The Top Online Logo Makers

The Complete List Of Online Logo Makers

(updated 2024)

Whether you are looking for a new corporate logo, a simple logo refresh, or a logo for your backyard business, choosing the right design is the key to creating a brand that stands out from the crowd. 

However, with so many options to choose from it can be daunting. Where to start? 

The good news is that while there may be multiple logo makers out there, you don’t need to sort through search results to find the right one.

Here we’ve compiled a list of all the top logo maker websites, allowing you to make an educated choice when selecting what platform you want to use when having your new logo designed. 

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We’ve compared

14 of the top online logo makers

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The biggest list of Top Online Logo Makers

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"Jumpstart Your Business with a Perfect Logo Design"

Logo Design Overview

When it is time to jumpstart your business, is ready to produce the perfect logo that will set your brand on a course for instant, lasting notoriety. They have worked with many of the companies seen in Forbes, and want to add your company logo to their list of accomplishments.

Logo Design Works

Their process is comprehensive and incredibly specific. After entering the appropriate information, they get to work creating the logo that will stand out amongst your competitors and set you apart. The process is:
That’s it. A free, detailed, and satisfaction guaranteed platform for making the logo you want for your brand.

Is Logo Design right for you?

Your brand identity begins with your logo. Even if your customers forget your name, your logo will stick in their minds forever. Think Nike. The swoosh is iconic. Your logo can be just as iconic. So, if that is what you seek, then yes, they are for you.

What Makes Logo Design Awesome:

They do logos for industries across the board. Want to promote your food truck? They do that. Want to create a gaming company? They do that, too. Want to get your startup some necessary traction? You get the idea. But the one thing that makes them kind of amazing, is the free logo design platform. You are sure to get exactly what you want, and they don’t stop until you do.

And Packages

Unfortunately, the website,, doesn’t have any pricing information. Contact them to get a quote.

Turnaround Time

No turnaround time is indicated.

Logo Design

Logo Design


"New Logo and Brand Design"

LogoAI Overview

With the innovative concept of LogoAI, you are sure to get the design for your brand and love it without a cavalcade of revisions. Their AI-powered logo maker generates your logo based on information supplied in the onboarding process.

LogoAI Works

This is a really fun take on the process. In the getting-to-know-you stages, you will actually interact with the AI.

Is LogoAI right for you?

If you love innovative ways to do traditionally human tasks, then you are about to be blown away. But, if you like keeping a human counterpart in the process, you like seeing what someone’s creative juices have produced, and you want that personal touch, then this might not be your cup of tea.

Why LogoAI is awesome:

Two words: Artificial Intelligence. That is right. The future is now. And a computer can tabulate your needs and give you a gaggle of options in a very short window of time. In business, time is money, and LogoAI is all about giving you a tidy return on your investment. Their awesomeness is the innovation without human interference.

And Packages

The site does not off pricing or package information.


The AI works as fast as you can enter the info about your company. However, the specifics are not given for an accurate timeframe.




"Lease a premium domain today"

Venture Overview

Venture diversifies itself into two sectors: logo design and domain creation. The logo design side is tasked to make a fantastic logo for your brand that resonates, while the domain group take your company name and make it easily rememberable as a web address. Both work in concert attacking your brand from two sides.

Venture Works

Because it is more involved than most design companies, they want you to do the last thing first. Let us explain:

Is Venture right for you?

Past the logo, the right domain is your second salvo into the hearts and minds of your customers. They want to find you online easily and the right domain ensures that. Have you ever had trouble finding a company with a domain that was less than obvious? Don’t be that brand.

Why Venture is awesome:

The go well beyond brand logo design. They also know how internet traffic works and how to manipulate it. And they do it for a nominal fee that you can write off on your business taxes. They want to teach you to be a good steward. This means giving you more knowledge than when you arrived to start your brand recognition process. Knowledge is power, and power is awesome.

And Packages

They have one plan and for a limited time it is more than 50% off. This limited time offer will increase by about 4% every year so get your plan under way right away. The Startup Plan is $495 a month, down from the standard rate of $1100 a month. One heck of a bargain.

Turnaround Time:

There are no specific times for turnaround on the site.




"Premium WordPress Themes & Plugins for yer voyage"

Themeisle Overview

While many logo companies use their own programs to interface with customer sites, ThemeIsle prefers to build with WordPress, the most common site building tool on the market. This helps them to connect easily with customers and integrate their themes with ease.

Themeisle Works

Using WordPress, ThemeIsle creates more than just logos, but themes to encompass your entire website series. Say your brand is sports-based. Instead of a picture or graphic that tells who you are, they provide an emersive theme that shows your brand in the light you wish it to be seen, giving the customer a full-spectrum experience. But all of this starts with a click on their contact link. The specifics are not given.