The Best Unlimited Copywriting Companies (updated 2022)

As the saying goes, content is king! But do you have enough content to make your brand shine? Great content takes time and creativity — and a good understanding of grammar. If you don’t have the hours or expertise to put in, your content marketing becomes a frustrating mess.

Not to worry: we’re here to help! Unlimited copywriting and content writing companies can help you find the right words for your audience. From blogs to emails to social posts to video scripts, you can get all the content you need to truly connect with your dream customers. Most unlimited copywriting services offer as many projects as you need for one flat rate — so you can escape the dreaded cookie-cutter copy and publish content that shows off your brand authority!

The unlimited copywriting model typically outsources your projects to a nice pool of talented writers. It’s perfect for busy entrepreneurs, agency owners, and anyone with big ideas who struggles with writing. So, are you ready to choose your perfect content writing company? Below, we’ve compared the world’s top options so you can find the best one that suits your needs.

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The biggest list of unlimited video editing companies:

The biggest list of unlimited copywriting companies:


1. Flocksy - "Hire your perfect Creative team "

Meet Flocksy:

If you want a dedicated group of creatives who only wish to streamline your marketing needs, Flocksy is where you want to be. They employ designers, writers, programmers, and the like, from all walks of life, most of which are freelancers with years of experience in their field.

How Flocksy Works:

Flocksy is designed as an offer site where freelancers bid on your work. If you like the offer, select the creative, and they’ll get to work on your project fast. Each project is assigned a creative along with your dedicated project manager to ensure it is done correctly and up to Flocksy standards.

Is Flocksy Right For You?

Flocksy uses pre-vetted creatives to help you with all your content and marketing needs. They offer unlimited copywriting projects and revisions for a fixed monthly rate. It’s perfect for startups looking to fill up their new sites with content, larger companies needing regular content, and agencies looking to outsource work.

Why Flocksy is Awesome:

When you work with Flocksy, they’ll pair you with the perfect creative for your project based on your unique needs for one flat monthly rate. You can get your project done for a reasonable price while securing a top-notch creative. Then, if you love what they provide, it’s yours right away. If not, they provide unlimited revisions. You’ll also be able to invite your favorite writers back to each project and build a long-term relationship. They’ll get to know you and your brand, and it’ll be that much easier to get great content back quickly.

Pricing and Packages

You can pick from three plans, each available at a flat rate and offering varying options.

Here is an overview:

The Silver Plan includes:

  • Unlimited graphic design,
  • A designated Creative Team,
  • Custom illustrations,
  • USA Daytime Team Creatives,
  • Fast turnarounds of about 24 to 48 for most projects,
  • Zapier integration, which lets you communicate and receive updates on Slack, Trello, through email, and more
  • A Dedicated Project Manager who’s available by phone, email, and video chat.

When you upgrade to the Gold Plan, you get all that and:

  • Double the Output of the Silver Plan
  • Copywriting
  • Video Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Logos and Branding Guides
  • Voice Over and Audio
  • Expedited Turnaround
  • Request Revisions via Video & Audio

With the Platinum Plan, you’ll get everything in Gold plus:

  • Triple the Output of the Silver Plan
  • One Active Web Project
  • PSD to Drag and Drop Builders
  • PSD to HTML

You’ll get Licensed Stock Photos and Video Footage, Unlimited Users and
Brand Buckets, and the 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee with all the plans.

Turnaround Time:

Typically, most straightforward projects are completed in 24 to 48 hours.

Flocksy Pros

  • 14-day Money back guarantee
  • No Contracts
  • Open Bidding
  • Expert copywriters
  • Several content and design services available in the gold and platinum plans
  • Zapier integration for updates where you want them
  • Motion graphics and web development are available
  • Easy messaging with your dedicated project manager
  • You build long-term relationships with your creatives, which makes for great quality and faster turnaround

Flocksy Cons

  • You’ll need to sign up for at least the Gold plan for copywriting

2. Gannet - "Unlimited Copywriting for Unlimited Success "

Meet Gannet:

Gannet promises its clients their tasks completed in 24 hours or less – all for a flat-rate monthly payment. They want to end your neverending hunt for qualified freelancers and provide you with high-quality, expert writers for your team, to quickly and reliably create the engaging content your audience wants.

How Gannet Works:

All you have to do to get started with Gannet is, well, start!

Gannet offers copywriting for any occasion:

  • Social Media Ads (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
  • Email Campaigns
  • Worksheets
  • Sales Letter
  • Google Ads
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • …and more!

Is Gannet Right For You?

If you feel like you’re constantly spending time on freelance job boards trying to find a reliable and consistent content creator, Gannet is the place for you. You’ll have your own assigned expert for all your copywriting needs, every day, at a single flat-rate cost per month.

Why Gannet is Awesome:

At Gannet, the sky’s the limit when it comes to copywriting. Every task is worked through as quickly and thoroughly as possible, bringing you high-quality results in record time. You’ll only work with professional writers with experience working with a wide-array of start-ups, subject matter experts, and brands. No matter what you bring to Gannet, there will never be a hidden cost or additional fee – everything is included in the monthly price.

Pricing and Packages

Gannet has two subscription tiers depending on the volume of daily output, and both plans offer unlimited projects and unlimited revisions:

$1,995/month for 4 hours of work per day

$1,195/month for 2 hours of work per day

Turnaround Time:

Gannet completes most projects within 24 hours, with an average of 500-1000 words in 2-4 hours.

Gannet Pros

  • Excellent customer support team available after hours
  • 14 day free trial
  • Submit unlimited tasks at a time
  • US Based Team

Gannet Cons

  • Higher tier currently unavailable

3. Copy Masters - "Imagine always having content ready for you…"

Meet Copy Masters:

At Copy Masters, their team of trained and skilled copywriters are ready to help you scale your content marketing and generate more leads with high-quality content. They strive to provide 100% original content that is 100% owned by your business, and most of our work has a turnaround of under 24 hours. Copy Masters also employs content marketing experts who not only create but also strategize with you on all your content needs. 

Copy Masters follows a simple workflow.

Copy Masters follows a simple workflow.

Copy Masters copywriters are well-versed in the following types of content:

–       SEO Optimized Blog Posts

–       Audio Transcription

–       Press Releases

–       eBooks that deliver value, attract leads

–       Email Content to increase your open rates

–       Authority Content from subject matter experts

–       Research for any projects

Is Copy Masters Right for you?

According to their reviews, Copy Masters can help businesses who can’t seem to stay on top of their regular content creation. Copy Masters is right for your business if you’re mid-sized and looking to grow your audience with targeted, high-quality content.

Why Copy Masters is Awesome:

Copy Masters charges their clients a flat monthly or yearly rate no matter what their demands and volume needs are. No matter what, you receive unlimited copywriting submissions and revisions. They want to share your goal of scaling your business and generating new leads with the power of content.

Pricing and Packages

Copy Masters only has two subscriptions: monthly and yearly.

Monthly for $449/month

Yearly for $4499/year

Turnaround Time

Copy Masters completes most work within 24 hours, but timing depends on the project length and complexity.

Copy Masters Pros

  • Affiliate program so you can make money with referrals
  • Sample content available on website
  • Yearly membership fee offers two months free
  • Trial post with money back guarantee
  • Comparatively low monthly cost

Copy Master Cons

  • Have to pay for trial
  • Only one subscription tier
  • Less detail on website

4. Panda Copy - "Unlimited Copywriting Made Simple."

Meet Panda Copy:

With Panda Copy, unlimited copywriting is made simple. The company promises their clients don’t have to jump through any hoops to get good, reliable copywriting for their business needs. Panda Copy gives you access to unlimited copywriting from experienced, professional writers, ready to tackle your next big project.

How Panda Copy Works:

Panda copy has a straightforward work process:

Panda Copy offers all types of copy for whatever your company needs, such as:

  • SEO optimized blog posts
  • Web copy
  • Product reviews
  • Proofreading services
  • About Pages

Is Panda Copy Right for you?

If you’re a small business looking to scale and need to build your audience, consider how valuable consistent content could be to your prospective customers. That’s what Panda Copy can do for you. Their tiers are also tailored to give you the best bang for your buck whether you’re a blogger, small or growing agency, or a large marketing firm.

Why Panda Copy is Awesome:

Panda Copy eliminates the typical back and forth between client and copywriter by collecting all of the necessary information up-front. This means you can attach SEO keywords, length requirements, other examples of copy, and words of encouragement before your writer begins to tackle your project. And, before you ask, the “unlimited” label is completely true. With a monthly subscription, you can submit as many projects as you want, always with a 1-2 day turnaround. If you want a high volume of consistent copy rather than a post here and there, Panda Copy is the right choice.

Pricing and Packages

There are three subscription tiers with Panda Copy. Each tier features unlimited copy requests and revisions, but differs on daily word count and stock image use.

Essentials for $499/month

Premium for $749/month

Professional for $949/month

Turnaround Time

Panda Copy guarantees 1-2 business day turnaround for all projects.

Panda Copy Pros

  • All subscriptions include unlimited copywriting
  • Same-day revisions
  • Sub-accounts for multiple users
  • 30 day trial with refund

Panda Copy Cons

  • Closed Saturday + Sunday
  • No advanced or technical copy

5. Upwork - "You can have the best people. Right now. Right here."

Meet Upwork:

Chances are you’ve heard of Upwork, because it’s one of the biggest platforms that matches freelancers with businesses. In fact, companies like Microsoft, Airbnb, and GoDaddy have used Upwork’s services. Upwork goes both ways: freelancers looking for work and businesses looking for talent can both use the platform for their needs. 

How Upwork Works:

Because Upwork offers access to both freelancers and hiring companies, there are different processes for each. If you’re looking for copywriters, here’s what you need to do:

Is Upwork right for you?

Upwork is a huge platform that offers much more than just copywriting. Its freelancers can do just about anything, from business development and IT to finance and sales. It has an entire section devoted to writing and translation services, including copywriting. If you’re looking to see upfront the qualifications and experience of each writer you work with, as well as their individual rates, Upwork is the place for you.

Why Upwork is awesome

Upwork lets you specialize each copywriting job down to a tee, and find the perfect person for each one. You can preview each freelancer’s detailed profile and go through the process of vetting, interviewing, and hiring them for each project you choose. You can also narrow down your search based on a huge number of factors including levels of expertise, years of experience, hourly rate, and more. It gives you access to a huge pool of individuals. 

Pricing and Packages

Because Upwork is a freelancing platform, pricing is different from that of unlimited copywriting providers. You pay each individual freelancer per their rate or based on individual negotiation. The platform itself has two pricing models for businesses, and they also charge a fee on top of each payment made.

Basic: Free

Plus: $49.99/month

Turnaround Time

There is no set project turnaround time because Upwork offers so many different types of freelancers with their own schedules and rates.

Upwork Pros

  • Enormous pool of freelancers
  • Rates based on experience and quality
  • Can pick different writer for different project
  • Extensive user dashboard

Upwork Cons

  • No customer support with Basic account
  • Time consuming to search for your own copywriter
  • No flat rate for unlimited copywriting
  • Uncertain turnaround

6. WordAgents - "SEO content at scale by 100% American writers"

Meet WordAgents:

WordAgents gives your business SEO optimized content at scale by 100% American writers. Their goal is to keep your name at the top of the list in places like Google with regularly produced targeted content every 7 days. Their services are incredibly affordable and easily scalable to the needs of different businesses depending on size and growth.

How WordAgents Works:

WordAgents gives their clients precise pricing that scales in their favor depending on the number of words they’re looking to produce every month. The step-by-step process is as follows:

Is WordAgents right for you?

If you don’t need unlimited copywriting but rather know just the right sweet spot for the words and posts you need to get your business on the digital map, WordAgents is right for you. From 1,000 to 60,000 words a month, the pricing scales to maximize efficiency and impact for your business. WordAgents works with publishers, agencies, local businesses, and eCommerce companies to meet their needs for growth and audience.

Why WordAgents is awesome:

WordAgents can get down to the nitty gritty of the content you need. They’ve already written over 77 million words for their 2,700 clients, spanning more than 100,000 projects! They have experience with what it takes to get content in front of your desired audience. Every writer is vetted and receives a month of intensive training on top of their writing experience. Their many positive reviews and proven strategy make them a great choice for any company.

Pricing and Packages

At WordAgents, the more words you need, the less you pay per word.

Bronze: $114/month for 1000 words

Silver: $810/month for 10,000 words

Gold: $1,240/month for 20,000 words

Platinum: $3,420/month for 60,000 words

Turnaround Time

The WordAgents team completes all projects within 7 days, regardless of word count.

WordAgents Pros

  • Scalable price for higher volume
  • Submit unlimited tasks at a time
  • US Based Team
  • Pricing tailored to needs rather than flat rate

WordAgents Cons

  • 7 days is a higher turnaround time compared to other companies

7. PeoplePerHour - "Make bright ideas happen"

Meet PeoplePerHour:

PeoplePerHour wants your work to be easier, simply put. They want to connect you with qualified freelancers to cut down on the little things and focus on the big picture. They boast an artificial intelligence system that does the work of matching and contacting the best freelancers for your project, cutting down on your time spent finding the best fit.

How PeoplePerHour Works:

As soon as you sign up with PeoplePerHour you enter what’s called the project stream, the platform’s organization process:

…all in the same space!

While the platform has freelancers specializing in all types of work, from marketing to music to technology, the writing services PeoplePerHour offers include:

  • Content Writing
  • Translation
  • Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Creative Writing
  • Business Writing
  • Proofreading

Is PeoplePerHour right for you?

Using PeoplePerHour lets you refine your freelancer search easily by skill, location, or hourly rate, cutting down on the time spent finding the perfect person. The hunt is also made easier by their use of technology to assist you in your search. If you’re looking to try out different freelancers rather than receiving unlimited copywriting from just one, check out PeoplePerHour.

Why PeoplePerHour is awesome:

With PeoplePerHour, you can search not only by skill level and rate, but also by offers currently promoted by certain freelancers. Many freelancers are incentivized to offer lower prices for certain projects, which can save you money. Their use of technology makes all the processes for finding, empolying, managing, and paying your freelancers easier and more cost effective.

Pricing and Packages

The rates for PeoplePerHour are determined by individual freelancers.

Turnaround Time:

Because PeoplePerHour is a freelance platform, the turnaround time is dependent on the individual freelancer.

PeoplePerHour Pros

  • AI assists with finding freelancer
  • Freelancers have offers for lower costs
  • No membership needed

PeoplePerHour Cons

  • Lower cost may mean lower quality
  • Less transparent setting
  • Price per project rather than flat rate

8. Guru - "Find & Hire Expert Freelancers "

Meet Guru:

Like Upwork, Guru is a freelancing platform for employers and freelancers. They strive to be one of the premier platforms where professionals go to connect, collaborate, and get work done. Their vision is for a transparent and connected platform where everyone is happy with the work being completed. They have offices in the USA and India, making them a more global company.

How Guru Works:

Guru lets you get started right away, following these steps:

Services offered include:

  • Copywriting and ad copy
  • Academic writing
  • Transcription
  • Technical writing
  • Web Content
  • Editing and Proofreading

Is Guru right for you?

Guru allows you to build a virtual team of freelancers. Unlike other companies, you can hire multiple freelancers for one job and assign roles. If you’re looking for bigger, more collaborative projects, Guru might be right for you.

Why Guru is awesome:

Guru lets you outsource more than just copywriting if that’s what you’re looking for. You can build and manage a whole team virtually, based on your exact needs and the qualifications you’re looking for. There are over 2 million credible freelancers and experts in their field available to choose from. Guru even gives you a platform to work alongside them rather than a simply transactional environment.

Pricing and Packages

Guru charges a fee of 2.9% on all invoices paid.

Turnaround Time

Because Guru is geared towards longer term projects, there is no guaranteed turnaround time.

Guru Pros

  • SafePay gives you protection when paying freelancers
  • Low invoice fee with option for cashback
  • No monthly cost
  • Dedicated support team 24/7

Guru Cons

  • No unlimited copywriting
  • Not best option for one-off project

9. The Content Factory - "Content writing, social media marketing, reporter pitching, influencer outreach"

Meet The Content Factory:

At The Content Factory, the goal is to get the word out about your company – to make you famous! That means the whole package: content writing, social media marketing, pitching on your behalf, influencer outreach, The Content Factory takes the load off of busy entrepreneurs who just don’t have enough hours in the day.

How The Content Factory Works:

At The Content Factory, the process is more involved than just submitting and receiving projects. Their goal is to boost visibility and build brand awareness, first and foremost. The process includes:

The full services offered are:

  • SEO + Content Writing
  • Digital PR
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Website Design

Is The Content Factory Right for you?

The Content Factory’s clients range from nonprofits to tech startups to affiliate marketing websites. While the approach varies by client, the marketing process is largely the same, and the results are a growing audience and brand recognition. The Content Factory boasts big clients and a low turnover rate because they believe in their abilities to grow businesses through branding.

Why The Content Factory is Awesome:

The Content Factory doesn’t just pump out content – they provide SEO optimization, public relations expertise, and social media savvy to build a proven method for getting your company in front of the right people. They stay on top of trends to make sure that your content isn’t going to waste. They also believe transparency strengthens relationships – and share all kinds of tools and tips with their clients so they know what’s going on behind their strategy.

Pricing and Packages

While The Content Factory doesn’t explicitly price the many services they offer on their website, in their blog they state that for content writing they charge $1 per word (including edits) for landing pages, with a minimum of $1,000 for the project.

Turnaround Time

Because of the integrated approach that The Content Factory takes, there is no set turnaround time for projects - it all depends on what the client needs and getting to that point.

The Content Factory Pros

  • Holistic approach
  • Integrated and proven methodology
  • No monthly membership fee

The Content Factory Cons

  • Higher prices
  • No flat rate pricing

10. TheWritersForHire - "Writers and Editors at Your Service"

Meet The Writers For Hire:

The Writers for Higher is a unique, small scale writer-for-hire platform that promises exceptional service from a small team of highly-skilled writers. Whether you’re looking to tell your life’s story in an autobiography or memoir, or want a different form of storytelling for your corporate content, The Writers Per Hire can help.

How The Writers For Hire Works:

The Writers Per Hire take a much more intimate approach to copywriting and writing in general for their clients.

Their services include:

  • Memoirs and family histories
  • Web content and blogs
  • Ghostwriting
  • Thought leadership pieces
  • Technical manuals
  • RFPs
  • Whitepapers

Is The Writers For Hire right for you?

If you’re looking for a unique writer to work on your unique project, The Writers Per Hire is your best bet. The small team of only 25 people has a diverse background and impressive portfolio to tackle your next writing project. While the scale may not be right for huge enterprises looking for constant copy, it’s a great fit for smaller and mid-sized endeavors.

Why The Writers For Hire is awesome:

With The Writers Per Hire you know exactly what you’re getting. You won’t be overwhelmed by hundreds or even thousands of choices. This is a purposefully small, boutique writing service that wants to help you tell the story that’s important to you, whatever it is. 

Pricing and Packages

The Writers Per Hire gives detailed ballpark pricing on its website, based on what type of content you need. For example, digital copywriting is priced at $480-$1200 for the first 200-450 words.

Turnaround Time

Because of the wide variety of projects and the personalized nature of The Writers for Hire, turnaround time may vary.

The Writers For Hire Pros

  • Specialized content from a professional writer
  • Personalized touch from smaller business
  • No monthly fee

The Writers For Hire Cons

  • Higher prices
  • Less turnaround due to smaller team

7. Content Cucumber - "Collaborate|with a hand picked writer."

Meet Content Cucumber:

Content Cucumber is a U.S based freelance company that provides you with quality blogs, email newsletters, and other creative copy for various businesses. Their writers produce quality content that aims to entertain, inform, and inspire. The platform lets you access thousands of writers from different parts of the world.

How Content Cucumber Works:

Getting started with Content Cucumber is easy. Here is how it works:

You can request a demo with the support system if you’re unsure of where to start.

You may choose from three main pricing plans, each of which provides you with a dedicated writer, royalty-free images, a dedicated editor, and free revisions.

You pay a flat monthly fee and get access to a variety of services, including:

  • Blogs
  • Emails
  • Newsletters
  • Website content
  • SEO content
  • Social media posts

Is Content Cucumber right for you?

Content Cucumber is ideal for businesses looking for quality content writing solutions. For instance, this platform is right for you if you want high-quality blogs, newsletters, emails, etc.

Why Content Cucumber is awesome:

Content Cucumber is one of the best-unlimited content creation service providers. The agency provides its customers with innumerable benefits, ranging from high-quality content from trained content writers to affordable rates.

Working with the agency is a surefire to boost your organic traffic and increase customer engagement. Their content is tailored to your business, helping your business gain authority in the market.

Pricing and Packages

Content Cucumber provides you with three pricing plans, depending on your budget and content needs. These are Fun Size, On-Demand, and Hands Off, as shown below:

The basic plan goes for as low as 599/month. You may also select the yearly plans to save on costs. You can get additional services for an extra fee, including extra words, SEM optimization, and topic and keyword generation.

Turnaround Time

The turnaround time is not indicated, but customer testimonials show a fast TAT.

Content Cucumber Pros

  • Free revisions
  • No hidden costs
  • Royalty-free images
  • Very affordable
  • Flat monthly fee with the option to cancel at anytime
  • 14-days money-back guarantee

Content Cucumber Cons

  • There is an onboarding fee

8. Verblio - "Content and Blog Writing Services"

Meet Verblio:

Formerly known as BlogMutt, Verblio is a freelance marketplace that connects individuals with high-quality content writers from the United States. Founded in 2010, this agency looks to save entrepreneurs the hassle of hiring a full-time writer for limited projects. Verblio saves you time by providing you with high-quality bloggers and writers who are willing to work for you 24/7.

How Verblio Works:

Getting started with Verblio is simple. All you need to do is sign up with the service, choose a plan and begin requesting content. You then receive and review the delivered content, leave feedback and build your team.

Here is a step-by-step guide to starting ordering projects with Verblio:

Among the services you may request from this marketplace include:

  • Articles
  • Landing pages
  • Blog and website content
  • EBooks
  • Newsletters
  • Podcast summaries, etc.

Verblio tackle significant assignments for marketing agencies and large businesses.

Is Verblio right for you?

Verblio is perfect for entrepreneurs and marketing agencies that want high-quality content without hiring a full-time writer. The best thing about Verblio is that you can get any content writing services, from blog posts to podcast summaries. 

Why Verblio is awesome:

A handful of entrepreneurs swear by Verblio – and for a good reason. The agency provides you with experienced content creators and freelance writers who deliver high-quality content. The writers also work hard to deliver the work as fast as possible.

You can choose the creation that best fits your vision and needs from a pool of experienced writers. This cuts down significantly on the project wait times. Choosing Verblio is also a surefire to get 100% unique content. And should you not be content with the service you receive, you get a 30-days money-back guarantee.