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Telling your story in a simple but powerful sentence; your company's tagline has a whole lot of responsibility. Make sure it's up to the task by crowdsourcing the creation of it the talented Hatchwise community of creatives. Receive dozens of different taglines to choose from, narrow it down to the one you love best and select it as the winner!

We've come up with thousands of timeless taglines


Make sure your message is coming across loud and clear with our innovative three step process.

Fill out our simple design brief and decide how much you want to spend for your new tagline.
Our community of creatives will come up with dozens of unique, custom taglines, just for you!
Once you've found the perfect design or name just select it as the winner, receive full rights to it and start using it!

Get variety and creativity no matter what your budget


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10+ Creatives
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$60 Prize Included
$150 Prize Included
$300 Prize Included
$60 Minimum Prize
Original name suggestions
Original Name Suggestions
Original Name Suggestions
Original Name Suggestions
Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee
Dedicated Support
Dedicated Support
Free Contest Extensions
Free Contest Extensions
Choose your own prize amount
The higher the prize the more entries you can expect

Each contest package includes the “prize amount” that the creative who you select as a winner gets in exchange for transferring the rights and delivering final files (minus any commission charged to the creative by Hatchwise).

The higher the prize the more entries and participating creatives you can expect your contest to get.



All Design and Naming Contests come with our Money Back Guarantee. 


We have pricing for all budgets, higher priced packages come with a larger prize for the winning designer, which typically results in higher participation by more skilled creatives. View the pricing for all types of contests here.

Contests run for ten days, during which time you will receive entries and can request revisions. If you need work done more quickly our rush upgrade gets you results in 48 hours and usually results in more entries than a comparable 10 day contest. You can always extend your contest once it ends if you want to see more entries or want to request changes to an existing entry.​

The best taglines reinforce and elaborate on what your company is all about—the ultimate elevator pitch. And that tagline may be the thing that someone recalls and uses to look you up when they’re in search of the product or service that you provide. That’s why you need to make sure that you get the prefect tagline for you business- and we are here to help you do just that! 

We do not limit the number of tagline entries that you have submitted to your contest. While each package does come with a guaranteed number of submissions, you can usually expect to see many more than that. 

To get the best results from your tagline contest we recommend carefully filling in the contest brief with any details that you can provide (your company branding, logo, services and/or products offered). If you don’t have any of that that’s fine too! 

We also encourage you to leave lots of feedback for the creatives entering the contest in order to provide them direction in what you are looking for with the submissions. 

Feedback is highly encouraged, as it helps to direct the Hatchwise creatives with what you are looking for with the tagline submissions. 

You can leave feedback by either leaving a comment, or rating on the individual entries. You can also leave comments on the General Discussion Board for all the creatives entering your contest. 

If you wish to send a Private Message to any of the creatives entering your tagline contest you can do so from the contest submissions (on the entry detail) or from your account. 

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“Wow- you delivered even more than I expected. Great service and experience!”


All About Company Tagline Contests

We all have company taglines that are forever buried in our brain because they’re so darn catchy or cute or hard to forget. Does “Just Do It” ring a bell? The best taglines are ones that trip off the tongue and become synonymous with your brand. They both reinforce and elaborate on what your company is all about—the ultimate elevator pitch. And that tagline may be the thing that someone recalls and uses to look you up when they’re in search of the product or service that you provide. That’s a tall order for a few little words! How can one be expected to come up with a tagline that checks all of the boxes—creative, smart, appropriate, pithy, AND unused?

That’s where Hatchwise comes in. We help you run a contest in which dozens of creatives from all backgrounds submit a custom tagline for your business that fits all of your creative criteria. You pick the winning tagline, and voila! You now have a brand new tagline for your company, and one lucky creative has a monetary prize. The process is really quite simple: you fill out a short creative brief describing your company and what you want your tagline to encapsulate, and then you choose from three different levels of pricing available—bronze, silver, and gold. The increase in price for each succeeding package means more entries and more prize money for the winning creative, who will give you the rights to their creative material upon being selected, minus any commission collected by Hatchwise. There are also custom pricing packages available.

Hatchwise uses crowdsourced creativity to deliver the best possible results to you, our clients. For a reasonable fee, you get to sit back, relax, and watch dozens of creatives come up with clever and fitting taglines for your company, and your hardest job is going through all of the excellent choices to find the best one! The perfect tagline for your business is out there waiting to be created. Let us help you capture the creativity that will result in a memorable and fitting one.


We’re passionate about every single creative project on Hatchwise being the best it can possibly be. If you need help or have questions we’re here for you! Our support team is responsive, helpful, and has all the answers.

“Wow- you delivered even more than I expected. Great service and experience!”