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My Contest Submission Was Eliminated. What Does That Mean?

Hatchwise contests normally run for 10 days (Rush contests for 48 hours) and during that time you have the ability to submit entries and make revisions for the clients.

As you upload contest submissions the clients are able to leave feedback on the entries by commenting and rating. They are also encouraged to request edits if they need them to be made. 

Perhaps at one point you’ll receive an email, or notice that one of your contest submissions has been Eliminated by the client. What does that mean? 

Clients have the ability to remove (Eliminate) entries from their contest, and it may be for a few different reasons

  1. They would like to remove any entries from the contest that they are not seriously considering as the contest win
  2. They feel that your submission does not reflect what they are looking for and may be misleading to the other creatives. 
  3. You failed to read the contest brief and included something that they specifically ask to not be in the entry. 

What you can do

It’s important that you do not get offended about your entry being removed. This is a normal part of the process and not in any way a reflection on the quality of your work. 

You can read over the contest brief thoroughly to see if there was anything that you missed, as well as read the feedback left on the other contest submissions by the client. 

If you don’t see any reason why the entry was removed, consider politely messaging the client (or leaving a comment in the contest) and asking if there was any particular reason why your entry was Eliminated.

Once you receive a response you will then be able to proceed accordingly, whether that is making changes and re-uploading your submission, or moving on to enter a new contest.

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