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Before contacting us check out some common questions and answers:

Q: Why did I not receive my payment?
A: Make sure you have logged into your account, gone to the "payments" page and provided all the info required for payout.
If you did that, keep in mind that we make the payout on the 1st and 14th EST. If the payout falls on a weekend, the payment will be made on the next business day.

Q: Why is my contest pending verification?
A: Once the contest has a winner awarded we quickly look over the contest to make sure everything is in order. This should only take a few hours. If it takes longer then 24 hours send us an email.

Q: I need to make more changes to a design, can I extend my contest?
A: You can extend your contest on your contest detail. You can only extend a contest once it is over.

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