company, this client said, “We are two British guys who present training about all things related to cryptocurrency, in plain English.” Then they proceeded to fill out information detailing what they wanted in the logo and what they did not want. “Do not include an image or representation of Bitcoin, since the brand ALL cryptocurrencies, not just Bitcoin".

Coppola Wellness

Coaching Platform Logo

When first starting the contest the client initiated the process by filling out a contest brief where they clearly stated what they were looking for and gave some information about their company. For this contest, the client said, “Coppola Wellness is an educational and coaching platform to help individuals prevent chronic illness.”


Writing Website Logo

In this brief, the client described their company as, “Fictionera is a website that teaches writers how to write a novel. It will have writing tips, courses, webinars, and exercises on writing that will help neebie writers craft good stories. It focuses on only Fiction (that’s why name is Fictionera) Target Audience – Anyone who wants to write a book."

Solcara Health

Alternative Medicine Logo

The contest is for Solcara Health, a company that focuses on alternative, functional medicine located in Maui, HI. The client offered $150 as the contest prize. They were hoping to get something reminiscent of the movement of the ocean waves, the sunrise, and some bright vibrant colors. They also had a vague idea of a possible slogan.

TGIF Body Shop

Autobody Repair Logo

This client described what they were looking for as the following, “It should possibly connote what we do, as when I give my business card as a woman, we are often mistaken as an outlet for lotions or message. It would also suffice if it gives one the idea of what we are about."

Tap Censor

Bottling Company Logo

This client said that they were looking for a logo for their new business and described the company as “The name of the company will be “Tap Censor” The company is e-commerce that specializes in bottling services for specialized cleaners.”.

Stone Cross Farm

Small Farm Logo

When describing what they were looking for the client said the following, “We bought an 11 acre farm with an old dairy barn we are restoring to keep horses in. We will have cows and homestead the land. The perimeter of the property is done in rock walls and we live in cross street .”

The Handy Guys

Home Repair Logo

For this featured contest, we’re spotlighting a logo design for Hatchwise client Mnrland, who requested a new logo for The Handy Guys, a full-service home repair company serving homeowners and property managers. Our client requested that the design feature a cartoon-style mascot character, but they were also open to receiving other ideas.

Dr. Mojo

Tequila Bottle Label

Today’s featured design contest was run for Hatchwise client cdorris, who was looking for something a little different in a logo contest.

Instead of asking for a company logo, our client wanted a high-end design to use as a private label for bottles of tequila that will be gifted to patients at a cosmetic dentistry practice.

Indie Island

Social Media Teaser Graphic

Today’s design contest spotlight features animated gif graphics to be used as a teaser on social media.
Hatchwise client Vbowen already had a logo for their business, but they wanted a design that could incorporate their existing logo into an animated teaser graphic to advertise their new blog, Indie Island.


T-Shirt Design

This client requested a t-shirt design for their company, Hippie Roots. They described their target audience as fishermen and wanted the design to include an octopus.
Hatchwise creatives reviewed the creative brief before starting their designs to submit to the contest.

Dop Brewing Company

Brewery Logo Design

As a design junkie, I have a special place in my heart for beer labels. More often than not, the label alone is the main factor in my decision to buy the product. When the store shelves are lined with dozens of unfamiliar options, I’m going to pick the one with the cool label and hope it tastes as good as it looks


Bedding Company Mascot

A shankapotumus is, according to the client, a cross between the abominable snowman and a hippo. As Dishman said, he is “just a crazy, funny, furry-looking creature that loves to be warm. He loves being warm so much that he steals the warm blankets and comforters from unsuspecting victims. And this is what the brand will represent.”

Green Fox Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning Company Logo

Green Fox Commercial Cleaning prides itself on using sustainable cleaning products and providing customers with a user-friendly application to request services. Through this application, clients can easily request and adjust their cleaning needs based on their changing needs.

Davenport Cleaning Co.

Cleaning Company Logo

Davenport Cleaning Co requested a contest for their new logo design. They were looking for something very clean and simple, without any stereotypical pictures or drawings of cleaning equipment. Desired colors included neutrals, black, white, and possibly a bit of green or purple. The winning design, with a prize of $50, would be used both online and in print.

Champ Pizza

Pizza Place T-Shirt

Today’s featured design contest was run by Hatchwise client TysonChamp, who needed a t-shirt designed for their sports-themed take-out restaurant, Champ Pizza. The shirts will be worn by team members, but the client is hoping that the design will be cool and “swag-worthy” enough that customers and fans would want to wear them as well.

Star Bar Grill Branson

T-Shirt Design For A Restaurant

This particular client was interested in having a t-shirt design done for their company, Star Bar Grill Branson. The brief provided four ideas for the design, each with a unique concept. The first design featured a classier pig eating a massive steak at a high-end table setting, with the pig looking impressed and surprised.

ZM Fabrication

Off-Road Welding Logo

To start the process of this contest, the client filled out a creative brief that asked for a new logo for their welding fabrication company.
The client described their company and what they were looking for as needing a cool design for an off-road community that is close-knit and made up of manly men who like to get their trucks out and get dirty.


Leather Manufacturer Logo

This company manufactures professional leather, vinyl, and plastic repair products for professional repair technicians in the automotive and commercial furniture markets.
The brief also requested a detailed viper snake logo with a more professional look than their current logo and specified lime viper green and black colors.

Calhoun Family Signing Agents

Loan Signing Agency Logo

There are plenty of businesses that aim to do just that. Rather than trying to delight customers with a memorable and creative brand, they want their service to speak for itself. Today’s featured design contest shows this principle at work. Hatchwise client MCCalhoun wanted a logo for a loan signing agency.

Backyard Life Designs

An Outdoor Living Experience Logo

To start receiving a new logo for their company, the client filled out a contest brief describing what they’re looking for and sharing a bit about their brand. This client started by detailing how they design high-end residential pools that work to complete a cohesive and stylish outdoor appearance.


A Marijuana Company Logo

This client was a marijuana company launching a brand with two product lines – vape cartridges and pre-rolls. The brand name was RA, derived from the Egyptian sun god, as the sun is necessary to grow weed. The client specified that they wanted the design to be warm and welcoming, while also including a catchphrase that explained the benefit and purpose of the product.

Consensual Improv
Comedy Troupe Logo

Consensual Improv is an improv comedy troupe that is based in Aspen, Colorado. In the creative brief, the client described how Consensual Improv’s shows were interactive and hilarious, involving the audience throughout each show. When the client came to Hatchwise, they shared that wanted a logo that included the brand’s name, but including their tagline, “Making The Funny Since 1987,” was optional.

Restore And Refresh Aesthetics

Skincare Business Logo

Today’s design contest spotlight features a new logo Hatchwise created for a brand new skincare business called Restore and Refresh. Even though the contest creator, Mstumler, offered a modest prize of $50, they received what may possibly be a literal metric ton of entries. The client requested a simple, circular design, with possibly a splash of color to make it stand out.


A Company That Connects Practitioners To Clients

So-Well is a new company whose purpose is to connect massage practitioners with their clients. The design brief requested that the logo include the brand name plus a tagline. An icon representing wellness or massage could be included, and the color scheme requested was a palette of soft, calming colors such as beige, cream, or blue.

Hell Bent Workshop

Leather Workshop Logo

Hell Bent Workshop is a blacksmith and leather craft artistry workshop.

Previously, a friend of the client designed a logo that the client wanted to use as a starting point.

This starting point was outlined in the creative brief, and it was the idea of a welding helmet with devil horns and a tail coming out of it.


Superhero Goals

Youth Brand Logo

Superhero Goals was founded after the owner’s 10-year-old son drew a collection of his favorite superheroes wearing his favorite sneakers and athletic wear accessories. He asked his son who was his favorite superhero and what power he wished he could have. His son replied that his dad was his favorite superhero and that the only power he needed was his own.

Indiana Soap Supply

Soap Making Logo

Indiana Soap Supply’s name does a good job of describing what they are all about – soap. Indiana Soap Supply is a business that was started to make and sell wholesale soap that could be distributed to retailers across the United States. This information was key for the client to share because it signified that this was not a mom-and-pop brand, it was a wholesale, national operation.