Featured Design Contest: Tap Censor – Bottling Company Logo

We see a variety of contests on our site and this one, in particular, stood out for the creative entries and unique color choices. We always love to see a variety of designs submitted to contests and it’s interesting to see the contest result compared to what was requested in the contest brief. The concepts submitted to the contest ranged from simple, clean, and classy to more complicated designs with a unique combination of color choices.

We were so intrigued with this contest in particular that we thought we would share all the fascinating details with our readers so that they would have an opportunity to see the concepts and result as well. 

Below we share the details of what the client requested, the entries submitted, and the winning entry. If you’re interested in hearing about all this then read on to get the details and get to see the unique and creative entries submitted. 

What Was Requested 

To start the process of receiving a new logo the client began by filling out a contest brief describing what they were looking for and sharing a little bit about their company. The client said that they were looking for a logo for their new business and described the company as “The name of the company will be “Tap Censor” The company is e-commerce that specializes in bottling services for specialized cleaners.”. They said that the logo would be used online and on their merchandise. Hatchwise creatives looked over the contest brief before they got started on their entries. 

The Entries Submitted

This first entry shows a simple and clean design that only uses three colors. Here we see a dark blue and a light blue on a white background. The company name is shown inside of a rectangle and the letters are white and light blue. The design is kept minimalistic with just a few details to not make the design too busy. 

The second concept uses a dark grey and blue on a white background for the design. The first word is in blue and we see a water drop design for the ‘C’ at the start of the second word that’s shown in dark grey. This concept puts the main focus on the company name while subtly tying in what the company does to create a compelling logo. 

This concept shows blue as the main color choice, with the company name shown in front of a blue circle. The first part of the name is in white and light blue while the second part of the name is in the same dark blue as the circle. This concept is shown on a white background which keeps the design stylish while also making sure it looks clean and classy. 

In this next concept, we see the style take a new turn, this time deciding to use only the name and a circle with the name initials in it. The company name is shown underneath the circle and the design is a dark blue on a white background. This design brings the most attention to the name, making it stand out for the company. 

This design is similar to the previous one in the fact that they both focus on the company name. The concept shows the company name in black on a white background in a thin and simple font. This design is clean and doesn’t show much besides the company name, making it easy for printing and a simple logo to display the company. 

The Result 

Winning entry submitted by Hatchwise creative jangAbayz

After they reviewed all the entries and rated them the client settled on what would be the winning design for the new logo that they would use for their company. The winning entry is shown above and features two background color options for the color.

The design shows two different shades of blue for the letters and the circle design, one with a white background and the other with a black background. We’re always happy to see that a contest has a good result and lots of creative entries! 

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