Everybody loves Hatchwise

People love our process, our community, and the beautiful designs and inspired names and slogans our wildly talented creatives come up with, oh, and they're not shy about telling the world about it.

- Kate Muchnick
Logo Design Contest: Biggest Little Initiative

- Kelly Lowry
Logo Design Contest: Lowry and Associates, LLC

"This was so much fun! & even though I probably won't use this logo afterall as I found something on Dreamstime that I will purchase exclusive rights to & do my own fonts & design with (I went to college for graphic arts), I really appreciate this unique way of finding logos & will for sure forward to more friends looking to start new business post the small business Apocalypse of COVID. "

- Stephanie Chantel Du
Logo Design Contest: PUEO RIDGE FARMS

- Jake Walden
Logo Design Contest: Lexington Premier Nursing & Rehab

"this is my 2nd time using and has been smooth everytime thx art"

- Arthur Anguiano
Logo Design Contest: 361 Cornhole

- Bishop J Williams
Logo Design Contest: BNF ACTIVE

- Kimberly Adams
Logo Design Contest: Gate Certifications

- Kimberly Abare
Logo Design Contest: Advanced Medical Massage & Wellness

- Christian Muller
Logo Design Contest: LATAM Management Recruitment

"I love Hatchwise and have used them several times over the last 10 years. "

- Cinda Rodewald
Logo Design Contest: Elevate Property Management Inc.

"Good experience. Great designs. Thanks. I'm happy. :)"

- Frederic GUEHO
Logo Design Contest: Copywriting ninja

- Linda Spellman
Graphic Design Contest: n/a

"thanks again for another great service"

- Nicholas Green
Logo Design Contest: Hippie Roots

"Thanks again for another design"

- Nicholas Green
Logo Design Contest: Modern Solutions & Insurance Solutions

"Thank you - this is the first time I've used Hatchwise or any logo designer contest. I was really blown away with how many entries I had and the quality of entries submitted."

- Vicki McCahon
Logo Design Contest: Adore Sleep

"Another Great Logo"

- Nicholas Green
Logo Design Contest: Hippie Roots

"Love it. Grateful there are folks who can help our vision come to life."

- Michelle
Logo Design Contest: Bombay Tea Company

"This Service is the best. I have used it 6 times over the years."

- Nicholas Green
Logo Design Contest: Verde Family Farms

- Brian Wallis
Logo Design Contest:

"This is a great service, I will be using you again."

- Shane Thomas
Graphic Design Contest: Lulu

- Josh Johnson
Logo Design Contest: Johnson Freight

"Great experience. The designers were absolutely brilliant. I needed to extend the contest and up the reward. My only regret is having to pick JUST ONE. "

- Charles Gatlin
Logo Design Contest: Gatlin Funding Group, LLC

"Loved it!"

- Denia Shed
Logo Design Contest: Okie Bin Cleaners

"I had a great experience with Hatchwise. Is was extremely helpful for us!"

- Melanie Cohen-Nathan
Logo Design Contest: Cross Eyed Moose

"Great concept, really helpful way to connect with designers thank you!"

- sabrina jones
Logo Design Contest: Drippy

- Katie Seekins
Business Card & Stationery Design Contest: Two Rivers Construction

"great experience. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of entries even for the small contest award. Thank you. I will definitely come back for more design work in the future."

- Nathaniel
Logo Design Contest: Castle Rock Consultants, LLC.

"Hello, a shout out to Hatchwise staff for helping me through this process so much! Most recently Annie. I found it to be a great experience. I was surprised at how many entries there were and the variety I saw! I would use Hatchwise again in the future for sure!"

- Tina Krause
Logo Design Contest: Approved Financing Centre

"Great designs to choose from and fast response!"

- Ken Smith
Logo Design Contest: Wisteria Property Solutions

"My experience with hatchwise has been a pleasant one. I enjoy having multiple options of choosing a design from the many talented artists."

- Tiara Carroll
Logo Design Contest: Majestic Apparel LLC

"Awesome, awesome site with great artists and fantastic creations. Totally amazing to see such wonderful creativity. Loved the experience!!"

- Raymundo Villarreal
Logo Design Contest: Axiom Innovative Solutions

"amazing thank you"

- leanne
Logo Design Contest: Snow Tech Refrigeration Pty Ltd

- Michael P Demchak
Logo Design Contest: Cloth & Chroma

"this were good "

- william konkol
Logo Design Contest: Bill Konkol

"Absolutely loved the contest idea. This makes it so easy to create a new brand! "

- Jennifer Steffen
Logo Design Contest: Spirit & Light

"this is my 2nd contest and I would use this platform again."

- cheryl preston
Logo Design Contest: OpenMind Urban Retreat

- Richard Beynon
Logo Design Contest: The Stratus Group

- Tasha Reed Outlaw
Logo Design Contest: Waist Made Naturally and WMN

- Michelle Woods
Logo Design Contest: 4Amos Group

"Great Experience"

- Luke Glaze
Logo Design Contest: Salem for Refugees

- Vinton Matthews
Logo Design Contest: 536 Electric & Controls

- Tara Danielle Tooley
Logo Design Contest: Blackbird Therapy

- Luke Walker
Logo Design Contest: Vietech

"Love this process!! Will definatly do again!!"

- Nia Weeks
Logo Design Contest: SHE Shows Up

"This experience has far exceeded my expectations. I thought I'd get a few dozen entries and maybe one that woulda' work for now. Instead I received hundreds of entries and over ten designs that more than fit the request. I'll be recommending Hatchwise to anyone looking for graphic design support. "

- James Crader
Logo Design Contest: inHabit

- Dan Moyse
Logo Design Contest: Famous Gear For Sale

- Jonathan Porter
Logo Design Contest: Tsunami Systems

- Brandon Myers
Logo Design Contest: Maxwell Manufacturing

- Caleb Quaid
Logo Design Contest: Regenerative Shift

"Loved the whole process"

- Lance Kuba
Logo Design Contest: Sugar Kubes III


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