Featured Contest: Cincinnati Holiday Lighting

This recent contest run at Hatchwise received over 100 entries by 47 designers and was viewed a total of 2,474 times. The client paid just $150 for the winning entry and received a new logo for their company. In this blog post you can read about the contest, the company, what they requested, see a few of the top entries and the winning entry. 

About The Company 

Cincinnati Holiday Lighting is a company that installs, designs, and removes holiday decorations for companies. They came to Hatchwise looking for a new logo and started by filling out their contest brief for Hatchwise creatives to review. 

What Was Requested

Next was telling the creatives what they were looking for and what they wanted included in their design. They requested that there, “Possibly an outline of the Cincinnati skyline drawn with light strings.” They said that they didn’t want Santa Claus included in the design, and left the rest up to the creativity of the designers! 

The Entries 

Once they finished filling out their contest brief, the client submitted their brief, and Hatchwise creatives got started on their entries! This contest received over 100 entries from talented creatives around the world, all submitting their own unique and creative entries! Here are a few of our favorites. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative reborn1995

This entry submitted by one of our creatives was unique and creative, using festive colors and a fun theme. The logo features a single Christmas tree light bulb hung above the company name. The string and light are in fun festive colors and the name is shown in purple and orange beneath it. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative BIZDESIGN

This festive logo entry was submitted by Hatchwise creative BIZDESIGN and shows creativity with a festive touch. The creative uses holiday colors with Christmas tree lights shown above a city skyline and the company name below. The Christmas trees are decorated with stars on top and shown in a variety of fun colors. The name is shown in traditional green and red holiday colors. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Faani

This entry differed from the other entries submitted by creatives due to the unique elements it has. Starting with the decision to go with single bulbs instead of a string of Christmas tree lights and go with traditional red and green for the colors. They decided to get creative with using red light bulbs to dot the ‘i’s on the company name, which is in green and red as well. The logo is finished off with a red star above the company name. 

The Final Result 

Winning entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Ethan 

After reviewing the entries submitted by creatives and rating them, the client found a logo design that they loved and awarded it the winner. This entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Ethan was chosen as the winning design and you can see it displayed above.

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