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"We were surprised at the number of quality entries, and pleased with the outcome of the designs. "

Logo Design Contest for Tivore
2020-05-18 21:33:03

"I thought this platform was great for coming up with a logo for my small business. I appreciate the value, especially as a start-up."

Logo Design Contest for Transform Learning Centers
2020-05-17 13:11:47

"Hatchwise was easy to use and I received many creative designs."

Logo Design Contest for Virtual Clarinet Camp
2020-05-16 20:54:46

"My experience with Hatchwise is always pleasant."

Logo Design Contest for San Amsterdam
2020-05-15 22:41:48

"This one made it hard, as we had some really great logos. "

Logo Design Contest for Toolbelt BackOffice
2020-05-15 21:21:41

"Great experience..will definitely use again and suggest to friends"

Logo Design Contest for Surgical Implant Solutions
2020-05-13 20:33:50

"Great experience, will use again"

Logo Design Contest for Flatfoot Motorsport
2020-05-13 20:07:15

"We are very pleased with all of the designs submitted. You have access to very creative and talented designers."

Logo Design Contest for ONM Environmental Products and Services
2020-05-13 15:48:34

"Thank you for allowing the winner to make some additional modifications. It made all the difference"

Logo Design Contest for NotJustMaskingTape.com
2020-05-13 10:12:48

"Loved the huge number of entries although it was a bit overwhelming!"

Logo Design Contest for Allstar Shed Rentals, LLC
2020-05-11 14:50:46

"I have really loved this process. I love seeing all the creativity from the artists."

Logo Design Contest for Your Epic Encore
2020-05-08 15:53:34

"This experience as my past experience has been great! I returned because the idea that multiple designers put their work out there for you to pick is awesome! "

Logo Design Contest for Private Selection Motorcars
2020-05-07 11:16:47

"loved the quick responses to any edit request. designers are patient, quick working, and you can tell that they are really in competition to create the best design. "

Logo Design Contest for Training by Anna
2020-05-05 15:06:19

"An awesome, fun creative process!!!"

Logo Design Contest for Charleston Craftsman LLC
2020-05-04 03:56:30

"The experience was great. Thank you for all the wonderful design ideas, it was nice to get tons of options to choose from "

Logo Design Contest for Haynes Homes
2020-05-03 17:54:38

"was a great process....and money well spent...thanks"

Logo Design Contest for Gym FiX
2020-05-02 07:56:21

"Great work🙌🏼"

Logo Design Contest for Cages at Cypress
2020-05-01 15:48:05

"I have been here before, about 12 years ago! It's even better! I LOVE to watch the artists create and its really fun to give notes and see the image come to its inspired ending! I cannot thank you enough-this site is great for making beautiful LOGOs and I will always come back here again...great site, great artists who NAILED IT!"

Logo Design Contest for HairFerry.Kim
2020-05-01 01:21:39

"Thank you! This has been a wonderful experience!"

Logo Design Contest for SimplrSpaces
2020-04-30 15:27:26

"This was great, much less expensive than competitors, and I was thrilled with how many entries I received, the quality level, and the quick response of the designers. "

Logo Design Contest for Tiny Dental
2020-04-30 05:47:21

"I really like the price point and the designers willingness to make changes. My Girlfriend is starting her own business and will be using Hatchwise as well. Really impressed with Hatchwise"

Logo Design Contest for Making Travel Magic
2020-04-29 19:41:41

"Great work, hundreds of great options. "

Logo Design Contest for Risk Management Partners
2020-04-29 16:17:37

" Thank you for this sight very pleased with the results"

Logo Design Contest for PFR Private Funding LLc
2020-04-29 07:04:33

"I received a lot of entries which was very nice. Many talented graphic artists "

Logo Design Contest for Headband Masks
2020-04-27 17:44:59

"I liked the ease of the project and submissions. "

Logo Design Contest for Angie Perry-Martin
2020-04-26 09:15:56

" It was a great experience. So many good ones hard to choose."

Logo Design Contest for EliteFinancialFunding.com
2020-04-24 22:33:28

"The artists I gave 5 stars to really worked hard to make my vision a reality. They should definitely be commended."

Logo Design Contest for Victory Farms
2020-04-24 21:49:53

"It has been wonderful! You guys really pulled through not once but TWICE when I needed help extending my contest and without any question or issue. Over two months in and over 150 entries later, I have found my logo big time thanks to you. I will strongly recommend Hatchwise to my fellow business peers and return in the future for more."

Logo Design Contest for KRETO
2020-04-22 08:59:59

"Really enjoyed using your service and I will again in the future. I liked being able to take awhile to choose my design and the ease of use and price for the service you provide. Thank you"

Logo Design Contest for Zuzad
2020-04-22 03:41:38

"Hatchwise is awesome! great experience and better price."

Logo Design Contest for Bialos Technology Design Group
2020-04-21 08:41:23