Featured Design Contest: ZM Fabrication – Off-Road Welding Company Logo

As a graphic design company, we are always excited to see the many different and beautiful designs that come through our Hatchwise office daily. We take great pleasure in examining the contest logo designs; occasionally, one will catch our eye.

For this blog post, we wanted to share some of our favorite designs with our readers, so we chose a contest that caught our attention and featured some of the best designs that we had seen. We hope our readers will enjoy seeing these designs and appreciate the hard work that went into creating them.

Discover our favorite designs that stand out for their remarkable uniqueness and vast divergence from the typical designs. These designs have been carefully chosen for their boldness and creativity; we are sure they will inspire you. So, don’t wait any longer and keep reading to learn more about these amazing designs!

What Was Requested 

To start the process of this contest, the client filled out a creative brief that asked for a new logo for their welding fabrication company. The client described their company and what they were looking for as needing a cool design for an off-road community that is close-knit and made up of manly men who like to get their trucks out and get dirty.

They said the logo should feature skulls, gas masks, flames, big tired trucks, and tattooed strong guys and should not be cartoonish but strong. The client also requested that the design include a skull in a welding mask, a skull with a welding torch/flames, a welding torch with flames, or anything related to welding or metal work (fabrication).

The client was open to creative ideas and provided an archive file attachment with their preferred welding/fabrication designs.

A Few Of The Entries Submitted 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Wonkberan

This first logo is unique and stands out for its bold design. It features a white background with a blue, black, and red color scheme. A skull is in the middle of the circle, and the company name is written along the outer edge. Two welding torches come out of the sides of the circle, giving the logo a unique and creative look. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Diinophee

This design takes a different approach than the previous one, foregoing a circle and opting for a skeleton holding two welding torches with the company name underneath. The skeleton wears a dark black cloak to add something suspicious to the design. The colors used are grey, black, white, and red, with the red standing out from the otherwise dark palette. The design is bold and detailed, with small details adding character and the red spark making it stand out.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative OGUT

This design uses a skeleton design, but instead of a traditional look, it opts for a biker style. The skeleton is shown wearing a helmet and goggles inside a circle. The company name is on the outer edge of the circle, with two stars also featured in the design. Two welding torches, shaped like guns, are also shown coming out of the side. The entire design is in black and white and is available on two different background options.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative YRS_ink

This design takes a different approach than the previous ones, mainly regarding color choice. Instead of the usual black and white, this design utilizes a red and gold color scheme. At the center of the design is a red skull with the company name and two stars around the edges. As with the prior designs, two welding torches are depicted coming out from the sides. The creative provides two different background options, one white and one black. A black-and-white color palette is also available for the design if the client prefers it.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Creative_Mind.

This design is more simplistic than the others submitted to the contest. It features a circle with the company name in large letters on the outer ring. In the very center of the circle is a skeleton wearing a welding mask and two torches coming out the side. The black and white logo has a crisp and clean white background. This design is stylish and unique, yet not overly complex, with too many elements included. It is simple and elegant, making it stand out from the other submissions. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative quimcey

The design shown above is unique and stands out sharply, with a circle featuring a skull in the center wearing goggles and a helmet, with welding torches on either side. The company name is in the outer circle in large letters, and two white stars stand out. The design is mainly in black and white, except for the torch flames shown in blue. The attention to detail and strong appearance make this design stand out.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative babyakina

This creative offered the client a few color schemes with the same design. The design consists of a skeleton with a welder’s mask on, focused on a welding job. It is shown in a circle with black and white lines in the background, and the company name is shown at the bottom of the circle.

Small details stand out in the design and complete it, such as the sparks coming from the welding job and the small stars around the circle. With the different color schemes, the design will be able to stand out and make an impression on the viewers.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Wonkberan

This last design is similar to the previous ones but has key differences. The design’s main feature is a skull, the only similarity between the design and the previous ones. The company name is prominently featured in large letters at the top of the design, with the skull inside a fireplace with flames on either side.

Below it is the company slogan in the same font as the name, inside what appears to be a rectangle. The design is black and white, creating a simple, sleek, yet unique look.

The Winning Result 

Winning entry submitted by Hatchwise creative babyakina

After carefully reviewing all the entries, the client decided to go with Hatchwise creative babyakina’s design for their new logo. The logo is simple and elegant, featuring a circle with a design and the company name in the center. It is available in three colors, allowing the client to choose their favorite.

The black and white design is simple yet effective, with small details that make it unique. We’re always happy to have the opportunity to see striking designs just like this one, and we’re always thrilled when the client gets a result that they love!

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