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"This is my 4th contest with Hatchwise and I have yet to be disappointed. Great website!"

Logo Design Contest for LGS
2018-03-08 14:00:32

"Our Hatchwise experience was great. We had over 700 designs submitted to choose from! The designers were very timely making requested changes. Thank you Hatchwise!"

Logo Design Contest for Smith & Davis Orthodontics (Jeremy Smith and Matthew Davis)
2018-03-08 05:51:04

"I only had one artist submit something usable but how lucky I was I got this artist. He made requested adjustments perfectly and in the end, I have just what I wanted. "

Logo Design Contest for PepePrawns
2018-03-07 16:32:42

"This is the third time I've used this site for a contest and as usual I am very happy with the results. The only thing that I found irritating was if I was going through and commenting on logos, and left the screen up for a while, I was logged out. A bit annoying to have to keep logging in. But, overall a good experience."

Logo Design Contest for East Shelbyville Animal Clinic
2018-03-07 16:29:07

"My experience with Hatchwise has been great. I was able to describe what I wanted my logo to portray and then let designers with all kinds of insight present design they thought would spark my interest on what I wanted. Hatchwise allows you to gain a finished product that looks very creative, professional, and more to your liking a whole lot quicker than going with the thought of one person. I will be telling many others of my wonderful experience with this service."

Logo Design Contest for A Touch of Style Design Group
2018-03-03 23:45:40

"I loved everything! This is a great service. "

Logo Design Contest for Eleven29 Events
2018-03-03 13:20:25

"I think is has being a smooth process all in all, nothing to complain about, thanks."

Logo Design Contest for Trivalo
2018-03-02 16:13:04

"A absolute blast!! love being able to talk with the designers and get the exact logo i am looking for !! "

Logo Design Contest for FUR-LESS
2018-03-02 13:49:36

"I liked to have many participants "

Logo Design Contest for Avalon Home Help LLC
2018-03-02 05:13:35

"I tried various outlets and wasted money on other logos that just didn't look right. So thankful for this option. It allowed me to find talented individuals that I would not have been able to find otherwise."

Logo Design Contest for Stepping Stones Unlimited
2018-03-01 21:55:42

"This was great, super fast, great design. Thank you!"

Logo Design Contest for Bentley's Barnyard
2018-03-01 15:38:58

"Great product. So easy to work with and fun."

Logo Design Contest for PlanTerra Landscaping, LLC
2018-03-01 03:21:17

"I used to make about 20 $5 logos at fiverr to get a good one...but it was a lot of work. I like this its much faster and only slightly more expensive. "

Logo Design Contest for minimumwagecaregivers.com
2018-02-27 23:39:44

"This has been my 2nd experience with Hatchwise to create a logo for my companies. It's really a well worth money you invest. It's so simple and quick! Thank you!!!"

Logo Design Contest for GDPR.pt
2018-02-26 19:37:33

"I've used 99 Designs previously and couldn't afford to shell out as much this time around. I am very pleased with the ease of order and quality of entries... and at a more competitive price. Thank you!"

Logo Design Contest for START
2018-02-23 23:12:08

"Awesome. What a deal! "

Logo Design Contest for EOD King
2018-02-22 22:18:53

"I've used Hatchwise on multiple projects and I am a big fan of this system. Thank you!"

Logo Design Contest for Great Plains Vending, Inc.
2018-02-20 04:43:52

"Our Hatchwise contest was so much fun. We couldn't wait to open our email and see the next entry! We had so many great designs to choose from and we recommend Hatchwise to anyone in looking for a logo."

Logo Design Contest for Blend Coffee & Company
2018-02-18 21:41:09

"It was a good experience, however I feel that previous contests attracted more people and better designs for even lower prizes. Anyway, this is an excellent platform. Best regards"

Logo Design Contest for Academia el Rincón del Arte
2018-02-18 05:24:36

"Best way to get a great logo "

Logo Design Contest for Ben Carr Construction
2018-02-16 14:17:44

"LOVED this process.My first time. It was quite wonderful and took a lot of stress off my plate. I also like the idea of supporting artists in this way. I really do appreciate quick response times to my questions. It was just an all-around warm experience and process. Hated? Not really a hater; it's a tad overwhelming at first, but once I stopped trying to write a critical appreciation of each submission (!) I was able to feel less overwhelmed. A great process. I will definitely be back with another contest."

Logo Design Contest for Nike Imoru Casting
2018-02-16 12:43:38

"Fantastic platform. Professional designers. Much easier and more design options than just working with one designer. Will use Hatchwise for other services in the future!"

Logo Design Contest for IcuSmile Specialty Clinic
2018-02-15 19:49:15

"I love how quick the process is. I also love that we get so many great options. I can leave comments to the designers and they make adjustments to what we need. This was my 3rd logo contest. I will continue to use you!"

Logo Design Contest for Bellvista Builders
2018-02-14 18:21:09

"This is my third contest with Hatchwise. I am always amazed at the speed and quality of the work. Thanks."

Logo Design Contest for "Advanced Technology Creation Group" or the initials "ATCG"
2018-02-13 03:47:56

"Loved this experience"

Logo Design Contest for Lady Gemini
2018-02-05 23:43:03

"This was awesome I had a great experience and would do this again or recommend this to a friend. What a great idea. "

Logo Design Contest for Above & Beyond Patio Covers
2018-02-04 06:17:45

"Annie in customer service was very helpful throughout. She was responsive and offered feedback- she also helped to resolve a glitch. Cheers to Annie! (I think she's earned a raise) I was unable to find a direct link that I could send to people who were interested in submitting a logo design. In directing people to "Just go to hatchwise.com and look for the logo contest for WPM's resident appreciation week." I was told that it was very difficult for those who were interested in submitting designs to locate our contest. I would suggest giving contest holders a link that they can use to share their contest with people who may be interested in submitting a design, but were not previously members with your site (that could help you increase the number of "creatives" who are signed up with you as well) "

Logo Design Contest for WPM
2018-01-31 18:45:32