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How Hatchwise’s Design Court Works

Here at Hatchwise we take pride in the quality of our designs and do our very best to ensure that each design is 100% original and the creative’s own concept.

In order to monitor contests we have a “report” feature on entries allowing creatives to report designs found violating our Creative Guidelines.

How To Report A Design

To report a design please click on the “report/flag” icon located on the design:

Select from the following options the reason that you are reporting the design (be as detailed as possible):

Once you have reported the design you can view it in Design Court. To visit Design Court you will need to click on the arrow located next to your username in your account:

How To Use Design Court

In Design Court you can see reported designs, review the reason they were reported and then vote on whether you think they are Guilty or Not Guilty.

Once a reported case is reviewed and resolved the design will be removed from Design Court.

Design Court Frequently Asked Questions

How many designs can I report? You can report any number of entries, but please make sure that the reports are valid. fasy reporting designs may result in your account being banned.

Who can vote on the reported designs? You must have a Gold Level creative account to vote on entries. You can signup for a Gold Level account here, if you do not have one.

How do I know if a case is resolved? Whether you are the reporting creative or the reported, you will be notified once the case is reviewed and resolved.

How do I know if one of my entries has been reported? You will be notified via email if one of your entries is reported.

Can I vote on my own design? No, you can not vote on your own entry if it is reported.

What if I click on a design to report it and can’t? You should see a notification that says the design is already reported and under review, or has been reported and already judged.

What happens if a creative’s design is found Guilty? The design is Withdrawn from Hatchwise and the creative/s account is penalized. Often this includes being banned from Hatchwise.

Still have questions? Please contact us here.