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43 Small Business Logo Design Services

Perhaps no branding element is more important than your logo. Often the “first impression” that most prospects have of your business, it needs to present a number of key branding elements at one glance.

43 Small Business Logo Design Services:

Crowdsourcing your logo design is a great way to get a unique logo for less money.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Testimony Just Rewrote the Rules of Modern Competition. Here’s How to Succeed in the New World:

While Amazon and eBay may be the most notable, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding platforms are making new markets. Hatchwise is another example: You can use the platform to create a competition for logos and artwork, and purchase your favorite entry.

The Right Way to Build a Credible LinkedIn Company Page–and In Just 4 Steps:

What to do if you don’t have a logo? Get one. Don’t have a graphic designer? Hire one. Get recommendations for a freelance designer. Or, my friend and fellow small business owner Chris recommends Hatchwise.com, where you can send out for bids for your logo. He says to expect to pay between $200 and $500.

How To Make Money From Graphics Design Online:

Hatchwise is a marketplace to Get logo design, brochure design, website design, shirt design, stationery design, business card design, banner ad design and various type of custom design.

15 Best Online Marketplaces for Graphic Design:

…the project then lands among the community of designers on Hatchwise. Contest holders can review among hundreds of custom-made designs and pick the one they like best. It’s possible to request changes or end the contest at any time….

4 Ways to Crowdsource Product Ideas Using Social Media Contests

Do you want to take your customer engagement to the next level?

Have you used crowdsourcing to gain consumer insight or to choose your next product line?

Do you use contests as motivation to get input from your customers?

Crowdsourcing Product Names:

From Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s baby to Sony’s pink speaker balls to exoplanets, crowdsourcing for names is all the rage.

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Crowdsourcing Super Hero: 

CEO of Hatchwise, George Ryan, participated in Coachville’s Engage 2013 Epic Tribal Gathering event, first being interviewed by several of Coachville’s coaches, and then giving a talk on crowdsourcing and empowering yourself with the ability to free up time in your life.

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Bootstrapping With No Coding Experience: 

Mixergy’s Andrew Warner does a steller job of interviewing Hatchwise CEO George Ryan on his personal and professional journey. Watch as Andrew and George dig deep and discuss the very real challenges of starting a business from scratch with no prior experience. 

From timber yard lackey to business owner

Hatchwise CEO George Ryan chats with Timbo Reid, host of Australia’s #1 marketing podcast, Small Business Big Marketing. Gain insight into George’s journey as he tells the story of how he quit his day job, started Hatchwise and turned it into a thriving community of thousands of designers and small business owners.

The Business Experience Show:

Hosts Lisa Caprelli and Brian Gaps interview Hatchwise CEO George Ryan on how to get the perfect design by crowdsourcing it to the huge crowd of designers on Hatchwise. 

Mind Aware Radio Show:

Host Dana Wilde does a superb job of interviewing Hatchwise founder George Ryan about how Hatchwise was started and how to get the most out of a design contest.

Winner takes all: the global design race

Crowd-sourcing designs is one way to get your website, logo or business card created: you write a design brief, set the price, watch designs roll in and pick the winner.

Best Business Deals

“Some business owners maintain that it’s worth ponying up thousands of dollars for a logo from a professional design firm. But if you don’t have that kind of budget, you can get one for less by holding a logo contest.” – 

15+ Great Ways to Find Web Design and Development Work– 

“…worth checking out no matter what type of design you specialize in.”

Company Logos For Less:

“From Hatchwise, I received the most entries — 219. They were also the highest caliber.”

Popular Design Contest Site Relaunches With New Name And Broader Focus:

Yahoo News picked up our press release about our name change (we were previously known as eLogoContest). Although the article has since expired you can still read the press release on PRWeb

“I wanted to tell you about … Hatchwise.com … I’m impressed, so I encourage you to check it out.”

Hatchwise was featured in the October 15th edition of the popular web tv show Help! My Business Sucks!

How to revolutionize your logo design:

Hatchwise CEO George Ryan was interviewed by popular weekly radio broadcast “Small Business Trends Radio”. This was back when Hatchwise was called eLogoContest. You can listen to the archived show here.

Design Contest Supersite:

Hatchwise (at the time “eLogoContest”) was selected as as “Killer Startup“. We were psyched about that.


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