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Hatchwise, the premier crowdsourced creative agency, launched an updated system this September that improves user experience. The system update is titled Hatchwise 3.0 and makes it easier than ever to start, run, and enter a design contest. The improvements benefit customers seeking designs and the artists who participate in the contests. The company expects to roll out more system upgrades by the end of the month.

Hatchwise is a crowdsourced creative agency. It connects graphic designers and businesses with marketing needs through design contests. To start a design contest, you pay a flat fee then review all the submissions artists put forward.

Businesses can crowdsource work for app development, graphic design, brochure design, card design, and web design. When a customer starts a contest in any of these categories, artists of all different backgrounds can submit a design. You pick which of the submissions is the winner, and then you own the full rights to a new piece of company marketing.

Hatchwise felt it was time to upgrade their system as the crowdsourced design contests became more and more popular. Seeing the increase in the demand for the service, the company set out to improve the system.

Our platform connects freelance artists with businesses who have serious marketing needs but not the need for a full-time designer or creative agency. Since the service is becoming more and more popular, we knew it was time to upgrade our systems so we could handle the demand,” said George Ryan, CEO of Hatchwise.

We plan for more upgrades to the system as we head into the fall. Users can expect us to continue perfecting their experience and making the system as easy to use as possible. Getting our customers top-quality designs at an affordable price and promptly is our company’s top priority,” continued Ryan.

Crowdsourced creative agencies are becoming the ideal option for businesses that need graphic design but do not have the resources for a full-time creative. The unique and affordable service Hatchwise provides explains the increase in the demand for it. Plus, with the newly upgraded system, the company will provide a better experience to more customers.

Check out Hatchwise’s offers and see if they can run a contest for the type of marketing your business needs.

After seeing great interest and success in the inaugural 2020 Hatchie Awards, Hatchwise is excited to announce the window for nominations for the 2021 Hatchie Awards is now open.

Hatchwise is a crowdsourced creative agency specializing in custom logo, web, and other graphic design services in addition to product, slogan, and company naming. Hatchwise is run in a contest format. The Hatchies represent an excellent opportunity for Hatchwise designers to share the designs they’ve worked so hard on over the past year and to put themselves in the public eye for views and votes.

Now is the time for people to nominate their favorite designs that they have created and entered into a Hatchwise contest over the past year. Once a design has been nominated, the public can vote for their favorite design. The winner will receive $500.

The contest rules are:

  • The contest is open to all creatives who have submitted an original custom design entry to Hatchwise between January 1, 2020 and April 14, 2021.
  • Only designs that were submitted to Hatchwise creative contests can be entered.
  • Only entries from public Hatchwise contests can be nominated (no private contest entries).
  • The winner will be paid to to the PayPal account on record with the Hatchwise account of the designer who created the entry.
  • People can vote on social media and on
  • Only one entry is permitted per designer.


George Ryan, Hatchwise CEO, says, “Last year’s designs were a collection of some of the finest designs we’ve ever seen. They were not only inspiring but showcased the immense talent within our community, and we are now eager  to see what our creatives have to submit this year!”

Hatchwise is accepting nominations for its 2021 Hatchie Awards until May 1, 2021. To learn more, click here.

About Hatchwise

Hatchwise is a crowdsourced creative agency specializing in custom logo, web, and other graphic design services in addition to product, slogan, and company naming. Hatchwise is run in a contest format. Once a Hatchwise customer fills out a design brief, they will receive results from interested and qualified designers. Upon selection of the winning design, Hatchwise customers receive editable files that can be printed in color, grayscale, or black and white. They also receive full copyright rights to the design. Since 2008, Hatchwise designers have created more than one million designs by designers in 130 countries for companies from 97 countries. Contests on Hatchwase include logo design, brochure design, stationery design, icon design, and graphic design.

Recently, Hatchwise and Flocksy teamed up to give away thousands of dollars worth of custom creative services. That giveaway has ended and winners have been awarded their prizes.

Describing the reason for the giveaway, Hatchwise said, “This is an unprecedented time. As we emerge from the pandemic shutdown, a lot of uncertainty remains. We know how hard it can be for businesses of all sizes as they face this new future, and we want to help.

Winners were drawn at random from all the entries received. Those who were chosen were given access to graphic design services, web development services, and copywriting and branding services “to help respond to changing circumstances.”

One winner received a free month of Flocksy’s All-Access Plan and a fully upgraded custom design contest from Hatchwise. Two other winners received a free month of Flocksy’s Team Plan and a fully upgraded Bronze Logo Design Contest Package from Hatchwise. Three additional winners received a Bronze Logo Design Contest Package on Hatchwise.

Explaining the prizes, Flocksy wrote that “These prizes will help you pivot your marketing efforts, launch a new product, or finally establish the professional look and feel you’ve been dreaming about!

With such a dramatic shift in the economy due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these prizes are sure to help several business owners get the media and content they need to ride out the storm.


A recent logo contest through Hatchwise brought impeccable design to the Space Force Logo. Asking participants to redesign the US Space Force Logo, there were over 700 entries, all taking a fresh look at the logo.

The USA Space Force is a newly established branch of the US Armed Forces. Shortly before the Hatchwise contest, they released their brand new logo. As revolutionary as the new branch of the military is, some felt the logo left something to be desired. The goal of the contest was to find a logo that was more desirable and easier on the eyes than the official one. It’s no wonder there were more than 700 entries – the $500 prize brought the incentive to designers everywhere.

In the project brief, designers were asked to create the logo they would have presented to the US government. Whether serious, funny, cartoonish, or professional, the designers had the opportunity to give their interpretation to the design. The entrants were told they should approach the design as if it would be used for print, online, merchandise, signs, and television or screen. This provided clear insight as to how the designers should approach their creations. They were also told they could create a logo in a variety of styles: illustrative, icon and text, text based, initials and text, emblem or label, icon/text combined, simple, or character.

An example of some of the innovation in design is seen in entry #2153160 by Baskar. Baskar has laid the Air Force logo over what appears to be a space shuttle, all with the backdrop of the American flag. This intricate design shows how Space Force is taking the Air Force higher than ever before and keeps the iconic red, white, and blue as a strong focal feature.

One of the easier to read entries is #2153132 by DMC Studio. It shows a space shuttle orbiting a globe that has the subtle latitude and longitude lines, indicating it’s Earth. Below is the simple text reading “United States Space Force, Department Of The Air Force, MMXIX,” leaving no question as to what the logo represents.

Another participant took a more comical approach. Entry #2153026 by CHAKIR ouben used an animated character to illustrate their logo. It shows a cartoon-style space man in his characteristic space suit riding a rocket, complete with flames coming from the back. With a thumbs up, the astronaut provides some positivity in their message, even some excitement.

Some participants in the contest opted for a more minimal approach. As an example of this, we look to #2116824 by Soga. On a clean and simple gray background, Soga keeps just the text reading “U.S. Space Force,” utilizing white, black, and a lighter gray, sticking with the minimal design. To add a little something extra, Soga uses two of the letters as the top of a rocket, then adds a rocket booster at the bottom. The simple design is easy to read, impossible to misinterpret, and a modern take on the logo.

The winner of the contest is Farikhul Huda from Indonesia. Huda is a teacher at a private high school. He found his love of graphic design after struggling with an unstable economy during which time he wasn’t being paid for what he was doing. He described that time of his life as “struggle and sincerity.” Since then, Huda has chosen to dedicate his free time to design.

“I started to love design because it supported my economy,” he said. “Until now, every night I focus on design, and during the day I work in education.”

Huda described his inspiration for his winning design as “the courage to keep dreaming.” The star symbolizes dreaming high and the fighter aircraft symbolizes the courage to achieve it, he explained.

One of Huda’s greatest joys is when he can give a client the design they hoped for.

“[I’m] very happy when my design can help all clients in finding a design they really want.”

Join Flocksy and Hatchwise — two dazzling digital marketing platforms who are partnering up and giving away thousands of dollars worth of custom creative services from some of the most talented designers, writers, developers, video editors, and voiceover artists on the planet!

The unlimited creative marketing services of Flocksy has teamed up with the design wizards from Hatchwise for an exciting giveaway that will help you take your business’s creative output to the next level. Winners will have access to the skilled creatives from both sites who can help you pivot your marketing efforts to respond to these changing circumstances. This is an unprecedented time in our world. 

As we emerge from the pandemic shutdown, lots of uncertainty remains about the new normal for all businesses. We know how hard it can be for companies of all sizes as they face this new future and we want to help.


So what is the amazing giveaway contest all about?


Great question, and here are the facts as we are offering multiple prizes during this one-of-a-kind giveaway so there are multiple chances for you to win! These prizes will help you pivot your marketing efforts, launch a new product, or finally establish the professional look and feel you’ve been envisioning all of these years! 

Take a look at what we’re offering for this amazing giveaway:



  • One free month of Flocksy’s All-Access Plan ($995 value)
  • A fully upgraded custom design contest from Hatchwise ($360 value)



  • One free month of Flocksy’s Team Plan ($420 value)
  • Fully upgraded Bronze Logo Design Contest Package from Hatchwise ($169 value)



  • Bronze Logo Design Contest Package on Hatchwise ($89 value)


Flocksy and Hatchwise are two of the more prominent brand-design marketing agencies that specialize in high quality creative work for your every business or entrepreneurial launch need. Each artist and worker bee within the Flocksy and Hatchwise organization is extra passionate about every single project that crosses our desks and online platform. 

The creative projects on Hatchwise run the gambit from company names to logos and more. An innovative crowdsourced creative process that’s simple and straightforward, Hatchwise is more than thrilled to partner with Flocksy on this creative services giveaway. Three brothers founded Flocksy, the internet-based creative platform that is ridiculously affordable for businesses of all sizes. Flocksy’s intuitive system offers companies highly talented creative team members to help grow and improve your brand at flat monthly rates with dependable turnaround times.

One Last Chance

Just so you know: With this giveaway, you’ll be able to create professional marketing and design materials without having to hire additional staff. Winners of this sweepstakes will have access to graphic design services, web development services, and copywriting and branding services to help you respond to changing circumstances. 

How’s that for securing your business in the online world of design and creativity? Let’s get started!!

Contact or to learn more.

Hatchwise Honors Their 2020 Design Contest Award Recipient The Crowdsourced Creative Agency with an Intuitive Process  

Today, Hatchwise, a brand-design marketing agency that specializes in high quality creative work for your every business need, announced they have arrived at the overall winner of their Hatchie Awards 2020. 

After thousands of votes on both social media and on the Hatchwise site, Mark Atkinson receives a $500 prize with a grand total of 700 votes for the design he crafted for the Rivers & Rails Logo Contest.  

After poring over a gallery of some of the most breathtaking and sensational creative work, Hatchwise is excited to congratulate Mark and every single entrant who participated in the contest.  

The Hatchwise community is honored to have such a bevy of talent participating in the contest launch. As the Hatchwise design selection crew mentioned “Congratulations to who participated in the Hatchies. Looking over the nominations as they came in has been one of the highlights of our year so far. Keep an eye out for next year’s Hatchie’s–they’ll be here before you know it!”  

Here is a list of the other participants who so fortuitously submitted their designs to the Hatchie contest and received considerable overall votes. 

They are, in no particular order: 

  1. David Field 
  2. Maria Adam 
  3. Ronnie Bantillo II 
  4. Surya S 
  5. Migran Doko EkoNugroho (two designs) 
  6. Ilham 
  7. Anthony Arroyo 
  8. Niraj Bhai morarbhai dhimar 
  9. Freelancer T (three designs) 
  10. Nugraha Bharata (two designs)
  11. Armen berejiklian (two designs)
  12. Ricky Mojica
  13. SATRI
  14. Muhammad Moussa
  15. Veselina Grozeva
  16. Untung
  17. Joel Bonete
  18. Rehan Shaikh
  19. Nanang
  20. Naseebullah
  22. Zaid Anas
  23. Wiki Triyana
  24. Sagar Mhaske
  25. Doriana Ivanova
  26. Eleonore Krizia Esclamado
  27. Hendri Azis Muslimin
  28. Antonio Pedone
  29. Bal Krishan
  30. Lumer
  31. Janus Arnold
  32. Borja Robles
  33. Gloria
  34. Bougalla Abdelhak
  35. Rangga Yudimata
  36. Mark Gil Bryan Badang
  37. Aleksandra Kateusz
  38. Veronika Benasus Simicic
  39. Babur rohman
  40. Wren Dzevene

As participants of the Hatchwise design contest launched their creative designs, the following strategy was required: 

  • Describing what’s needed by filling out a simple creative brief that outlines budgetary requirements and brand name for slogans and logos. 
  • The Hatchwise community then innovates and offers dozens of unique custom entries, completely from scratch. 
  • Once the perfect design or name is decided, the recipient of Hatchwise’s crafty work selects their design as the winner and gains full ownership and files.

About Hatchwise: is a crowdsourced next level creative agency that designs, produces, and solidifies brands through slogans, logos, and contests by designers from 130 countries for companies from 97 countries. The Hatchwise community elicits imagination, experience, variety, and above all, quick turnaround time for all projects. 

Whether it be brochure design, domain naming, tagline and slogan contests–and every other creative process in between–Hatchwise knows when it’s time to update a logo, why the impact of colors gives a design their dazzle, and how choosing a company (or business) name is the most important task when developing a brand. Hatchwise has created one million plus incredible designs since 2008.  
The United States Armed Forces recently unveiled their logo for the new Space Command, popularly known as the Space Force. But George Ryan, CEO of Hatchwise, isn’t impressed by what he calls a boring design for such an exciting new program. As the driving force beyond a creative agency, he decided to launch a special design contest. The participants’ task? To redesign the Space Command logo. 

Hatchwise hosts graphic design contests for a variety of clients. Designers receive a creative brief and compete to have their design win a monetary prize. Meanwhile, the client decides what they’d like to pay for the winning design, then receives full ownership for their promotional purposes. While the U.S. Armed Forces is not a client of Hatchwise, Ryan thought that a logo redesign contest would be a rewarding way to motivate Hatchwise’s graphic designers who wanted to try their hand at government logo design.

The contest offers a prize of $500 for any reinterpretation of the Space Command logo. The only requirement is that the new logo must be drawn from scratch; no elements of the original logo may be used. Ryan says his goal in running the contest was to find something exciting and easy to look at. So far, designers are turning in some excellent options.

“I want to see what you would have presented the government with if you had been selected to be the official government logo designer,” Ryan told participating designers. Dozens of designers are eagerly showing their best ideas, with many submitting multiple logo options.

The winner is yet to be announced, but more than 300 designs have been entered into the contest. To date, the entries run the gamut from the classic government seal to Art-Deco inspired designs to sleek, futuristic word marks to whimsical and cute logos. While some designs look more “governmental” than others, it’s clear that every participant is having fun with the idea of the new Space Force. 

Hatchwise is known for its incredibly diverse and talented pool of designers. Since 2008, participants in its design contests have created more than 1 million designs. Contests motivate designers to do their best work and learn from each other, which raises the caliber of all designs created for a brief. To keep regular participants excited about Hatchwise, Ryan occasionally runs special contests such as this one. All entries will be ranked by Ryan as viable options for a mock redesign.

So, will the winner become a real contender for the Space Command’s redesigned logo? Ryan is prepared to consider it. “I doubt the government will want to use [the winning logo] but hey — I’ll probably send it to them anyway,” says Ryan. If so, a lucky Hatchwise designer just might see their logo gracing the uniforms of the Armed Forces’ most exciting new branch. 

RHODE ISLAND LOGO DESIGN CONTEST: Hatchwise to Present Rhode Island with New Logo 

Pawcatuck, Connecticut—Hatchwise will be handing over a new state logo to the government of Rhode Island free of charge. March 28th, Rhode Island unveiled its new logo, part of a $5 million marketing campaign. Because the response was less than enthusiastic, Hatchwise decided to run a contest to create an improved logo for the Ocean State. 

Hatchwise is ready to right the ship, giving the community a chance to create and vote on another logo representing the State of Rhode Island. The logo be will available for use in a variety of projects:  

  • Prints (business cards, letterheads, brochures, etc.) 
  • Online (website, online advertising, banner ads, etc.) 
  • Merchandise (mugs, t-shirts, etc.) 
  • Signs (including shops, billboards, etc.) 
  • Television/screen

There is nothing off limits for logo design entries. Designers are encouraged to pick colors they feel work best, use their imagination and, “Go wild.”  


“Rhode Island is an amazing little state located on the New England shoreline. It’s known for its beautiful shoreline, cozy little inland towns, a tradition of delicious food, giant mansions, and state pride. The logo should represent Rhode Island in some way. Go crazy.”-Hatchwise 

Hatchwise is excited to give this opportunity to the people of Rhode Island, allowing them the chance to create a logo they will love and be proud to display. The logo contest will attract a diverse collection of ideas that give the community a wide selection to vote on. The new logo will truly represent the state on behalf of the people. The contest is ultimately a community project intended to give the government of Rhode Island a logo provided by the people of Rhode Island. The redesign project encourages the creation of a logo that will be fully embraced and promoted by the Rhode Island government.  

As the contest progresses, finalists will be ranked and selected by Hatchwise staff. The finalists will then be voted on by the general public (with Hatchwise reserving the right to have final say in the selection). 

The winner will receive $1,000 (minus Hatchwise’s processing fee of 20-35%), and the winning design will be presented to the Rhode Island government to do what they want with it, free of charge. This is a chance for the people of Rhode Island to have their preferences acknowledged by their government. It also gives the government a chance to acknowledge that it is open to change and listening to its people. 

Hatchwise is a crowdsourced creative agency located on the Connecticut side of the CT/RI border, in Pawcatuck. The company values imagination and variety in designs and naming projects. Tens of thousands of creatives from all over the globe make up the Hatchwise community. They have created over 1,000,000 designs since 2008. 

Creative Agencies Join Forces to Provide Great Service 


Rifling through freelance job boards is so 2015. These days, finding the most talented creatives to get you the deliverables you need shouldn’t be hard. That’s the common mission of the quick turn around agency Flocksy and the crowdsourced creative agency Hatchwise. The two companies recently launched a new partnership to better serve small businesses around the world. Hatchwise allows its clients to run design contests, then choose a winner for their new logo, tagline, t-shirt, or whatever else they need.

Normally, running a design contest is a time-consuming and tricky process, but Hatchwise facilitates the process for its clients. Similarly, Flocksy also finds ways to save its clients time and energy. It features a private request system in which clients can request projects and have qualified creatives deliver quality results. Clients pay a flat monthly for access to this pool of talent. Not only does Flocksy spare clients the trouble of finding a freelancer, but also it provides project management to streamline the process.

The two agencies have partnered to help each other continue to provide top talent to small businesses who need creative assets. By leveraging a shared network of creatives, Hatchwise and Flocksy can better serve their clients.

The partnership also entails shared resources and strategies to help establish a new way of growing one’s business: outsourcing. Clients at both companies benefit by outsourcing their creative work to skilled specialists who don’t need to be recruited and hired. Whether they’re crowdsourcing a design at Hatchwise or getting unlimited copywriting, web design, and video editing at Flocksy, clients are better able to scale up their business.

There’s no need to search for freelancers or hire in-house designers. Many clients report that they get higher-caliber results by outsourcing the work to these agencies, both of which hire top talent to perform the projects.  Flocksy and Hatchwise’s partnership reflects a new trend in creative services: the ability to quickly deliver results from a pool of talent, rather than having clients fight to find freelancers.

Meanwhile, friendly competition at Hatchwise and a diverse team at Flocksy ensure that only the best results are delivered. Working hand in hand, the two agencies are sure to be unstoppable

Hatchwise Updates Website with New Features for 2020

Hatchwise is a resource for people who need design and naming services. They have updated the look of their site and its usability for 2020.

Hatchwise is a crowdsourced creative agency. This business is a resource for those who want competitive bidding on their logo and other graphic designs. The site also turns naming into contests for the creatives.

The updated website features new pricing for logo packages and new features. Hatchwise has been providing creative services since 2008. They are proud to roll out the new features on their website. All of the work was completed during 2019 for a 2020 reveal.

Few businesses offer contests for their customers. The approach at Hatchwise creates a competitive yet fun environment designed to foster creativity. A look at the gallery will give you examples of work that makes an impact.

Pricing varies depending on the type of contest customers want to run. There are four levels of contests on Hatchwise. Customers choose from

      • Bronze (logo packages at $89)


      • Silver (logo packages at $189)


      • Gold (logo packages at $289)


    • Platinum (logo packages at $399)


The pricing varies depending on what type of contest you run. Logos start at $89. But there are many types of designs on Hatchwise, running the gamut from posters to stationary.

The new site layout is minimalist, in keeping with the latest in graphic design. The logo is easy to read and easy to see on mobile platforms.

The site has a great interface and leaves plenty of room for creative thinking as you put your contest together. It doesn’t get much better than a cheerful yet creative blue and white layout.

The redesign took much of 2019 and reflects the latest in UX/UI design. The simplified interface loads quicker on mobile and is easier to interact with.

A no-fuss, no-muss approach is a good thing to utilize for design websites. These types of designs can take months to refine as designers work to include essential information in the layout while putting branding first.

One of the advantages of using Hatchwise is the number of designers available. People can bid on designs from all over the world. There are a great many designers who use this website, so the atmosphere is inspiring and provides excellent options for customers.

Hatchwise is a great place to look if you are starting from scratch. Many business owners don’t know what they want right off the bat. On Hatchwise, people can get the creative juices going by browsing the extensive gallery or looking at other contests.

The website is clear about how contests and pricing work. The different fee structures are meant to attract different numbers of designers. So the Platinum contest will get you more people involved. But the takeaway result is that you purchase one design.

So if a creative’s design isn’t chosen, they retain the rights to their work. If they win the contest, they are selling the rights to the work to the customer.

The updates to the website look fresh and minimalist. The site boasts of having completed over one million logos since its inception, and these updates are sure to keep the ticker counting.

Hatchwise Debuts Its New Learning Center The Hatchwise Learning Center is a source of development for all things creative and business. This resource was developed by Hatchwise and launched in early 2020.

{Location and date if desired} 

The Hatchwise Learning Center is a new development that helps designers and entrepreneurs further their career.

The Learning Center contains hundreds of resources that cover nearly every topic related to work on the site. Topics cover

      • Graphic Design development


      • Career Development 


      • Building a Business  


      • Entrepreneurship 


    • How To Use Hatchwise

People come to Hatchwise for help with their startups. The Learning Center is designed to help bridge the gap between what entrepreneurs think they need to order and what they should actually order.

For many business people, there are always multiple projects going at once. The Hatchwise Learning Center helps them find resources that will keep them organized. Here you will find information about how to order creative material and how to get started with your designs.

Here business owners will find multiple articles on how to hire a designer, when to hire one, how to get started in business, and so on. The number of articles is always growing.

For creatives who want to expand their business and grow their creative ability, the Hatchwise Learning Center provides the perfect forum.

If you’ve ever had a question as a creative about business, it’s likely on the Learning Center pages with a detailed answer.

From how to get started as a graphic designer to tips and tricks of the design trade, the inspiration is invaluable.

One of the things that this Learning Center does is enhance communication between designers and the entrepreneurs. Designers often spend time on technical issues or learning new technology. They spend a lot of time investing in skills.

Entrepreneurs tend to spend a lot of time networking. They may be interested to learn a bit about what creatives research when it comes to their technical skills.

Both sides can expand their vocabulary when they visit the Learning Center. It provides insight into creative teamwork and many other aspects of buying design material. People could benefit by checking out some of the same articles when they work together.

The Learning Center dives deep into the concept of potential for both types of work. It’s a great tool to use for building a career. With many different authors and a large amount of sections, it’s something people could easily dive into for hours.

Hatchwise has developed the Learning Center concept and released it in early 2020. They are currently accepting submissions for pieces. Both business and design writers will find good company in the archives.

The Learning Center is a strong asset for the site and provides inspiration for both designers and people buying design. Research is a strong component in design, and few websites provide for this. The Learning Center is a strong competitive edge for this compnay. See more at

It’s not everyone who starts a company with a $100 fixer-upper laptop and $60 a month in minimal advertising. But that’s exactly what George Ryan did when he began Hatchwise.

George was a young and happily married parent who decided he wanted more than driving a truck around a lumber yard 55 hours a week. With the unwavering support of his wife, George realized that he had an opportunity to begin his own company.

In George’s interview with Andrew of Mixergy he details the multiple tries it took for him to get his business started. He talks about starting out in computer repair and needing a logo for his business.

It led to him selling logo designs. George is self-taught in logo design, coding, and entrepreneurship.

He details his journey with entrepreneurial depression and the struggles of learning how to manage a company from the very beginning.

Very few people talk openly about their struggles as entrepreneurs or how many times they failed before they achieved success.

George’s heartwarming story is a candid recantation of a young man who didn’t want to go back to a boring job and believed that he could do something bigger.

It certainly wasn’t easy, and the clients were tough at first. But today, George’s company is privately held in New York State.

His company, Hatchwise, is one of several attempts at owning websites, and this one has stuck. Hatchwise has done over several million dollars in revenue since its inception. A quick browse of the site’s past contests show a thriving and competitive marketplace.

This interview is brilliantly conducted by Andrew of Mixology. Andrew has a gift for bringing out the human parts of our stories as entrepreneurs and loves to connect people with each other.

An entrepreneur himself, Andrew is candid about “firing” himself from one of his own ventures and knows just what to ask.

This lively episode contains many questions that any budding entrepreneur or investor would want to know about the path they are taking.

  • George’s initial interest in computers and how it got him started. 
  • Why the initial plan didn’t end up being his primary business. 
  • How George learned the necessary skills for his business.  

We learn a bit about George’s family and why he choose to go into graphic design.

The story itself is engaging and inspiring. George was on the young side when he began his entrepreneurial journey, and he didn’t have a lot of help. His hits and misses will resonate with anyone who has been or knows an entrepreneur of any age.

Best of all, we know that this story ends well.

From his early 2000’s adventures tinkering with websites to running a hugely successful design company in the modern age, George’s candid interview style will keep you interested all the way to the end.

Follow along as Andrew asks every relevant question you want to know about Hatchwise. Be sure to take a look at this very special company’s website to see where design competitions are today at

Hatchwise is a website that hosts design contests for logos.

Few things are more exciting than having your business featured in a major magazine — and that’s just what happened to design contest agency Hatchwise in a recent issue of Inc! The young company had no idea that they would be mentioned in the issue until they received their copy in the mail. 

Hatchwise CEO George Ryan checked the mail as normal and was stunned to find his company mentioned in an article about small business owner Steve Whitesell’s efforts to brand his company, Radian. 

In the article, Whitesell praised Hatchwise for the high quality of results it produced for him. He received more than 200 entries, he says, and “they were also the highest caliber.” A graphic design contest is an excellent way to produce a large variety of high-quality options for logos, illustrations, print collateral, and more. 

Hatchwise hosts contests for its clients and has dozens of talented designers participate. The total pool of designers exceeds 4,000, according to the Inc article, and Ryan says that each contest draws many innovative, well-done entries. 

Here’s how Hatchwise works: Clients such as Whitesell put up the amount of money they’d like to pay for their new assets. Then, they create a design brief that provides guidance to contest participants. Meanwhile, Hatchwise hosts the contest and reaches out to their network of designers. As entries roll in, the client ranks their favorites and gives feedback until a winning design is reached.  

Whitesell shared his positive experience in the Inc article: “By the fifth day, I found four or five designers I really liked and started working intensely with them. When I posted a comment for one designer, all the others could see it, and it felt like they were learning about my preferences as a group,” he says. “I also liked that Hatchwise let me rank the logos as I went along.”  

Design contests are great opportunities for graphic designers because they allow them to get inspired by others’ work. Also, the competitive streak among the participants encourages them to produce their best work. Hatchwise is proud of its designers and their creative ingenuity. 

Testimonials like Whitesell’s are the lifeblood of the company, says Ryan, and he was thrilled to see a publication such as Inc acknowledge this fact. “Most of the credit for the success of Steve’s contest — as well as every other successful contest hosted on Hatchwise — obviously needs to go to our talented, inspired community of designers,” says Ryan. “Without all of you, there obviously is no Hatchwise.”
Many entrepreneurs claim they’ve bootstrapped their business from scratch, but only a few have truly built it from scratch. 

In a recent interview with Timbo Reid, host of Australia’s #1 marketing podcast, Small Business Big Marketing, Hatchwise CEO George Ryan shares how he started his entrepreneurial journey with a $100 computer.  

True to his theme of featuring small business owners who truly grew their business, Reid asked Ryan a variety of questions about how Hatchwise came to be. Ryan was glad to share his journey from a minimum-wage lumber yard worker to the CEO of a flourishing company.  Ryan recalls how he grew tired of his 55-hour per week job at a lumber yard. “I always thought I’d be part of something bigger,” he said. He decided to start his own company, working tirelessly in the evenings for about a year before he could quit his day job.

Initially, Ryan started with the idea of computer repair. He was a longtime dabbler in websites and computers, and started a repair business that ended up going nowhere. However, in the process, he came by a cheap computer for $100. With this key piece of equipment, he was able to start growing as an entrepreneur. 

After measuring his options, a design contest agency quickly emerged as the innovative service that the world needed, and Ryan started developing his idea for Hatchwise.  

Reid is particularly interested in how marketing can help small businesses grow, and asked Ryan how advertising helped Hatchwise achieve its success. 

Ryan shared how AdWords could be a waste of money for a fledgling business. Instead, he’s done his best to grow Hatchwise by reputation. “My goal was to start a company that relied on word-of-mouth, not advertising,” he said. “And I’ve done that.” Reid approved, saying “Good word-of-mouth is an outcome of great marketing.”  

Now, Hatchwise is a six-figure company that regularly hosts lucrative design contests. Designers from around the world submit designs for Hatchwise clients’ approval, and Ryan even hosts his own contests from time to time. Indeed, that’s a key part of his business philosophy. “Run a company that you’re proud of and that you would be a customer of,” he says. 

Hatchwise and Ryan are honored to have been featured in Reid’s podcast and welcome the opportunity to share the philosophy and hard work that have led to their success. 

As Reid pointed out, Ryan is a true example of someone who built something great from little to nothing — and there’s nothing small about that.

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