Everybody loves Hatchwise

People love our process, our community, and the beautiful designs and inspired names and slogans our wildly talented creatives come up with, oh, and they're not shy about telling the world about it.

"I'd like to thank Annie for everything. All the upgrades, extensions and everything else I had issues with. It turned out great and I know we're going to love the design forever. As always I'll keep recommending Hatchwise to everybody that's looking for any type of contest you have and I know they need. Thanks again for everything. Have a blessed day/night"

- Anton Aubel
T-Shirt Design Contest: Team Staley Da Chessie Bear

"it was great"

- Christopher McFadden
Logo Design Contest: CDM MAACO Enterprises LLC

"I love both the system and quality of your creatives"

- Christopher McFadden
Logo Design Contest: Endeavor Property Funding

"It was a great experience. I don't know of any way to make this better."

- Samuel Palmer
Logo Design Contest: Athlete Health and Performance


- John Siney
Logo Design Contest: Lola's Loft

"Thank you"

- Joseph Ammirato
Brochure Design Contest: BackBone Payments

"It was a great experience. So many fun entries, it was hard to choose."

- Sue Inman
Logo Design Contest: ProCare Services, Inc.

"An effective process"

- Denis Masseni
Logo Design Contest: sponsor-ed

"Thank you for your wonderful customer service and responsiveness to your audience. Also for creating such a needed service."

Logo Design Contest: Bee the Light "Luz" Run Club

"Great experience! Lots of really good logos. Have used other sites in the past and this was the best."

- Katherine Wilson
Logo Design Contest: The Monarch Retirement Community

"Great experience!"

- Amber Sumathi Jamank
Logo Design Contest: Best in the Biz Mastermind

"Thank you."

- Chance Plunk
Logo Design Contest: Trial by Fire BBQ

"Like that the contest was easy to set-up."

- Dee Campbell
Logo Design Contest: Bitten Melon Baby and Mom Shop

"This was a pleasant experience that I would recommend to anyone needing something created for their business or for personal use."

- Jay Mitchell
T-Shirt Design Contest: Cee.Jay.S.

"What a great idea!"

- Kay Senior
Logo Design Contest: Mission Next


- Kodili Okechukwu
Logo Design Contest: The Refresh Show

"Thanks for the great service!"

- Kate Muchnick
Naming Contest: Name needed for new precision fit healthcare / healthwear company

"Hatchwise is very easy to use and provides many different designs. We awarded a design that was very innovative and different."

- Laura Munsch
Logo Design Contest: Ellsworth Correctional Facility

"This was a fun experience. Thank you!"

- Peter Carl Munson
Logo Design Contest: Munson Retirement Solutions


- DelRae Geinert
Logo Design Contest: Minot Mobile Home Rentals, LLC

"Another great hatchwise logo!!!!!! This is our 11th contest and they've all been amazing."

- Clay
Logo Design Contest: Ashworth Stone & Gravel

"It was great."

- Wilford Comeaux
Logo Design Contest: Odyssea Body Jewelry

"Very happy with the results, Better to be overwhelmed with designs to choose from rather than struggling with a few ideas."

- David McNamara
Logo Design Contest: Jomak Electrical

"Hatchwise was very easy to use & I received many great logo designs!"

- Kelsey Bercier
Logo Design Contest: Dakota Dave's Guide Service, LLC

"Thank You"

- Jamie Allison Davies
Logo Design Contest: Focus Driving Instruction


- michael kaplan
Logo Design Contest: Booyah Capital Partners (aka BCP LLC)

"Was impressed with the overall ease of the website and the number of entrees. Thank you"

- Stacey Heald
Logo Design Contest: LeHeal Biogenix

"great support and responsive customer service - thank you so much for your guidance and assistance"

- Jennifer Steffen
Logo Design Contest: Royal Resins

"So easy to use!! Loved the whole experience"

- Angel Rattay
Logo Design Contest: Bounce-N-Party

"Great platform !"

- Alejandro Velez
Logo Design Contest: Apliko


- Ryan Kunkel
Logo Design Contest: EVO APE


- Ryan Kunkel
Logo Design Contest: MYCO DOSE

"Great Platform for Non-IT people...."

- Vishal Patel
Logo Design Contest: SparklingX

"very easy to work with love the idea of this website especially when stumped and have no clue what to do for a business logo."

Logo Design Contest: ALBERTSON TOWING

"Good Experience"

- Jafar
Logo Design Contest: JA&A

"Great site will use you again."

- Leanne Mccloghry
Logo Design Contest: City Coast and County Buyers Agency

"Excellent experience"

- Michael Shea
Logo Design Contest: American Pacific Financial Services Corp. (APFSC)


- Greg Danielson
Logo Design Contest: Measured Capital, LLC

"Very good experience, great designers all working to provide something new and different."

- Stephen Vernaglia
Logo Design Contest: Aquatic Hunt

"Love this platform."

- William Hawn
T-Shirt Design Contest: 1765 Apparel Co

"Thank you for all of the great variations on this. They look great!"

- Tracey Christensen
Logo Design Contest:

"Easy set up! Lots of designers"

- Cynthia Chase
Logo Design Contest: Kutis Medical Aesthetics

"This was a great experience. The designers were very responsive and creative. I wouldn't hesitate to use this service again or recommend it to a friend."

- Jamie Goldstein
Logo Design Contest: Therapy Hub

"Great and fun experience."

- Richard leo Kullson
Logo Design Contest: KETpoly

"Another excellent contest in the books."

- Troy Foster
Logo Design Contest: D Sands Rentals, LLC

"Love Hatchwise! Great way to find an artist create something you envision!"

- Cindy Williams
Logo Design Contest: RubiTON

"Love the platform and user interface. Very happy with it every time I use it."

- Ray
Logo Design Contest: TrashCots

"Thank you"

- Nina Eiland
Logo Design Contest: Eiland Marine & Motors

"gEt_wOrK killed this design, I am very happy with this and can't wait to start using it!"

- Wilford Comeaux
Logo Design Contest: TriMetrix Manufacturing

"Fun experience. I used you for a logo contest four years ago and returned when I needed a new logo. Will always recommend to friends."

- Katie McCarthy
Logo Design Contest: ABA Center for Children


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