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Company Slogan Contests

Make your mark with a powerful slogan. Advertising dollars are wasted if customers don't have a quick phrase to associate with your company. Our slogan contests provide you with a myriad of different slogans to pick from straight from the brains of our talented creative community..

Stay around longer with an ear-catching slogan

Your company's message will resonate longer when you live rent free in your customer's minds.

Fill out our simple design brief and decide how much you want to spend for your new slogan.
Our community of creatives will come up with dozens of unique, custom slogans, just for you!
Once you've found the perfect slogan just select it as the winner, receive full rights to it and start using it!

We've come up with amazing slogans for thousands of companies

Get variety and creativity no matter what your budget


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Original Name Suggestions
Original Name Suggestions
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Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee
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Dedicated Support
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Each contest package includes the “prize amount” that the creative who you select as a winner gets in exchange for transferring the rights and delivering final files (minus any commission charged to the creative by Hatchwise).

The higher the prize the more entries and participating creatives you can expect your contest to get.



All Design and Naming Contests come with our Money Back Guarantee. 

Got questions? We've got answers!

We have pricing for all budgets, higher priced packages come with a larger prize for the winning designer, which typically results in higher participation by more skilled creatives. View the pricing for all types of contests here.

Contests run for ten days, during which time you will receive entries and can request revisions. If you need work done more quickly our rush upgrade gets you results in 48 hours and usually results in more entries than a comparable 10 day contest. You can always extend your contest once it ends if you want to see more entries or want to request changes to an existing entry.​

Also called a tagline, a slogan is a catchy phrase that concisely captures your business’s appeal. Slogans express your “value proposition” — the core value you provide to your customers. They are also a fun addition to your company name and make your brand memorable! 

Yes! Once you award your slogan contest winner, you have the option to purchase any of the other submissions as Additional Entries. This works well if you like two (or more!) of the submissions and would like to have the option of using both for your business.

You started your slogan contest and feel like you need to make some updates to your request. How do you do that? 

You can either update your contest brief or you can leave a comment on the General Discussion Board for all the creatives. 

Another option is to leave feedback directly on the contest submissions, or send a Private Message to individual creatives. 

Each of the creatives retains the full rights to their contest entries unless you select it as the winner or purchase it as an additional entry. Once you award a winner and they upload the final files they are transferring the full rights to the creative material over to you, as the client. You then own the full rights to the work and are welcome to use it however you wish.  The only rights that Hatchwise and the submitting creative retain are the rights to display it in their/our portfolio and marketing material as examples of work done.

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“Wow- you delivered even more than I expected. Great service and experience!”


All About Company Slogan Contests

What is a company slogan?

Also called a tagline, a slogan is a catchy phrase that concisely captures your
business’s appeal. The best slogans express your “value proposition” — the core value you provide to your customers. For example, Nike’s “Just do it” and Apple’s “Think different” are powerful slogans that motivate people to buy their products. They sell benefits and excitement rather than overtly describing the business.

A slogan can also be a unique phrase for a particular campaign or product line. Le’s say you’re doing a big push for your newest release. A slogan is a repeatable and memorable phrase you can use in advertisements, email updates, and social posts about the release. A well-defined campaign also benefits from a unique slogan that gets “tagged” onto advertisements. Look at MasterCard’s late 1990s “Priceless” campaign for a great example.

Why do you need a company slogan?
Even small businesses benefit from slogans for several reasons:

  • Slogans instantly communicate your core offering to prospective customers. That’s why slogans often double as header text for your website or brochure!
  • Slogans create recognizability. Especially if you have a generic name or one that is similar to others, a unique slogan reassures customers that you’re the brand they previously purchased from.
  • Slogans promote good brand alignment (creating the reputation you want your business to have) by using the right tone, core message, and value proposition for your target market.

How do I create a company slogan?

Slogans are easier said than done (literally!). Here are a few requirements for an
effective, impactful slogan:

  • Short enough to be memorable, yet uniquely phrased without being obtuse. Again, Apple’s “Think different” is a great example because it leaves off the “-ly” from “differently,” making this phrase both memorable and, well, different!
  • In line with your business’s values, market position, and your target audience’s tastes and needs. For example, consider Taco Bell’s witty slogan (“Think outside the bun”) versus Chipotle’s “Food with integrity.”

Company taglines are ultimately best left to copywriters who have a way with words. You’ll want an expert who can capture your brand’s essence in a memorable, compelling phrase. Often, tagline writers have a good understanding of brand alignment as well!

That’s where Hatchwise’s slogan writers come in.

Crowdsourced Slogan Contests are a Win for Your Business

Slogans can make a huge impact. When your business has a fantastic catchphrase, people will repeat it for you, giving you instant brand recognition. They’re a big part of advertising and are frequently overlooked by smaller or startup businesses as they try to reach their audience and create memorable, positive associations with their brand.

You want an excellent tagline that’ll help you stand out from the crowd, but how do you create the right slogan?

While obviously, you want something unique and catchy that gets stuck in people’s brains. It should convey your business’s values, attitude, and brand. That’s some heavy-lifting for such a small phrase. When you don’t have a marketing department or a marketer working with you, it can be daunting to come up with the perfect slogan.

Hatchwise crowdsources slogans and names by connecting writers to your business. With our service, you’ll choose a slogan contest plan that meets your needs, fill out the brief in a few minutes, and in just a couple of hours, you’ll start seeing submissions.

Why Use a Slogan Contest Instead of a Slogan Generator?

Slogan generators can come up with some ideas. However, how much do you trust a computer to come up with a quality business slogan? At Hatchwise, we prefer to leave it up to humans experienced with writing. You’ll get several options from several writers across the globe as well. That means you’ll have plenty to choose from so that you get the perfect slogan for your unique business.

Quality & Service

Our writers compete for and create taglines and catchy business slogans for various businesses and marketing campaigns. Your business’ creative needs are no match for our global community of content creators. You’ll have a memorable, effective tagline in just a handful of hours. And unlike other sites, we can rush your job, feature your contest, and more with our handy add-ons. We’ll also provide you with the winning writer’s contact information so that you can work with them for all your future jobs if you love their submissions.

How Slogan Contests Create Incredible Results

Don’t waste hours with an automated generator. Our slogan making contest platform lets you work with professional writers who can provide great slogans that’ll be sure to capture your target market’s attention. You’ll work with writers from all over the world and can run as many contests as you like.

The Hatchwise" slogan makers" are all real people. You won’t find any content spinners or AI content here. Your taglines or slogans will be tailored to your business by writers with years of experience. You even have four plans to choose from, so no matter how many ideas you want to look through, we’ve got you covered.

From restaurant slogans to small business taglines, we’ve helped our clients get the memorable lines they need to improve their marketing and brand recognition. Start a tagline contest and get a wide variety of options. It’s so much easier than wracking your brain to come up with interesting phrases! Leave it to the expert copywriters at Hatchwise!

We're in this together

We’re passionate about every single creative project on Hatchwise being the best it can possibly be. If you need help or have questions we’re here for you! Our support team is responsive, helpful, and has all the answers.

“Wow- you delivered even more than I expected. Great service and experience!”