ZillionDesigns vs Hatchwise – which is right for you?

If you launch a tech company, your skillset is likely in tech. If you launch a retail company, your skillset is likely in retail. If you launch a service company, your skillset is likely in the service that you offer. You get the drift. 

What your skillset likely isn’t in though, is design. And when it comes to any design elements of your company, you may feel way out of your element.

There’s good news though: you don’t have to navigate the design world alone. There are companies to help with all your design needs and these companies will take the design stress away so you can focus on where your business needs you the most.  

Many of these businesses have decided to go down a crowdsourcing design route to provide their customers with the greatest number of quality options. Two of these many platforms are ZillionDesigns and Hatchwise and below, you’ll find a comprehensive overview of what each company offers, that way you don’t have to spend your time conducting an extensive Google search. 

Which one should you choose?

Lights, camera, action!

The Design Contest Process

1. How it Works

How a crowdsourcing platform works is that once you start a contest, you’ll receive multiple designs that you can choose a final design from. What is appealing about this format is that you can get different perspectives from creatives all over the world! 

Once you set a price and start a contest, you’ll begin seeing designs come through and at the end of your contest duration (which you set!), you’ll award a winner. 

As a new business, you likely want to spend your money on things besides a design team. That’s why many businesses that opt for this format, find that it is the perfect solution for their design needs, at an affordable price-point! 

2. What You Get

Whatever contest format you run, as soon as you select the winner, you’ll receive the final artwork files that you can easily download. With these files, you’ll gain the rights to the design and you’ll be able to edit them down the road as your business evolves! 

3. What It Costs

ZillionDesigns prices start at $199 for their cheapest logo design contest. If you want to add on other services, that will increase the price. For instance, if you want a logo design, stationery design, and web design that will start at $974. Then when you arrive at the payment page, you’ll see that ZillionDesigns charges a 20% listing and prize handling fee. This fee can add up fast! While they do offer a money-back guarantee, this guarantee does not include that 20% charge or any upgrades you opt-in for. And if you receive 30 or more designs, they will retain an additional $50. That will all be money you won’t get back.

On the contrary, Hatchwise contests start at $89, and even at that affordable price point, you are guaranteed to have a minimum of 30 designs submitted to your contest from at least 5 creatives from around the world! Unlike ZillionDesigns, this doesn’t come at an extra cost. 

Hatchwise also offers a money-back guarantee, but with fewer terms. If you don’t receive your guaranteed number of entries and don’t choose a winner, you can submit for a full refund for your payment, with no questions asked! This applies to all their contests and since they have no hidden costs, you won’t have to worry about them keeping 20%, or more, of your payment. 

Lowest priced logo package:
Minimum number of entries
Minimum number of creatives:
Money Back Guarantee:

The Final Verdict

If you Google “crowdsourcing design platforms,” you’ll see numerous results, two of which being ZillionDesigns and Hatchwise. But with these two, it seems like Hatchwise is the better option. 

While ZillionDesign caters to new businesses, Hatchwise has better prices, a quicker “rush” turnaround time if ever needed, more design offerings, and no hidden fees. Both have a similar scope of projects and partner with creative talent from all over the world but with ZillionDesigns, you have to spend more, to get more. This isn’t realistic for many businesses just starting! And the more that you do spend, the higher the processing fee will be that you won’t get back if you don’t like the designs! 

ZillionDesigns is a newer platform and what is appealing with them is that you can bundle different design services together for a contest and set rate. But with Hatchwise, you’re getting more than just a design. With Hatchwise you’ll get a design team, free support, and all the resources that you need. If that’s what you’re in search of, then Hatchwise is right for you. 

I was originally going to use 99designs and your service was recommended to me by a friend who had used your site before so I gave it a shot and it lived up to everything he said. I was connected with 25 original designs and found one that was exactly what I had envisioned! I will be recommending HatchWise to all my friends!
Mary Scott
Los Angles Designs
I was a little apprehensive since my experience with 99designs in the past has been excellent and you're services were much cheaper but I was thrilled with the result.
John Borthwick
Double Dog Dare and Sons
Used 99Designs before and I like your platform better. USer friendly to a guy like me. Chris
Jane Bill
Bill of Fancy
Hatchwise was great to work with! I used 99Designs a few months ago for a different company I own and I am far more satisfied with the options I received with the Hatchwise designers, plus the Hatchwise price was much lower. I'll definitely recommend Hatchwise to anyone I know looking for a logo!
David Anderson
The Educated Professional

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Logo Design Contest Pricing

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Completely Original Artwork
Completely Original Artwork
Completely Original Artwork
Completely Original Artwork
Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee
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Dedicated Support
Free Contest Extensions
Free Contest Extensions
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Each contest package includes the “prize amount” that the creative who you select as a winner gets in exchange for transferring the rights and delivering final files (minus any commission charged to the creative by Hatchwise).

The higher the prize the more entries and participating creatives you can expect your contest to get.



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