The Best Naming Contest Sites (updated 2023)

What’s in a name? For a business, a lot — from your core brand identity to your recognizability. It’s crucial to choose the best name for your brand. Easier said than done, right? Naming can be quite difficult. You need something unique and meaningful, but also simple and memorable.

Our advice? Leave it up to the pros: talented copywriters and brand strategists who can develop the perfect name for your business. You can find these experts through a naming company. They’ll assess your product, services, and target audience, then whip up some eye-catching names — for your business, offerings, and perhaps even a friendly mascot!

As naming is so vital to your success, it’s important to get it done right. If you have no idea where to look for naming experts, don’t worry — we got you covered. Read on to learn all about the top 23 naming companies that can help you out.

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The biggest list of naming contest sites:

1. Hatchwise - "We're The Crowdsourced Creative Agency"

Meet Hatchwise:

As a leading crowdsourced creative agency with 14 years of experience, Hatchwise’s community of tens of thousands of creatives compete with one another to provide the perfect name for every business. Their contest format allows you to see multiple unique and personalized options before you select the name that best meets your vision. Since 2008 their creatives have submitted millions of entries and that number keeps growing!

How Hatchwise Works:

Choosing the right name for your business can seem like a daunting task, but with these 6 simple steps, finding the perfect name can actually be fun and manageable.

Is Hatchwise right for you?

While we may be bias, Hatchwise offers the most at an affordable price. No matter what type of contest you choose, you’ll receive submissions from creatives all over the world and you’ll always get free support and endless resources. With transparent pricing, no hidden fees, and all these perks, what more could you want?

Why Hatchwise is awesome?

Regardless of which package you choose; you are always guaranteed at least 30 submissions. Hatchwise utilizes a client-focused approach so as a client you’ll always receive the attention and care that you’re looking for. Because they partner with creatives all over the globe, you’ll receive submissions from a wide range of creatives who may offer a creative idea you never considered before! If you ever have a question, you have access to a dedicated support staff member who is always available to provide 1:1 help!

Pricing and Packages

Pricing begins at $89 and goes up to $399 per contest. Hatchwise offers a series of upgrades you can purchase, including a 48-hour rush contest option available for a $35 additional fee.

Turnaround Time

Most naming contests run for 10 days, but you’ll begin to receive designs within 24 hours. If you ever want more designs faster, you can always run a 48-hour rush contest!

Hatchwise Pros

  • Access to creatives from all over the globe
  • Affordable contest price
  • Contest lengths are flexible
  • Ability to provide real-time feedback before finalizing your name
  • Rush contest option available

Hatchwise Cons

  • Receiving more submissions comes at a higher price point
  • Need to pay more to get submissions quicker than 10 days
  • Cost is per contest which can get pricey if you need multiple contests run

2. Catchword - "An expert approach to brand name development."

Meet Catchword:

At Catchword, they gifted on two fronts. First, they use an imagination that has been honed over years of naming brands and products. Then, the couple it with rigorous analysis and a time-tested process that has never failed them when given even the most in-depth job to do. They know that new products are created with love and innovation but are tested using logic and strategy. So, that is how they name things.

How Catchword Works:

Catchword has incorporated the best practices to ensure your naming is done with the highest quality and skill.

There will be no surprises. They guarantee it.

Is Catchword Right For You?

You have probably heard of products falling under lawsuit or market review when two items hit the streets with the same name. It is expensive, a huge hassle, and of course, there are the lawyers. Catchword makes sure you don’t have these problems in your own life. They check everywhere to make sure you won’t be violating someones existing trademark. If this sounds like something you can appreciate, then they are for you.

Why Catchword Is Awesome?

They delve deeper than many companies in their industry to do right by their customers. They do everything from product and business naming to service naming, trademark screening, and even linguistic research. Never have your brand offend someone because it means something different in another language. They want to be your safety net.

Pricing and Packages

Pricing starts at $15000 for a quick limited engagement, to $65000 and up for a larger development program.

Turnaround Time

At least 4-6 weeks for the first run, not including vetting and research time.

Catchword Pros

  • Lots of naming services
  • Plenty of research when prepping a name
  • Names designed to build relationships
  • Global ties
  • Trademark testing

Catchword Cons

  • Expensive
  • Long turnaround

3. River and Wolf - "We create product & company names"

Meet River and Wolf:

River and Wolf is a naming agency out of New York City that specializes in giving identities to brands and products for worldwide clientele. They work in cities all over the world, creating catchy labels for recognition that spans not only items, but company titles and services. They are ranked in the top 3 of 159 global naming companies.

How River and Wolf Works:

Naming is tricky, but with the right information, and a little patience, you are sure to love the name given to your product, service, business, and so forth.

Here are the steps:

It will be worth the wait.

Is River and Wolf right for you?

They take special care in naming your need. After definition and comprehensive research into other industry products and businesses within the same niche, they develop the perfect name that will catch the attention and draw people to your item. They give you a shortlist, so you aren’t resigned to just one, and this is how they have done things for countless huge brands. This is the naming company for you if this sounds like what you want.

Why River and Wolf is awesome?

Notoriety and quality of work above all. They have so many happy and successful clients in their history of namings, that companies seek them out to join this illustrious list. And they can laud this due to the amazing skill and talent of the team they employ for creating labels that are impossible to forget once they have found their way into your mind. Be remembered forever with River and Wolf.

Pricing and Packages

Due to the list of naming options, pricing is not listed on their site. If you are interested, contact them online, by email, over the phone, or via a smart app.


Turnaround Time

Again, the turnaround time, just like the pricing, will require you to reach out to River and Wolf.

River and Wolf Pros

  • Huge recognition
  • Great list of options for naming
  • World-wide reach
  • Top 3 of 159 naming companies

River and Wolf Cons

  • No pricing online
  • Long turnaround
  • No onboarding dashboard

4. Sponge - "We Help Good business Become Better Brands"

Meet The Sponge:

Everything is a brand. Product, services, businesses, all of it is a part of your brand. But having an amazing brand is only part of the formula. The bigger portion is in the name. The Sponge creates incredible names that make your product or service eye catching and your customers obvious choice.

How The Sponge Works:

Working with The Sponge is very easy.

See. Very Easy.

Is The Sponge right for you?

Do you want to work with the industry leader who knows how to make your brand pop in the eyes of your customer base? Then they are definitely for you. They know your business is your brand and know that brand recognition is the key to aggressive traffic growth. That is what they offer to your business and that is what everyone has come to expect. And they never disappoint.

Why The Sponge is awesome?

It all starts with one word: free. You get a free consultation before anything officially begins with your naming. They are in it to win it, so next comes the research that tells them what the customers want, what brands get the most unique traffic and return customers, and why. Ultimately, the goal is a return on your investment, and they are awesome because that return is almost guaranteed.

Pricing and Packages

No pricing is available on the site.

Turnaround Time

No turnaround windows are available on the site.

The Sponge Pros

  • Unique names
  • Lots of research into customer desires
  • Free consultation
  • Easy to sign up

The Sponge Cons

  • No pricing
  • No turnaround information
  • Limited info on site

5. Frozen Lemons - "We’re a digital naming studio."

Meet Frozen Lemons:

With more than 11 years in the industry, they consider themselves prolific. Their skill and talent is only matched by their resolve to create a unique name you will love, and if you don’t love it, they toss it. They want your brand to come to life with their names and do it quickly and at a very reasonable price point.

How Frozen Lemons Works:

The do a huge chunk of the work, giving you the freedom to create new products or services. It is so easy to sign up, you might think it is too easy, but 2472 entrepreneurs last year can’t be wrong.

It really is that simple.

Is Frozen Lemons Right For You?

Time is money and wasting a huge chunk of your valuable time waiting for the name you need can cost you more than the hit to your bottom line; it can cost your future traffic. People are looking for you, want to know you, and a name is the first step. Frozen Lemons is right for anyone who wishes to have the recognition they deserve.

Why Frozen Lemons is Awesome?

The turnaround and pricing is the biggest reason people love them and keep coming back, They give you the same services as the higher priced firms for a fraction of what they charge, and return your naming options in days, not weeks. That seems pretty awesome in perspective.

Pricing and Packages

They offer three packages to suit your needs:

  • The Bronze Package is $69 as a one-time fee, includes 4 company names, two free revisions, and you will get results in 48 hours or less.
  • The Silver Package is $120, also a one-time fee, gives you 8 company name ideas, 4 free revisions, and you will see results in 24 hours.
  • The Gold Package is $219. You guessed it, a one-time fee again. You get 20 company names, 8 free revisions, and will have your results in 24 hours.

Quick, clean, and won’t hurt the wallet. Not to shabby.

Turnaround Time:

Most results will be to you within 24 hours, with the only caveat being the bronze package, which is 48 hours, but can be less.

Frozen Lemons Pros

  • Reasonable Price
  • Unique names
  • Easy to sign up
  • Quick turnaround
  • 11 + years of experience

Frozen Lemons Cons

  • They only do company names
  • Limited Revisions
  • They don’t show copyright testing on the site

6. Matchstic - "We are the brand identity house of the South."

Meet Matchstic:

This Southern company is here to make your brand relevant by improving its identity and the scope of its reach. Your brand identity is essential, must stand out to those who know it as well as those who do not. They help brands uncover and express what makes them amazing to drive the culture forward.

How Matchstic Works:

There is almost nothing listed in the sign-up process or how they do their actual naming or brand crafting.

Is Matchstic Right for you?

If you want the best brand identity generation outfit in the South, then definitely. They work with many brands to give them plenty of visibility, and that is how you get traffic. They wish to shape the industry with strategies and writing that captures the attention and engages on a visceral level.

Why Matchstic Is Awesome?

They aren’t the usual stuff agency that is all about processes and metrics. Instead, they come at the work from an off-beat tilt that adds an element of entertaining whimsy to the work. And who doesn’t remember something that makes them smile? That is what they do. They strive to connect with your audience emotionally.

Pricing and Packages

Nothing is listed.


No turnaround windows listed.

Matchstic Pros

  • Lots of creative writers, artists, and strategists
  • Have worked with huge brands
  • Curiously offbeat
  • Experts in branding

Matchstic Cons

  • Not full service
  • Website info is limited
  • No hand in Marketing Execution

7. Finien - "Clarity for Brand Transformations"

Meet Finien:

Finien is designed around brand trasformations. They incorporate new strategies to keep your brand relevant as time and customers change from year to year. They keep new brand names crafted for updated rollouts that are ready before you need them. In short, Finien sees the future of your brand and is prepared for it.

How Finien Works:

They do not list how they do things on the site.

Is Finien right for you?

They are a relaunch company. If you are looking to spruce up your brand, give it a look and sound that fits into the current sphere of customer optics, or just want to launch after a shutdown or temporary shuttering, then they are for you.

Why Finien is awesome?

They specialize in relaunching and are amazing at what they do. They transform current popular brands, turning them into something new that still has the feel of the original but with a new flair. You still recognize the quality of the brand and become associated and familiar with the new branding with a nearly seamless transition.

Pricing and Packages

No pricing listed.

Turnaround Time

No turnaround listed

Finien Pros

  • Member of the 1% club of philanthropic contributions
  • Create amazing new brand identities
  • Offer books for branding
  • Relaunch material provided quickly

Finien Cons

  • Limited information on the website
  • No pricing or turnaround.
  • All booking done by phone.

8. Want Branding - "Top Rated Branding Agency 2022"

Meet Want Branding:

The Top-rated Branding Agency in 2022, this New York based branding agency offers in-house, world-class service in all four branding disciplines. They commit themselves to creating powerful brands that are memorable and distinctive, delighting your customers and resulting in incredible results.

How Want Branding Works:

The process begins with filling out an order form online. After that, there is limited information about the rest of the program.

Is Want Branding right for you?

Branding is not just naming your company. Branding is a total identity makeover. And they cover all the bases with their approach to proper branding. They start with a name, then an identity. They develop the strategy for your brand and research your competition to improve on your name and reputation, giving you the leg up you need. For business, this is invaluable.

Why Want Branding is awesome?

They are a 4-tool player in the branding industry. They do strategy, research, identity and naming for your brand, shaping it to be more than just the wrapping paper, but the entire gift. And they won the Top Branding Agency award for 2022. Clearly, they must be pretty awesome to receive such a prestigious accolade.

Pricing and Packages

There is no information regarding pricing online.

Turnaround Time

No turnaround info is available.

Want Branding Pros

  • Huge brand notoriety
  • 4 discipline agency
  • Based in USA
  • Hands-on from start to finish

Want Branding Cons

  • No product branding
  • Limited info online

9. Fabrik - "Welcome to Fabrik, a branding agency for our times."

Meet Fabrik:

For a branding agency that fits in these times of rapid entropy, Fabrik is here to keep up with the shifting tides of branding needs. They use insights and ideas to build not only brands, but also to shape reputations. And their end product is always a creative solution that will work for you.

How Fabrik Works:

The only information they list to get started is a form on the home page of the website where you can start your brand naming conversation. Beyond that, drop them a line and await their response.

Is Fabrik Right for you?

Branding can be tricky. If you are having a lull in traffic, in sales, and need to boost both, and you believe adjusting your brand identity can help, they are ready to get to work. Fabric will load you up with a name that will give you hope, add promise to your brand, while giving it a deeper sense of meaning.

Why Fabrik Is Awesome?

Brand names have a power more so than lots of traditional advertising concepts. People can forget a commercial, a billboard, or even a radio add, but if you have a brand identity that takes hold of your customer’s mind, it will burn its way into their brain forever. That is what Fabrik does and what makes them awesome.

Pricing and Packages

No pricing is listed.


Turnaround Time

There is nothing about turnaround on the site.

Fabrik Pros

  • Lots of client notoriety
  • Plenty of services
  • They have names for sale in their Name store
  • Very creative team

Fabrik Cons

  • Limited information on site