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How Long Can I Wait After My Contest Ends To Award A Winner?

If you are running a Hatchwise contest you may be wondering how long you have to select a winning entry and award your contest winner. While many people find a winning design before their contest submission period is over, others find that they may take a little longer to select their winner. 

The good news is that’s fine! Hatchwise wants to be sure that you find contest entry that is the perfect fit for you and your business, and we welcome you to take your time in awarding the contest winner. 

However, there are a few things that you should be aware of. 

  • After your contest has run for 10 days (48 hours for a Rush contest) your submission period will have ended. You can then review the entries, award a contest winner, or extend the content to see some new submissions come in. You have 6 months to decide on a contest winner, before the contest is archived (see below).
  • If your contest has sat longer than 6 months without a winner being awarded it will be archived. If you would like to access an archived contest please contact support@hatchwise.com regarding it. 
  • While you can wait to review the contest submissions and then award a winner a few weeks later, we don’t recommend waiting too long. It is best to award the contest winner while they have recently entered in your contest, remember your communication, and are active on Hatchwise. That way you will receive your final files promptly, with no delays and no confusion during the delivery process. 

If at any time during your Hatchwise process you have questions, concerns, or just want feedback on how to run a successful contest please feel free to contact a customer representative at support@hatchwise.com

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