Designity vs Hatchwise – which is right for you?

A crowdsourced design company is an excellent way to get high-quality design work done quickly and professionally. Hatchwise and Designity both offer crowdsourced creative services. Hatchwise hosts design contests and Designity selects pre-vetted designers from their talent pool. Below, we’ve reviewed the pros and cons of each company so you can make an informed decision for your business.

Which one should you choose?

Lights, camera, action!

The Design Contest Process

1. How it Works

2. What You Get

3. What It Costs

Hatchwise offers design contests for both a per-contest flat rate and a monthly subscription that includes unlimited contests. The latter is a great option if your business has a lot of projects to do and you want several options for each one.

The base contest cost varies by project type. Here are the most popular contest types with their starting rates.

  • Logo Design from $89 (Bronze) to $289 (Gold)
  • Website Design from $239 (Bronze) to $489 (Gold)
  • Brochure Design from $119 (Bronze) to $389 (Gold)
  • Company/Product Naming from $99 (Bronze) to $339 (Gold)

You can upgrade your contest for the following prices:

  • List it privately for $30
  • Make it “rush” for $35
  • Highlight it on the platform for $7
  • Feature it for $18
  • Promote it in an email blast for $25
  • Make it blind (designers can’t see each other’s submissions) for $20

Designity’s monthly plans range from $2,995 to $7,995 per month, with up to a 10% discount if you book yearly. The higher tiers provide more “active” creatives (i.e. actively working on your current projects), weekly videos, and seats for those calls. Only the Premium plan offers the full suite of creative services, including video editing and website development. On the Essentials plan, you are limited to print materials, graphic design, landing pages, and editing/proofreading.

Even the highest-tier plan limits your team to only 3 active creatives at any time. As you can only have as many projects as there are people to work on them, you’ll need to select “add-ons” to overcome this limit.

Hatchwise and Designity take different approaches to crowdsourced creative services, which makes it a little difficult to compare their prices. For a basic logo design, though, here’s how it might look:

10 Days (can be upgraded to Rush)
10 Days on Essentials plan (naming/taglines not included)
Base contest price of $89
Base price of $2,995/month
Minimum number of creatives:
5+ designers
1 active creative

The Final Verdict

Hatchwise is a versatile, affordable option for businesses that need quick turnarounds on high-quality deliverables. While you will need to devote energy to reviewing contest submissions and providing feedback, you gain a range of stellar options. Plus, you can pay as little as $89 for a stunning design. Once you’ve closed your contest, you can start another or carry on with your business — no strings attached.

Designity requires a monthly subscription, which makes it more suitable for businesses with either ongoing outsourcing needs or highly complex projects. You don’t have the option to select your creative team, although it is nice to have a creative director to share your feedback. And while Designity offers other creative services besides graphic design and naming/taglines, those services are restricted to the higher-tier plans.

To choose your ideal platform, consider how many projects you need to be done and how much you can afford to get them done quickly. Hatchwise connects you to dozens, even hundreds of talented creatives for one flat rate. Designity charges you a monthly fee for access to a team curated for you. It really comes down to how much you want to spend and how hands-on you want to be.

Overall, though, both companies are part of the exciting shift toward crowdsourced, decentralized creative services, helping businesses grow and thrive in today’s digital marketplace.

I was originally going to use 99designs and your service was recommended to me by a friend who had used your site before so I gave it a shot and it lived up to everything he said. I was connected with 25 original designs and found one that was exactly what I had envisioned! I will be recommending HatchWise to all my friends!
Mary Scott
Los Angles Designs
I was a little apprehensive since my experience with 99designs in the past has been excellent and you're services were much cheaper but I was thrilled with the result.
John Borthwick
Double Dog Dare and Sons
Used 99Designs before and I like your platform better. USer friendly to a guy like me. Chris
Jane Bill
Bill of Fancy
Hatchwise was great to work with! I used 99Designs a few months ago for a different company I own and I am far more satisfied with the options I received with the Hatchwise designers, plus the Hatchwise price was much lower. I'll definitely recommend Hatchwise to anyone I know looking for a logo!
David Anderson
The Educated Professional

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Logo Design Contest Pricing

Most Popular
30+ Custom Logo Designs
70+ Custom Logo Designs
130+ Custom Logo Designs
Unlimited Custom Logo Designs
5+ Designers
15+ Designers
20+ Designers
40+ Designers
$50 Prize Included
$150 Prize Included
$250 Prize Included
$360 Prize Included
Completely Original Artwork
Completely Original Artwork
Completely Original Artwork
Completely Original Artwork
Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee
Dedicated Support
Dedicated Support
Free Contest Extensions
Free Contest Extensions
Featured Contest
Highlighted Contest

Each contest package includes the “prize amount” that the creative who you select as a winner gets in exchange for transferring the rights and delivering final files (minus any commission charged to the creative by Hatchwise).

The higher the prize the more entries and participating creatives you can expect your contest to get.



All Design and Naming Contests come with our Money Back Guarantee.