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My Review of Flocksy

The results I got after I signed up for Flocksy

plus pros, cons, tips and alternatives

by Gloria Revere of Growth Co

For many small businesses, startups, and agencies, finding a high-quality creative design solution that meets their ongoing design needs can be frustrating and expensive.  

As a small business that is still growing, we needed a way to get our time freedom back without losing out on marketing opportunities.  

 I signed up for Flocksy after a friend referred me to their Unlimited Video Editing and Graphic Design subscription. 

 Now, I’m here to tell you whether or not I recommend Flocksy’s services myself! 

Get 35% off your first month of
Flocksy using the link below

Get 35% off your first month of Flocksy using the link below

Table of Contents

An Overview Of Flocksy

What is Flocksy?

Flocksy is a flat-rate unlimited creative agency offering an all-in-one custom creative solution for businesses, agencies, and individuals.

Their teams of designers, video editors, illustrators, virtual assistants and copywriters can work on a wide variety of projects for a flat monthly fee, including graphic design, web design, social media management, video editing, voiceovers, motion graphics, copywriting and more.

Once you join the “flock” at Flocksy, you can submit unlimited project requests, and Flocksy’s team of vetted professionals will  get right to work.

The higher-level subscription packages allow multiple projects to be worked on simultaneously for greater productivity. Unlimited revisions ensure that the team will continue fine-tuning your project until it matches your vision – and they’ll even start on a new project while your getting your current one revised!

How Much Does Flocksy Cost?

Flocksy offers three different monthly flat-rate subscription plans designed to meet various creative needs and budgets.

Every Flocksy subscription includes access to a team of talented creatives, unlimited design requests, unlimited revisions, unlimited users, licensed stock photos/videos, and a 14-day money-back guarantee.  You can save 10% by signing up for their quarterly plans or 20% by paying annually! 

Here is a brief overview of Flocksy’s subscription packages:

Silver Plan: $499/month

  • Unlimited graphic design
  • Unlimited custom illustration
  • Quick turnaround times (24 to 48 hours)
  • Zapier, Loom, Slack, Trello, chat & email communication 
  • Designated creative team
  • Dedicated Project Manager (available by phone, email, and video chat)

Gold Plan: $995/month

  • Includes all of the services and double the output of the Silver plan
  • Unlimited copywriting
  • Unlimited video creation & editing
  • Unlimited motion graphic creation
  • Unlimited logos & branding guides
  • Unlimited voice-over & audio
  • Expedited turnaround times
  • Enhanced revision requests with video & audio tools
  • Virtual Assistant Services 

 Platinum Plan: $1,695/month

  • Includes all of the services of the Gold plan & triple the output of the Silver plan
  • PSD to drag-and-drop builders
  • PSD/Figma to HTML
  • PSD/Figma to Elementor
  • PSD/Figma to Divi
  • Option to submit projects & revisions via email

What Is It Like To Use Flocksy?

Screenshot of a review of Flocksy left on TrustPilot

Flocksy goes above and beyond to provide an incredible customer experience. 

From the start, the flat-rate subscription plans and pricing are clear and allow users to see which service fits their needs well. Their dashboard makes it easy to manage project requests, communicate with designers, request revisions, and finalize projects — all in one convenient location.

Not only is using Flocksy easy,  but you’ll see results fast. 

Flocksy prioritizes timely delivery, and most projects are completed in as little as 24-48 hours. Better yet, most simple graphic designs, illustrations, and copywriting requests can be completed even quicker – often same day! 

Finally, every Flocksy subscription plan includes a dedicated project manager who is always available to hop on a voice or video call to help you with any questions or issues you may have along the way.

How Long Does Flocksy
Take To Complete A Project?

How Long Does Flocksy Take To Complete A Project?

 While straightforward projects like Instagram ads or short blog posts are often completed same day, each project is unique and Flocksy’s project managers will work with you to divide up the longer or more complicated projects you may have, and the general rule of thumb is that the more complex the request is, the longer the project will take to complete. 

Have new ideas or revisions? No worries — unlimited edits mean it’s easy to quickly get high-quality custom content since revisions don’t hold up any progress on other projects in your queue


Who Should Use Flocksy?

Flocksy provides creative content, so anyone looking to cross tasks off their to-do list and save time by having their Flocksy team create their marketing materials, landing pages, or video ads would benefit from joining Flocksy.

Their virtual assistant services also make it easy to get administrative tasks like bookkeeping or research done in no time.  Even if you just need personal creative tasks completed, like wedding video editing or tattoo design, Flocksy has creatives who can get help. 

Flocksy isn’t only for startups, but also has clients who are bloggers, marketers, Fortune 500 companies,  creative agencies, freelancers, entrepreneurs, influencers, non-profits and brand managers.

Anyone who needs cost-effective, high quality custom creative marketing material created on an ongoing basis doesn’t have to look any further than Flocksy.

What Brands Has Flocksy Worked With?

Flocksy been trusted by big companies like Tito’s Vodka, Adobe, Forbes and Harley-Davidson for high-quality marketing materials — but they also have thousands of small brands and start-ups that they partner with. Companies big and small are able  to grow their reach and scale their businesses with the help of Flocksy’s Unlimited Content Creation Subscriptions. 

How Does Flocksy Work?

Flocksy offers a flat-rate monthly subscription service that lets users form their team of talented Flocksy creatives and Virtual Assistants who can manage your brand’s creative tasks.

Flocksy’s intuitive project briefs and streamlined workflow make it easy to submit as many requests as necessary to work through all of your various creative projects.

Here is a quick breakdown of the Flocksy process:

1: Choose A Subscription Plan

Head to their pricing page to choose from one of three flat-rate monthly subscription plans: Silver, Gold, & Platinum, prices range from $499 to $1695 per month. 

Select the one that works with your design budget and provides the creative services you need. 

There you can also choose to pay monthly, quarterly or annually. 

2: Start A New Project

Sign up and start submitting your project requests and building your creative team right away! 

You can submit as many project requests as you like and the design team will work through your projects one at a time (in the order that they were submitted). The next request in your queue will start automatically once you finalize a project, so you don’t have to worry about logging into the dashboard constantly. 

Flocksy’s project briefs provide useful prompts to help you format your project request and provide clear and detailed instructions to the design team to ensure high-quality results and reduce the time spent on revisions. If you need help wording a request or are not sure exactly what you want, your project manager can also offer suggestions and guidance

3: Review and Request Revisions

Flocksy’s team of designers gets to work on your project, and depending on the complexity of your request, you can expect to see results in 24 hours or less.

After receiving your completed project, you can review the work, offer feedback, and request any final revisions to get your design dialed in.

A dedicated project manager and a convenient built-in chat feature make it easy to communicate and collaborate with your design team throughout the process, and they’ll always work with you to fine-tune your project to meet your exact needs. 

If asked, they can also provide suggestions based on their expertise in the area!

4: Finalize Your Project

When you are completely satisfied, simply click to finalize your design. This will mark your project as completed, and you will have access to all of the files needed to use your finished design or asset in whatever way you choose. 

You always have 100% ownership over all of your completed projects and assets including all associated files.

That’s it! As soon as you have finalized your project, the Flocksy system will immediately make the next project in your queue active, and the process will repeat until all of your submitted projects have been completed and approved by you.

The Results I Got When I Signed Up For Flocksy's Gold Plan

At Growth Co., we’re a dedicated marketing agency exclusively catering to the vegan and organic sector. Our mission is to amplify the voices of eco-conscious businesses. 

Flocksy proved to be the ideal partner in bringing our vision to life through beautifully crafted explainer videos and captivating social media ad campaigns.

As we started launching our green marketing agency, I found myself juggling more than I could handle. With a clientele exclusively in the vegan and organic realm, the pressure was on to create content that not only appealed to potential clientele but also promoted our company to the right audience — that’s where Flocksy’s Gold Plan came in. 

Project 1: An Animated Explainer Video

As soon as we joined Flocksy, we got to work on writing the brief for an animated explainer video that will become the heartbeat of our website. The day we joined, our project manager Brooke reached out to hop on a quick call to help us understand the steps needed to start our project. 

After our call, we were able to start the first part, a voice-over project in less than 3 minutes. Amazingly, we got an email the next day that the project was complete! 

Within 24 hours of joining Flocksy, we were already starting on the motion graphics portion of the project. I couldn’t believe how quick the turnaround was! Why tell you about it though, when we can show you.

As you can see, our animated explainer created by Flocksy perfectly showcases our agency’s mission. From the outset, it was evident to our team that Flocksy’s creatives not only understood our niche market, but also embraced the ethos of sustainability, veganism, and organic living in the images, videos, and even colors they used.

The animation showcased a keen understanding of our target audience, delivering an eye-catching and informative piece that resonated with the values we uphold.

Project 2: Another Animated Explainer Video

We ended up loving the animated explainer we received so much, that we created a second one! 

We mixed up the styles between the two — but the creatives were able to deliver on two completely different animation types. Our “collage” style animated video is hip, funky, and totally appeals to our younger vegan audience.

The casual, upbeat animated explainer hits on all the laid-back vibes we were looking for and can appeal to all business owners looking for help marketing their incredible organic products and services.

Project 3: Social Media Ads

But Flocksy didn’t just deliver incredible animations for our agency. Nope — they went the extra mile and crafted a series of social media ads for us that we could post across platforms. Not only did we ask for 5 ads in earth tones with enticing visuals and CTAs —but we also asked that the ads were formatted for both LinkedIn and Facebook. In 24 hours our incredible Graphic Designer Sofia delivered all the Facebook-sized ads for our review. After one quick revision, she delivered the new images AND sent along the LinkedIn formatted ads by the next day.  

Flocksy’s approach to the social media ad campaigns for Instagram and Facebook demonstrated a great understanding of both platforms and how to structure an appealing ad. 

The series of ads Sofia produced was not only visually stunning but also strategically aligned with the preferences of our target demographic. Each post effortlessly conveyed our brand message, blending eye-catching visuals with compelling copy that spurred engagement and resonated with our audience.

Is Flocksy Worth it?

What really set our Flocksy creative team apart was their commitment to understanding our niche. They didn’t just churn out generic content; they got deep into the “soil” of our values and delivered ads that resonated with our eco-conscious audience. 

Even though our website wasn’t live yet, and our brand was still blossoming as we created projects — It was like they had a sixth sense for what our clients wanted to see.

At Growth Co, we also really valued the “flock” at Flocksy’s commitment to collaboration. Everyone on our creative team was friendly, receptive to feedback, and exhibited a genuine interest in our brand by asking questions. Their dedication to delivering content tailored to our unique market was evident throughout the projects, and I ended up with deliverables I’m excited to get online ASAP. 

Moreover, Flocksy’s efficiency and streamlined processes ensured a super speedy delivery without compromising on quality. The seamless communication channels on their platform and dedicated project managers made the entire collaboration a smooth and enjoyable experience.


The real game-changer here was that outsourcing our creative content to Flocksy freed up so much time that I could then commit to growing our agency.  

With Flocksy in our corner,  I could direct my energy toward what truly mattered – connecting with our amazing clients and making the world a greener place.

Flocksy has proven to be an invaluable partner for our burgeoning marketing agency. 


Their ability to capture the essence of our mission in both animated and static content showcases a level of expertise that aligns seamlessly with the values of our clientele. I wholeheartedly recommend Flocksy to any marketing agency looking for a reliable, creative, and conscientious content creation partner. Trust me, your brand will thank you, and your workload will dissolve in front of your eyes.

Get 35% off your first month of
Flocksy using the link below

Get 35% off your first month of Flocksy using the link below

The Pros and Cons of using Flocksy - My Opinion

The ultimate value of any unlimited creative design service will depend in large part on how much you will use the service. If your creative design needs are limited to a couple of large one-off projects, or your need for creative services ebb and flow quite a bit, you may not find that paying for a flat-rate monthly subscription service is particularly cost-effective.

However, if you are a small business, marketing agency, startup, or entrepreneur with a steady flow of creative design projects to complete each month then you will likely find that Flocksy’s extensive design services and speedy turnaround times offer an awesome return on investment compared to the cost of an in-house design team. 

At the end of the day, Flocksy can be a great option for businesses and individuals with ongoing design and marketing needs who are looking for an affordable and convenient flat-rate solution that can meet all of their creative needs in one convenient location. 

Flocksy Pros - Reasons You Should Use Flocksy

Cost-Effective: Flocksy’s flat-rate monthly subscription plans and unlimited creative services can be a more affordable way to meet your design needs compared to the high cost of hiring an in-house design team, retaining a pricey marketing agency, or paying individual freelancers to complete individual projects. 

Quick Turnaround Times: Flocksy offers some of the quickest turnaround times in the industry. Most project types can be completed in as little as 24 – 48 hours, and simple projects may be finished even quicker, often the same day. 

 Plenty Of Creative Services: Flocksy’s talented creatives can handle nearly any creative need you may have. Flocksy goes beyond basic graphic design and illustration services by offering unlimited copywriting, video creation/editing, voiceovers, web dev, and more. It makes completing all your creative projects easy while only paying for one monthly subscription. 

 Commitment To Quality: Flocksy is committed to creating high-quality work that meets or exceeds your expectations with every project. Flocksy creatives will work with you to fine-tune and revise your project until you are completely satisfied with the final result.

Flocksy Cons - Read This Before Signing Up

Limited Face to Face Communication: Those accustomed to working with an in-house design team may be frustrated with the lack of in-person communication when working with a design service. However, Flocksy offers a broad range of communication options. A dedicated project manager is available via phone call or video call to help you get the hang of using the system and to discuss any issues or concerns that arise. You can communicate directly with your creative team via the built-in message center, chat, and Loom video to clarify project details and revision requests.

Additionally, Zapier, Trello, and Slack integrations open up the lines of communication and collaboration even further. With these 1:1 communication tools, you will unlikely notice the lack of in-person conversation.

Per-Project-Cost: While Flocksy offers an excellent value for those who have a large volume of regular creative design needs to be met, the monthly rate may not be as cost-effective for those who only need one or two projects completed each month.

Alternatives to Flocksy

Of course, Flocksy is not the only unlimited design service. Let’s take a look at some of the other platforms offering similar services, and see how they stack up to Flocksy. 

Design Pickle

Design Pickle also offers graphic design services on three-tiered plans, but they don’t offer copywriting, virtual assistants, or voiceover services. If you are looking exclusively for graphic design, the lower-tiered Design Pickle plans could be a good fit. But if you want voiceovers, virtual assistants, and copywriting included with your subscriptions AND want to pay less — Flocksy has you covered.



Kimp is another company that offers unlimited design on three different plans. Their plans are as follows: graphic design, video, and graphic design + video. Kimp’s subscriptions focus on either graphics, video, or both, which makes them a good possible choice for businesses looking exclusively for those services. But if you are looking for animated explainers with voiceovers or assistance with SEO-oriented copywriting — they don’t provide copywriting or voiceover work in any of their plans.



Superside offers tiered subscription packages starting at $5,000 (almost 10x the cost of Flocksy’s base plan). Their higher price tag does come with digital marketing consulting and video production in the top two plans, but the lowest plan’s offerings don’t differ that greatly from Flocksy’s. If you’ve got a large budget and are looking to pay for more than just content, Superside could be the choice for you. Otherwise — Flocksy’s basic plan offers similar services to Superside’s Design Essentials plan, at 1/10th the cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to all your questions about Flocksy and Unlimited Graphic Design

Is Flocksy better than Design Pickle?

It depends on what you need! Design Pickle only offers graphic design services. Their most popular plan (Graphics Pro) provides many design options, a dedicated Account Manager, and a fast turnaround. For the same price, — Flocksy provides unlimited copywriting, voiceovers, web design, video services, AND graphic design. 

Is Flocksy worth it?

On Trust Pilot, Google and other platforms —Flocksy has many positive reviews! Not only do their clients on YouTube rave about their easy-to-use platform, but you can check the ratings of every Flocksy creative you work with. If you are unimpressed with their services, they do provide a 14-day money-back guarantee, so there is no risk in signing up to try out their Unlimited Subscriptions. 

Does Flocksy offer a free trial?

Flocksy has a 14-day money-back guarantee. You can cancel and receive a full refund at the end of the 2-week trial. After you sign up, you’re also able to upgrade and downgrade your subscription if you need more or fewer projects created each month. 

Does Flocksy make me sign a contract?

No, Flocksy doesn’t make you sign any contracts. You are able to cancel at any time by reaching by simply sending an email. 

What does unlimited graphic design mean?

You are able to submit an unlimited number of projects to your queue for as long as you have an active account. No matter how many revisions you have, the next project in your queue always starts automatically once you hit “finalize.” 

Can I talk directly to my creative team?

Yes! There are multiple ways to interact with your Flocksy team. You can send messages on our platform, integrate Slack or Trello, send video messages and screen recordings on Loom, or schedule video calls with your project manager to talk through project details or ask any questions you may have. 

Who owns the work Flocksy creates?

You! The account owner and sub-owners will own all paid works created by the Flocksy team and receive all source files needed at the end of the project. 

Get 35% off your first month of
Flocksy using the link below

Get 35% off your first month of Flocksy using the link below