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A Mind-Boggling Selection Of Custom Logos

Get a completely original logo design in seconds

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A Mind-Boggling Selection Of Custom Logos

Get a completely original logo design in seconds

AI Dominates The Logo Design Space

Love AI? Hate AI? Terrified that Skynet and the enslavement of the human race are imminent? 

Relax! There are so many opinions and such extreme views that it can be hard to agree on much when it comes to this new tech, BUT there is a solid consensus that AI is absolutely crushing it when it comes to logo design. 

This is one of the first areas where the general public got its first chance to see what AI could do, and it has been able to do a pretty respectable job generating simple logo designs. 

You don’t have to listen to us tell you how cool it is, we have made the development version of our new AI-Powered Logo Designer available below. The tool will be free to use while it is still in the development stage. This is your chance to experiment. Go wild, have fun with it, and be sure to let us know what you think. 

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The Most Memorable Element Of Your Brand

Depending on where you are in the business launch process, you have likely already had to spend considerable time hammering out the precise shade of blue for the website buttons, the perfect combo of fonts for the invoices, and the design of the signage for the building. There are so many design decisions to be decided at the beginning that it can get overwhelming fast. 

While every one of those color & font decisions you agonized over was certainly important, there is a better-than-average chance that the only designs, colors, and fonts that the majority of customers will be able to recall will be the ones in your logo. Logos were always intended to distill a brand down to a small image and a bit of typography able to act as the sole identifier for the business in many instances. 

The Curious Human Affinity For The Logo

Perhaps that is where humans developed their affinity for the logo. Whatever created the phenomenon, we humans seem to immediately hone in on a brand and can generally correctly identify the business based on the logo alone. The same was not true for other major design elements of colors associated with a particular business. There are no major scientific studies testing the validity of this theory, but anecdotal evidence sure seems to point to a marked tendency to commit a brand’s logo to memory from the first time we see it. It happens often enough that it has become accepted as fact in the design world. Essentially, of all of your branding design decisions that you will make. Your logo design will be the most important because there is a good chance this may be the only designs, colors, and fonts your costumes remember. 

Logos Are Just Simple Graphics & Typography, Right?

That is another unique aspect of the logo. Somehow, these complex little masterpieces somehow leave viewers with an impression of simplicity. To be fair some logos are designed to be stark and minimalist. However, even the most basic of logos is far more than a couple of geometric shapes and primary colors. You might be surprised at just how many small details both tangible and intangible, have an outsized impact on the look and feel of the final logo design.

Here is a list of the basic design elements, tangible and intangible, that play a role in the overall look of the completed logo.

Logo Size
Size of Individual Design Elements
Typography Size
Words Used in Logo
Effectiveness of Brand Messaging
Symbolism/Hidden Messaging
Overall Message Clarity

Brand Identity Clarity
Differentiation from Other Brands
Logo Readability
Design Novelty
Design Trendiness
Design Element Symmetry

Theme Repetition
Background (or lack of …)
Textures (or lack of …)
Non-Text Elements Used to Express Idea or Message
Psychology of Color

So, How Good Is The AI-Powered Logo Design Tool?

Logo generation is one of the few genres where AI art generators have managed to deliver consistently “not half bad” work. No, the AI-Powered Logo Design Tool is pretty awesome but it is likely never going to deliver the same complexity, subtlety, nuance, or tongue-in-cheek hidden messages that a human logo designer will. A talented human logo designer will generally meet with you several times throughout the logo design process. They will want to get your input at key junctures in the design process. This collaborative system results in the highest-quality, truly customized logo design. 

However, just because human logo designers are the superior option, that certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t get a solid logo design using only the AI-Powered Logo Design Tool. Here is an insider top, the best human logo designers can be really expensive. So that intricate logo design masterpiece may just have to wait until your business is generating a healthy profit. In the meantime, you can definitely get a workable logo from the AI-Powered Logo Design Tool. The addition of AI has eliminated or dramatically reduced many of the early weaknesses of computer-generated logo design. The most frequent complaint was the lack of originality in the designs, and the limited selection (the generators had a tendency to just repeat the same two basic designs in different color combos).

The technology has improved quite a bit since those early days. With AI on board, we should be seeing an even broader range of design styles with more complex art and typography. Go ahead and spend some time experimenting with the AI-Powered Logo Design, it is completely free for the time being, so you have nothing to lose. If you aren’t satisfied with the design variability of our new tool, you can try taking what you do love from our tool and using it as the inspiration or seed file in another automatic logo design tool. Each of these tools is slightly different so using several should generate enough logo variations to find a winner.

Take Your Time Designing This Important Brand Representative

No matter which option you choose to design your logo make sure you really put your best effort into getting this element of your brand identity right. The design of this brand feature is going to be the one your customers remember. Yes, this first logo design is important, even if you plan to get a much more complex design once your business is turning a steady profit. 

Even if you know that you will be re-branding in a few years, your first logo will have already become undoubtedly associated with your brand, so you are going to be keeping most of the major design elements.