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The Best Freelance Marketplaces (UPDATED 2023)

Whether you need to outsource some tasks or bring in extra help for a huge project, you may want to hire a freelancer or two. This is a great solution for growing businesses that don’t have the budget for a full-time staff. Plus, freelancers are available on a contract basis, so you can adjust your team as needed.

You can book a freelancer for virtually any service or creative work you may need. Many freelancers specialize in certain services. If you need an expert copywriter or SEO for your business, no need to train your overworked employees. Hire a contractor and get the peace of mind that it will be done right!

But where do you find great freelancers? No need to run a newspaper ad or hire a skywriting pilot… in today’s digital marketplace, there are plenty of platforms that can connect you to a talented designer, marketer, video editor — whatever you need!

Not sure where to start? We’ve compiled a handy list of the best freelance marketplaces. Many of these will let you post jobs and interview potential freelancers. Others let you book services a la carte. Some give you access to on-demand creative services for a flat rate. Whatever you need, the sky’s the limit!

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The biggest list of Best Freelance Marketplaces :

1. The Flocksy Marketplace - "Creative tasks completed by vetted professionals"

Meet The Flocksy Marketplace:

Popular unlimited design service platform, Flocksy is also a solid contender in the freelance arena, with its Flocksy Marketplace. The Flocksy Marketplace is a stand-alone expansion of the Flocksy platform that allows anyone to purchase creative design services from Flocksy’s vetted creatives on a project-by-project basis.

How The Flocksy Marketplace Works:

The Flocksy Marketplace gives users the opportunity to purchase one-off services from a team of talented, and proven freelancers. Flocksy’s vetted creatives offer familiar services as well as one-of-a-kind specialized creative services.


The Marketplace is simple to navigate with the details for each service clearly displayed for each offer. You can browse the different listings at your own pace or use the search filters to sort offers by category and project type and compare your favorite offers to find the best option. 

Users can select and purchase Marketplace services in a few steps:

Best of all, support for the Flocksy Marketplace is provided by Flocksy’s popular Project Managers and customer support staff who are known for going above and beyond to help users get the maximum value out of the creative process.

Is The Flocksy Marketplace Right For You?

The Flocksy Marketplace makes creative services available for purchase on a project-by-project basis making it a good option for those who need a few special projects completed or those who already have a subscription design service to handle their regular creative workflow and are looking to the Marketplace for help completing a specialty projects or managing a temporary work overflow. 

What Makes The Flocksy Marketplace Awesome

While the Flocksy Marketplace is similar to other freelance networking or job posting forums in terms of affordability, Flocksy has a couple of distinct differences that set it apart from the herd. For starters, all services available for purchase in the Flocksy Marketplace are offered and completed by vetted Flocksy creatives. This eliminates the risk associated with selecting an artist based on an internet posting.

Additionally, though the Marketplace is a stand-alone service operating independently from Flocksy’s unlimited design service, there is quite a bit of overlap and Marketplace users will enjoy the same outstanding customer support team that Flocksy is well-known for.

Pricing and Packages

The Flocksy Marketplace offers a straightforward market experience. Flocksy’s vetted creatives post the services that they are offering and determine the price of the service.

Every creative service offered in The Marketplace includes all the details that you need to make an informed selection. The project turnaround time, total cost, number of revisions, and other details are clearly stated, making it easy to compare and contrast offers and choose the one that provides the best value for you.

Flocksy offers the added reassurance of a money-back satisfaction guarantee on every purchase as well.

Unlimited Service Plans

For those who have a steady flow of creative projects to complete each month, one of Flocksy’s flat-rate unlimited subscription plans will generally offer the best value. Three unique subscription plans offer plenty of options, so everyone from entrepreneurs to large commercial agencies can get access to the unlimited creative services they need at the best price point.

Take a look at what’s included in each plan below:

Silver Plan: $499 Monthly

Gold Plan: $995 Monthly

Platinum Plan: $1,695 Monthly

All flat-rate plans are billed on a month-to-month basis with no contracts, so users are free to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel their subscription plan as their business needs change. Consider combining a monthly unlimited plan with one-off services from the Marketplace for the ultimate power user solution.

Turnaround Time:

Every listing in the Flocksy Marketplace includes all the details you need to compare offers and choose the best match for your needs. The total cost, the turnaround time for the completed project, and the artist’s policy on revision requests are clearly visible on each posted offer.

The Flocksy Marketplace Pros

  • All services in the Flocksy Marketplace are offered and completed by Flocksy’s own vetted creatives. A rigorous selection process ensures that only the industry’s most exciting talent earns a spot on Team Flocksy.
  • Marketplace users can rely on the friendly support of project managers, and a responsive multi-channel communication system that promises a quick response to any questions or concerns.
  • All Marketplace purchases are backed by a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

The Flocksy Marketplace Cons

  • All Marketplace purchases are backed by a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

2. Upwork - "Largest network of independent professionals and get things done"

Meet Upwork:

For businesses, Upwork helps them connect with a tremendous catalog of available talented individuals that can tackle their projects professionally and efficiently. It is an engine for networking and connectivity.

How Upwork Works:

It all begins with a search. What do you need? IT? A graphic designer? Someone with a head for copywriting? Put in your desire and Upwork finds the right person for the gig. Post a job and hire yourself a pro. There is a place to check the quality of your creative before you hire them in the resume suite, and it is all safe with 24/7 support.

Is Upwork right for you:

One of its best features is the no cost preapproval. You can interview the fit for you job, negotiate how much they charge, and only after you approve the work will you pay. Businesses turn to Upwork because there is no blind hiring. You know what you are getting before you hire a anyone.

What makes Upwork awesome:

Proof of concept. What this means is you can see what your creative team is capable of before you even offer them the job. It gives everyone a chance to connect while allowing growth and innovation between professionals.

Pricing and Packages

For those seeking talent, the cost is largely at the behest of the talent. For clients there is no listing of price.

Turnaround Time:

Turnaround is negotiated during the contracting phase.

Upwork Pros

  • 24/7 support
  • Safe platform
  • Negotiable contracts
  • Professional talent
  • Lots of options for skilled pros

Upwork Cons

  • Upwork takes 20%
  • No listed turnaround until after contracts are negotiated

(For creatives: Creatives using Upwork, after making a profile, can put in their desired rate of pay. Upwork takes a 20% service fee after your client signs a contract for you to work with them.)

3. Freelancer - "Hire the best freelancers for any job online"

Meet Freelancer:

Freelancers is a resource where professionals can farm out their needs to freelance workers across a myriad of industries. It isn’t limited to just artistic endeavors but encompasses a list of outsourcing work that blankets the corporate landscape.

How Freelancer Works:

The process is pretty straightforward.

Can it be any easier?

Is Freelancer right for you:

If you love to save money by outsourcing, then yes. And there are so many options to offer to the platform that freelance workers from all over the globe can tackle for you. All you have to do is post it, pick your pro, and wait for the work to be done to your liking.

What makes Freelancer awesome:

The body of skills is staggering. Everything from art projects such as graphic design in all its facets to manufacturing and even legal work is represented here. If you have an industry that needs some temporary professional help, Freelancer has someone to do the work.

Pricing and Packages

Your post draws bids, and the offer is negotiated between you and the freelancer. Many projects receive bids within 1 minute of posting.

Turnaround Time:

This is also negotiated with the professional you hire. And you can track the progress of the work if you wish, ensuring it falls into the timetable you agreed upon.

Freelancer Pros

  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • All freelance
  • Lots of skill options
  • Only pay when work is done

Freelancer Cons

  • 20% of projects may not receive quick bids
  • Outsourcing can be unreliable

(This is a great platform for freelancers of all trades. Sign up and put in your desired niche. Add some samples to pad your resume. The clients will come to you.)

4. Fiverr - "Freelance Services Marketplaces"

Meet Fiverr:

In the realm of well-known, well-respected freelance platforms, Fiverr is king. It is hailed as the most prolific place to find freelance services for your business needs hands down. Need logo design, or perhaps voice over work? Fiverr offers a suite of professional skill trades and a multitude of pro freelancers to fill the need.

How Fiverr works:

As a client, the path to selecting your perfect freelancer is simple. They a world of talent to select from fields like digital marketing, writing, translating, and so much more. Select your freelancer, negotiate the rate, request an accurate turnaround, and wait for the high-quality work to flow to your inbox. Fiverr maintains a talent pool that is second to none.

Is Fiverr right for you:

Everyone wants quality work from their freelancers. That is what Fiverr brings to the table for you. And they root out the lesser qualified freelancers through an extensive vetting system, plus it charges freelancers for use of the service. Those who want to get noticed will put their best work forward so you know what they can do. You love quality. This is for you.

What makes Fiverr awesome:

Quality work done quickly. Fiverr freelancers have a level of dedication that is seldom seen or expected form typical freelancers that feature their skills as a side hustle. At Fiverr, the freelancers live to serve in their respective niche. And the payments are protected to you, the client, never have to worry about identity theft. And your payment isn’t released until the work is perfect.

Pricing and Packages

Prices are negotiated or offered as bids for the work when put into the platform. You will get a greater sense of how it works once you choose a freelancer for your project. And with 24/7 support, if there is an issue, Fiverr support is ready to help.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround is negotiated with the freelancer.

Fiverr Pros

  • 24/7 Support
  • High-quality work
  • Lots of niches to choose from
  • Flexible pricing
  • Quick turnaround

Fiverr Cons

  • Pay upfront
  • No specific packages

(Freelancers looking for work on Fiverr will connect with the highest caliber of businesses needing your talents. It is worth the cost to join.)

5. FreelancerMap - "Project platform for freelancers"

Meet FreelancerMap:

A German company, Freelancer Map is an open marketplace for freelancers where they can use the platform to connect with clients in the niche of their choice. They have been in business for 17 years, connecting freelancers with clients free of charge, and hold several awards.

How FreelancerMap Works:

1. As a client, you can post your project for free and without agency fees.

2 . No secret charges or hidden markups here.

3. Invested freelancers will be informed of your project by email if it fits their niche and you will receive suitable profiles to sift through.

Is FreelanceMap right for you:

Everyone likes the word free, but free can also mean low-quality when in the arena of services. Freelance Map doesn’t operate under this heading. They vet their talent, only place you with the right individuals, and ensure you have options. Over 35000 clients can’t be wrong.

What makes FreelanceMap awesome:

Let’s take a look at their extensive lists of awards. For the last 6 years they have been hailed as the top career portal by focus, giving plenty of freelancers a platform they can trust, and clients a place to find the staff to get their projects done with incredible quality and precision. And they set you up with your freelancer for no charge.

Pricing and Packages

As we said, putting your project on the platform is absolutely free. The cost comes from hiring the talent from a pool of skilled freelancers. With this, you will negotiate your costs or place a flat fee on the work and you freelancer will either take you bid or chat with you about the fee to do the work. Its all about a mutually beneficial connection that helps both parties.

Turnaround Time

Again, this is between you and the talent. It is handled during the hiring portion.

FreelancerMap Pros

  • Free to post work
  • Lots of talent
  • Awards since they began
  • Open marketplace
  • No agency fees

FreelancerMap Cons

  • European-based company might not hire outside EU
  • Some open projects might not get selected by freelancers

(If you are a freelancer from the EU, this is a worthy place to find work. There are plenty of options in their project platform to look through and decide if you want to dive in.)

6. PeoplePerHour - "Make bright ideas happen"

Meet PeoplePerHour:

Work with the platform that is trusted by over 1 million business across the world and access talent from a number of worthy niches. Tech, writing, design, marketing, and many more options for freelancers await. And get matched in minutes.

How PeoplePerHour Works:

The platform is very user friendly.

It is a worry-free way to find talent.

Is People Per Hour right for you:

With access to a list of qualitied and talented freelancers across many niches, and a money back guarantee, you can be sure you are protected and that your work will be handled by an expert. The care and attention to detail will tell you all you need to know and keep you coming back for more.

What makes People Per Hour awesome:

Who doesn’t think that 24/7 support I awesome? Answer: no body. This is only one of the things that make this prolific platform amazing. Couple that with a collection of expert freelancers and anti-fraud protection, plus a money back guarantee, and you have come to the right place. An awesome haven for innovation.

Pricing and Packages

There are two ways pricing can work:

  • You can set the price when you post it to the site.
  • You can pick a freelancer based on what they charge, which is on their profile.

Since these are niches, the freelancers are experts in their field. The price they post reflects their skill and worth of their talent.

Turnaround Time:

Offered when project is selected by a freelancer unless you list a specific window on the project in advance.

PeoplePerHour Pros

  • 24/7 support
  • Expert freelancers
  • Fraud protection
  • Money back guarantee
  • Lots of niches

PeoplePerHour Cons

  • Work is sometimes below market pay standards
  • Some work paid in euros

(It is easy to sign up as a freelancer. If you want to expand your list of client sites, its not a bad option. And can open the European market for you.)

7. Brigad - "The best staff The best shifts"

Meet Brigad:

Brigad creates a bridge between freelance workers and the hospitality and healthcare industry. Largely, it is a temp site for helping understaffed care centers, hospitals, clinics, hotels, and the like when they are a little shorthanded.

How WordAgents Works:

Finding help last minute is next to impossible if you are searching for an expert that will be able to jump in with minimal instruction. Brigad offers quality and efficiency, all rolled into a professional you can count on.

Start by creating an account, add what you need, and you will be connected with local workers at a moments notice. It is a community connection space which improves response time during crucial moments of need.  

Is Brigad right for you:

These days, there is a shortage of people who want to work, and many are quitting for home-based jobs. Restaurants, hotels, and care centers are suffering, many limiting operation hours. But this doesn’t have to be the case when there are plenty of qualified folks that are great in your field but don’t know you need them. If you want fresh talent, Brigad is for you.

What makes Brigad awesome:

They have a mission, and that is to help you fulfill your mission. But no one can do it alone and staffing can be tricky. With their epic platform and list of talented professionals in the fields of food service, hospitality, and health care, it is awesome to never again worry about staffing shortages. Just pick your temp and put them to work. They know the job. Give them a shot.

Pricing and Packages

The site mentions automated invoicing but doesn’t go into specifics about how you pay, or even what you pay. We imagine it is in the freelancer bio what they charge per hour for the work.

Turnaround Time

As this is a site for hiring on-site service industry professionals, turnaround doesn’t really apply.

Brigad Pros

  • Professionals in hard to fill industries
  • Simplified invoicing
  • Easy to use platform
  • Great reviews
  • Community centered

Brigad Cons

  • No pricing info
  • Very select freelancers

(For those who want to be useful when the need for kitchen staffing, health care staffing, and hotel work arises, this is the perfect platform to put yourself out there.)

8. Toptal - "Hire the Top 3% of Freelance Talent®"

Meet Toptal:

Toptal is an exclusive network of top freelance designers, software developers, finance gurus, product managers, and project managers from across the planet. The best companies hire Toptal because they only hire the top 3% for their roster.

How Toptal Works:

Toptal is a streamlined engine for the efficient pairing of freelancers with clients.

Satisfaction is the goal.

Is Toptal right for you:

With quality as king and a list of talented freelancers that are handpicked to be only the top 3%, you would be a fool not to think Toptal is right for you. You want, need, and must have the best work to ensure your company is always viewed in the right professional light. That is what Toptal brings to the table.

What makes Toptal awesome:

3% of top talent, guaranteed. Satisfaction as the primary objective. Your perfect freelancer or team attached to your project within 48 hours, but most often more like 24 hours. Managers to keep the trains running on time. And aligning yourself with the top companies in the world. It all sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?

Pricing and Packages

Because of the niches available, pricing will be different from job to job, from niche to niche, and is discussed with the talent. Sign up and you will get a better handle on the payment process.

Turnaround Time

The turnaround will vary based on the niche. There is no way to offer a fixed timeframe without creating a project for work.

Toptal Pros

  • Top 3% of talent
  • Quick talent matching
  • Lots of niches
  • Single hire or team
  • Full time or hourly

Toptal Cons

  • No discernable turnaround
  • No money back option listed

(For freelancers, if you are the best of the best, Toptal is looking for you. They are global and have tons of work for high-quality talent.)

9. Guru - "Find & Hire Expert Freelancers "

Meet Guru:

At Guru, they strive to be the premier platform to connect clients with freelancers. They help professionals connect, collaborate, and get the job done, efficiently and with the highest level of quality, all at a very affordable price. Mediocrity is not welcome at Guru. You can be sure to get top talent.

How Guru Works:

Welcome to the community. All you have to do is sign up.

Not too hard, right?

Is Guru right for you:

Simply put, it is. You can use individuals for small projects or build a team. Manage everything and even collaborate. And the platform helps you keep track of how projects are going. If you like to be involved, keep an eye on things, and stay in touch with your talent, like we said, it is totally for you.

What makes Guru awesome:

An easy sign up is the pitch, but the contact that knocks this ball out of the park is the free posting option. Never pay to post your job. If fact you don’t pay until the job is done. And the whole thing is incredibly cost-effective, allowing you to budget properly and watch your ROI. These days, we all have to watch the bottom line. Guru helps you do that while hiring skilled freelancers that are perfect for your need.

Pricing and Packages

Before we dive into this, it is important to know that Guru charges a 2.9% fee for each invoice you pay. Although, if you use eCheck or wire transfer you will get a 100% cashback on the handling fee. Not a bad deal.

Posting is free and that membership features:

  • Unlimited job posting
  • Quote requests from top freelancers
  • Work done in WorkRooms
  • Safepay

Turnaround Time

This varies from niche to niche, so request a turnaround window with your creative.

Guru Pros

  • Lowest handling fee in industry
  • 100% cashback with wire transfer or eCheck
  • Free employer membership
  • Prolific community of freelancers