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Choose from dozens of unique submissions and get the perfect AI Image Prompt

An AI image query contest can help you restart your own creative juices, or supply you with the best image query idea for a particular project that has you stumped. Our talented community of digital artists has a passion for working with the very latest in AI image generation technology and they are masters of writing the perfect AI queries that are bound to deliver the results you need.
Briefly describe your project goals. There is no need to spend hours working out every detail. That is what the contest is for! Just give us a basic idea of the style and content you need, and perhaps, what you plan to use your content for. We’ll take it from there.
Our community of digital artists know how to get the optimum results from the top AI image-generation platforms. They will interpret your needs and craft the perfect AI query to generate the results you desire.
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Select the AI image query and image that is the best fit for your project goals and announce your AI image query contest winner for as low as $5. Once you award your winner your AI image prompt and the image will be available to download immediately.

Our community has come up with hundreds of creative custom AI Image Queries

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Our pricing starts at $5 but we do not have a maximum amount. You can of set your own price if you would like to offer more than that. 

Your project will run for 10 days by default. During that time you can see entries come in and ask for any changes or revisions.

You can run any type of design or naming contest or Quick Start Project on Hatchwise, if we do not have a specific category for your design contest please use the Custom Graphic Design category. We do not allow contests that contain any of the following: anything that may be: construed as obscene, pornographic, illegal or offensive in any way.

Yes! You can purchase mutiple entries from your project. 

Yes! We actually encourage you to communicate with the creatives and leave feedback. You can also feel free to ask for any edits of changes to their submissions.


If your contest doesn't receive at least the minimum number of logo design concepts associated with your selected package, you can request a refund, no questions asked.

We’ve been connecting customers and designers since 2008, and your satisfaction is our top priority.

Additionally, we guarantee that every design you receive from Hatchwise will be 100% original and include every type of design file that you might need to be able to use anywhere. You’ll also have the legal copyright and ownership of your design.

Whenever you love a design, we’ll be sure to provide you with the artist's contact details so that you can reach out to them for all your future projects! Or, if you’d like to keep your options open, you can continue to submit contests to our ever-growing team of designers.

You can also choose from several upgrades to get more eyes on your contest or shorten the turnaround time, including:

Start a logo contest now, and your contest will be live immediately. And thanks to our intelligent brief questions, our designers will know exactly what you need and what you like. You’ll see incredible results in hours.

Let’s get started.

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We’re passionate about every single creative project on Hatchwise being the best it can possibly be. If you need help or have questions we’re here for you! Our support team is responsive, helpful, and has all the answers.

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Learn More About AI Image Query Contests

When a digital artist won top prize in a local art contest using an image created with popular AI image generation tool, some considered the win illegitimate, while others rose up to attest to just how much effort actually goes into getting AI tools to generate an image that matches the vision the creator has in mind.

The challenge often revolves around composing the query used to generate the image. It sounds simple on the surface. Enter a few lines of text and wait for the AI tool to spit out the perfect artwork. Anyone who has spent any time working with AI knows that it is not that easy. It turns out, communicating human artistic vision to a computer is actually pretty difficult.   

Humans share an innate understanding of complex and at times intuitive ideas that technology has yet to master. Put more simply, humans are often able to “get” the idea that another human is trying to convey even when they aren’t able to articulate it precisely. The technology behind AI generators is often far more literal and analytical. That is not the way that we communicate

A Hatchwise AI image query contest lets you briefly describe your vision in human language to actual human artists who will then use their mastery of AI image generation to “translate” your request into the perfect AI image query. You set the price you are willing to pay and select your favorite response from dozens of entries.


Launching An AI Image Query Contest

Launching an AI image query contest on Hatchwise is far easier than the trial-and-error process of generating an AI image query on your own. Instead of trying to figure out how to communicate your creative vision to a computer, you can write a brief for fellow human creatives. Include any details you feel are important to your vision including the subject, the style, and the end goal or purpose for your work. Set your price and start your contest. AI image generation experts will begin creating your artwork and submitting their entries right away. All you have to do is review the entries as they come in and choose your favorite entry as the contest winner.


Why Should I Run An AI Image Query Contest?

While you could attempt to navigate the AI generation process yourself, a Hatchwise AI image query contest can make the experience far easier and more fruitful in the following ways:


Expert AI “Translators”

Our community of digital artists are actual humans (we promise) and as such they can grasp your creative vision without any need for you to go into exhaustive detail. Our AI image generation masters have the depth of knowledge required to “translate” your request into a perfectly crafted query that will net you the wealth of QUALITY results you are looking for.


Less Trial & Error

What if you could skip the frustrating trial-and-error process of writing and re-writing your query in an attempt to get the AI image generator to understand your vision? A Hatchwise AI image query contest can turn your creative vision into an expertly crafted query designed to elicit the most accurate results without the need to re-word your text or regenerate images for hours on end. 


Shortened Project Timeline

Chances are, if you need an expertly crafted AI image query, you likely have a purpose for that AI-generated content. Besides being frustrating, the trial & error query process can be extremely time-consuming. A Hatchwise AI image query contest can help you shave hours or even days off your project timeline by providing you with a query that will deliver targeted results quickly