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"Amazing website with lots of great graphic designers. Used this website to start a business in 2010 and here i am again. "

Logo Design Contest for FLORITA chocolate & flowers
2018-07-16 07:25:02

"Loved this experience working with Hatchwise! I loved it so much that I awarded one winner and opted to purchase another two designs. Great service, appreciated the communications process with the designers to tweak their exceptional artwork, and will admit that my ideas did not always work, that the designers idea and vision was better. This service ROCKS!"

Logo Design Contest for grinandshareit.biz
2018-07-16 03:14:16

"I'm really impressed with the quality of the designs and how simple the process was overall. I absolutely came away with something I never would have come up with myself - and I was a designer for 10 years. "

Logo Design Contest for Allison Law -OR- Allison Law Iowa (I'm considering both)
2018-07-14 01:58:55

"Thank you for your patience. It was hard to decide with so many great designs."

Logo Design Contest for Howard Legacy Fund
2018-07-12 21:39:18

"I was sceptical at first as some of the early designs were very average but the more feedback I gave designers and the longer the comp went on the better the designs got. Very happy with the outcome. "

Logo Design Contest for Styleabration
2018-07-12 13:22:19

"This is a great platform for getting logo designs in a fast and efficient way!"

Logo Design Contest for CICRCL
2018-07-11 16:39:33

"Great experience. Designers were responsive and did good work. Would recommend. "

Logo Design Contest for White Fence Development
2018-07-09 00:43:55

"The designer did a fantastic job. They really responded well to our comments on proposals. They submitted to us over 15 versions that evolved into our new logo!"

Logo Design Contest for Stash Lab
2018-07-08 06:35:30

"Amazing website! Loved the fact that I had numerous entries. Will be back for more marketing needs. "

Logo Design Contest for B and Deals Automotive
2018-07-05 17:57:38

"Great experience! Have used Hatchwise 2 times and will be back!"

Logo Design Contest for WWW.FFBHA.ORG
2018-07-02 18:59:56

"I received more entries than i thought and the quality was excellent. I could have selected 4 or 5 winners."

Logo Design Contest for Cheeky Chick Fitness
2018-07-01 05:45:08

"We really enjoyed the process, it was simple. I would list more contest if the fee was slightly lower. Overall very good platform. Thank you."

Logo Design Contest for CasaHome
2018-06-29 20:37:05

"Thank you y’all made it easy"

Logo Design Contest for ABSOLUTE LAWN PRO
2018-06-29 11:45:45

"This was a great experience to help me have a logo made for my business!"

Logo Design Contest for National Defense
2018-06-28 06:00:02

"Now that I've gone through 1 contest, I know how it works and I think it's really amazing, and I will recommend this to anyone who needs any graphic design work done. I paid 3 other designers on different sites to make this logo, and I had to refund all 3 payments because their work was garbage. Their portfolio was great but their final product seemed like they were using graphic design software for the first time. A contest makes much more sense."

Logo Design Contest for J
2018-06-27 09:42:28

"There were so many more options than I expected, and they were of a very high quality given the low price point. Very happy- I would recommend to others."

Logo Design Contest for Elson Electric
2018-06-27 05:19:53

"Love the site, great way to get different ideas"

Logo Design Contest for Campion/Johnson Team
2018-06-25 20:39:38

"Really clean, and easy to use. Thanks!"

Logo Design Contest for ChubWub
2018-06-16 05:30:13

"The experience was great. "

Logo Design Contest for Green Brushes
2018-06-14 19:11:32

"Awesome site, will continue to do business with hatchwise for all design needs!"

Logo Design Contest for Stepbrothers Contracting Group
2018-06-14 18:11:36

"At first I was skeptical when I got an email that I had no entries and should raise the prize..but then I got nearly 60 entries without increasing the prize, and a great logo for under $100. I'm very pleased with the results."

Logo Design Contest for Phoebe Conrad LLC
2018-06-11 21:47:57

"This has been great. I wonder if the designers can see the other designers entries. anavaldez1322 made a beautiful original design that I loved and then two other designers entered something very similar after her entry. It just made me wonder. They seemed too similar for comfort and there were other designs that the same thing happen . An original design came in and then the very similar design from other designers come in later. I think you should take look at my entries and decide for yourself. Maybe this is the way it is, but not fair to the designers that come in first with these original ideas. Is the sight policed for this kind of plagiarism? Otherwise, I am so happy and pleased with the contest and my design. Great website. I am telling me friends! "

Logo Design Contest for Life Balancing Therapies
2018-06-11 15:25:36

"I have absolutely no complaints. The contest was successful and easy to do."

Logo Design Contest for Hometown Meat
2018-06-09 11:13:20

"I really liked the ease of getting so many logo ideas! "

Logo Design Contest for Silver Lining Care
2018-06-08 02:09:01

"Hatchwise the experience was great and I am happy with the results. I was not sure if I could communicate with any one on your end , maybe i did not see or look close enough to do so but if I can let me know how. I was very happy with the overall experience and result of the design created. Thank you I would definitely use you again..."

Logo Design Contest for Leaf Life Organics
2018-06-07 21:38:19