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Top Design Contest Websites

Design Contest platforms are an excellent way to source a new logo for your business. With multiple concepts submitted by many creatives, you have the opportunity to review, rate, and ask for revisions. That allows you to custom design graphics to fit all your business needs at an affordable cost.
But the trick is to find a reliable company that best fits your design needs.

So which company is right for you?  We’ve compared 14 of the top Logo Design Contest companies that offer premium unlimited design services in order to allow you to make an informed choice when choosing what platform to work with.

Make up your own mind: Compare Hatchwise with the Competition

Crowdspring vs Hatchwise

Both Crowdspring and Hatchwise offer logo design and other services via crowdsourcing. Deciding which one is right for you requires asking a lot of questions. To that, we’ve created an in-depth review that anticipates those questions and provides the answers. Check out our review to see Hatchwise vs. Crowdspring compared. You’ll find an unbiased design contest review. In it, you’ll learn about how they work, how easy it is for you on your end, what the pricing is like, and what say you have over design quality, selection, and control.

48HoursLogo vs Hatchwise

Two of the leading crowdsourcing agencies, Hatchwise and 48hourslogo, have provided businesses with thousands of logos in their time in the design industry. These two companies have been a part of the design community for years and both have earned their title as two of the best crowdsourcing agencies. If you’re torn on which to use, we can help you decide.

99Designs vs Hatchwise

If you’re looking to get design work done online, your first Google search will flood you with countless options. When narrowed down to those who offer strictly design work services, you may find that two of your final choices will come down to Hatchwise VS. 99Designs.

These two companies may appear to be the same at the first glance, but once seen from a closer perspective, you’ll see that they have many subtle differences that can affect what results you receive. Without having all the details before choosing one over the other, you may end up with a design result that will be underwhelming.

DesignContest vs Hatchwise

Both DesignContest and Hatchwise are two of the world’s leading crowdsourcing design companies that work to bring excellent high-quality designs to businesses around the globe. When it comes down to choosing one of these companies for your business, it can be difficult to know which to pick. If you’re stuck wondering which is the better choice, this comprehensive list will help you make your decision.

DesignCrowd vs Hatchwise

DesignCrowd is a crowdsourced design platform. It is essentially a contest platform, although the company prefers to call itself a marketplace. They provide all sorts of graphic design, from t-shirts to websites.
Hatchwise was founded in 2008 as a platform with a community of thousands of talented creatives, bringing their skills together to help businesses grow and succeed. Hatchwise offers logo design, web design, graphic design, product design, business card design as well as naming. These are all held in a contest format, which allows you to see multiple choices, before selecting the option that works best for your needs.

LogoTournament vs Hatchwise

LogoTournament and Hatchwise are two of the leading crowdsourcing design platforms for those seeking new logos or a variety of other services. If you can’t choose between using Hatchwise or LogoTournament this comprehensive review of the two will help you make your decision. It covers everything that you’ll need to know about the two companies to make your decision on which to use!

LogoMyWay vs Hatchwise

Both Hatchwise and Logomyway are crowdsourcing companies that offer logo design services, along with a variety of other services. When you’re comparing the two they can seem similar, but both have differences that set them apart in the design community.
If you’re torn on which to use for your design needs, this guide will help you. In this review, we cover all the important areas that you’ll want to consider before making your informed decision.

DesignHill vs Hatchwise

DesignHill and Hatchwise are two of the leading logo design agencies that provide businesses around the globe with high-quality logos. Although their main focus is on logo design, both companies offer a variety of other services for customers.

If you’re torn on which service to choose and which is the right choice for you, we’ve gathered a comprehensive overview to help you decide. We’ve listed all the information that you need on both companies so that you can make an educated decision on which is the perfect fit for your business needs.

ZillionDesigns vs Hatchwise

Many of these businesses have decided to go down a crowdsourcing design route to provide their customers with the greatest number of quality options. Two of these many platforms are ZillionDesigns and Hatchwise and in this review, you’ll find a comprehensive list of what each company offers, that way you don’t have to spend your time conducting an extensive Google search.

Penji vs Hatchwise

Penji is an on-demand graphic design platform that provides unlimited projects for a flat rate. Pre-vetted designers tackle everything from logos to infographics to website and app design. The platform is designed to expand your business’s design output by pairing you with designers who get to know your brand(s).
With a community of thousands of talented graphic designers, Hatchwise offers logo design, websites, and naming services in a contest format. Allowing clients to see hundreds of concepts before selecting their winning design, or name.

DesignPickle vs Hatchwise

Hatchwise can handle your business's logo design, web design, graphic design, product design, and even your business card design, as well as naming. While their offerings don't end there, all Hatchwise's design services are held in a contest-style format through crowdsourcing.
Design Pickle operates as a creative platform that has a different service format than Hatchwise. Design Pickle is a creative service platform that provides thousands of businesses across the globe with unlimited design services through their team of 700+ creative professionals.

Fiverr vs Hatchwise

Logo design contests allow you to outsource your logo design projects to multiple creatives. While paying one set fee, you are able to see multiple logo concepts, and award one contest winner at the end of your contest duration (which can run anywhere from 48 hours to 10 days).
Logo design contests are the solution to finding your perfect new logo at a low price point, while getting the very best options to choose from.

Upwork vs Hatchwise

For many businesses, having an in-house design service team isn’t an option, whether that’s due to financial or staff resources. For those businesses, design service companies offer the ideal solution.
While Upwork and Hatchwise may seem similar at first glance, Hatchwise is a crowdsourcing design company, whereas Upwork is a design company that lets you choose the freelancers you want to work with.
To help you make the best decision for your business, we've outlined the pros and cons of each for you in this comprehensive review.

Freelancer vs Hatchwise

Freelancer is a two-in-one contest platform and marketplace for creative, marketing, and administrative services. Unlike some of the other platforms on this list, you can get much, much more than design done. Freelancer includes everyone from copywriters to virtual assistants to app developers to shipping specialists.

Hatchwise offers logo design, web design, graphic design, product design, business card design as well as naming. These are all held in contest format, which allows you to see multiple choices, before selecting the option that works best for your needs.

Designity vs Hatchwise

A crowdsourced design company is an excellent way to get high-quality design work done quickly and professionally. Hatchwise and Designity both offer crowdsourced creative services.

Hatchwise hosts design contests and Designity selects pre-vetted designers from their talent pool. Below, we've reviewed the pros and cons of each company so you can make an informed decision for your business.