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Gorgeous Website Design by the crowd

Stand out from the rest with a beautifully designed website.

Don't trust the design of your website to the artistic sensibilities of a coder; let the creatives here at Hatchwise come up with the perfect design for you first.

Web design contests at Hatchwise are for uncoded static design only. When you run a web design contest the winning creative provides you with the design file in PSD (Photoshop) format, you can then either take the file to your coder of choice or get a free quote from our partner for what it would cost to turn it into a working website.

Start with the design and get off on the right foot!

How website design contests work

Choose from multiple custom designs by 2+ talented creatives and receive your completed files in uncoded, layered PSD format.

Fill out our simple design brief and decide how much you want to spend for your new website design.
Our community of creatives will create unique, custom web design mockups, just for you!
Once you've found the perfect design or name just select it as the winner and receive the final files as a static, uncoded, layered PSD file.

Choose from dozens of
unique mockups created just for you

“Always a fantastic experience. great designers and, just as important, phenomenal customer service. Will continue to use, and recommend!” 

Josh – Holbrook Glass Art



Wondering how you are going get the static design file from your winning design converted into a functioning website? Every web design contest on Hatchwise comes with an optional free consultation with our partner Flocksy.

Flocksy's web development services are available for a flat monthly rate or as a custom quote and they can take the static design your winning Hatchwise creative uploads and turn it into a beautifully coded website.

Get variety and creativity regardless of your budget

Website Design Contest Pricing

Most Popular
5+ Designs
20+ Designs
80+ Designs
Entries Vary
2+ Designers
10+ Designers
35+ Designers
Designers Vary
$200 Prize Included
$350 Prize Included
$450 Prize Included
$200 Minimum Prize
Uncoded PSD design
Uncoded PSD design
Uncoded PSD design
Uncoded PSD design
Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee
Dedicated Support
Choose your own prize amount
Free Contest Extensions
The higher the prize the more entries you can expect
Attract the most experienced designers with a higher prize

Each contest package includes the “prize amount” that the creative who you select as a winner gets in exchange for transferring the rights and delivering final files (minus any commission charged to the creative by Hatchwise).

The higher the prize the more entries and participating creatives you can expect your contest to get.



All Design and Naming Contests come with our Money Back Guarantee. 

Got questions? We've got answers!

We have pricing for all budgets, higher priced packages come with a larger prize for the winning designer, which typically results in higher participation by more skilled creatives. View the pricing for all types of contests here.

Contests run for ten days, during which time you will receive entries and can request revisions. If you need work done more quickly our rush upgrade gets you results in 48 hours and usually results in more entries than a comparable 10 day contest. You can always extend your contest once it ends if you want to see more entries or want to request changes to an existing entry.​

You can run any type of design or naming contest on Hatchwise, if we do not have a specific category for your design contest please use the Custom Graphic Design category. We do not allow contests that contain any of the following: anything that may be: construed as obscene, pornographic, illegal or offensive in any way.
 Yes! You can award a winner whenever you want.
You get one (1) completed entry per contest. If you need different versions of the completed entry (black and white, different tag lines etc…) you can hire the winning creative to do it after the contest is over (you get their contact details with the completed entry). If you need a entry designed for more than one company, or need more than one entry for the same company you would need to run more than one contest. Creatives have the option when submitting their entry to your contest to allow you to buy their entry once you have awarded a first place winner.

Additional designs cost $100 each if available after your contest ends.

All of the designs that you do not award or purchase remain the sole property of the submitting creative(s).

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“Wow- you delivered even more than I expected. Great service and experience!”


All About Website Design Contests

People want to look at something that looks good. Why should your website be any different?

Start your website design contest with Hatchwise.

A beautifully designed site not only makes a killer first impression, but it keeps people engaged and wanting to come back for more. Like it or not, the quality of your web design alone has the power to make or break your business. Numerous credibility studies have shown that people are more likely to trust a company with a professional, well-designed website, and that it takes only a fraction of a second for them to form their first impression. That’s literally less time than it takes to read the opening text on the page.

But even beyond being really, really ridiculously good-looking, the main purpose of a great web design is to be usable and easy to navigate. A good designer knows that the layout of a page is just as important as the color scheme and font choice. Good design takes advantage of what will be noticed first and how the site will be navigated most efficiently so that users stay engaged and informed.

But what if you’re running a small, local business, and you have zero interest in creating a massive web presence with a glitzy website? Is it really necessary to fuss over this stuff? Why yes in fact, it is! A well put together site is the best way for customers to know all about you and the goods or services you provide. It gives them an idea of what sort of company you’re running, and the quality of customer service they can expect. Your website design is a platform for you to communicate visually the things that you value, as well as an opportunity to connect with others. A good website makes you stand out among the rest.

Everyone needs a great website design! So if you need a new site created, or if your current site needs a makeover, check out our website design contest options. It’s never been simpler to get a gorgeous website for your company.

We're in this together

We’re passionate about every single creative project on Hatchwise being the best it can possibly be. If you need help or have questions we’re here for you! Our support team is responsive, helpful, and has all the answers.

“Wow- you delivered even more than I expected. Great service and experience!”