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Featured Design Contest: The Handy Guys – Home Repair Company Logo

For this featured contest, we’re spotlighting a logo design for Hatchwise client Mnrland, who requested a new logo for The Handy Guys, a full-service home repair company serving homeowners and property managers. 

Our client requested that the design feature a cartoon-style mascot character, but they were also open to receiving other ideas. They specifically wanted a color scheme featuring reds, blues, blacks, yellows, and white, and asked that the design be fun, clean, and colorful. Above all, they wanted the logo to communicate that the company provides handyman services. 

Mnrland offered a contest prize of $350 and received a total of 477 entries before awarding the winner. Let’s take a look at just a few of the fantastic designs they received. 

This design includes all the elements the client asked for. The clean lines, color scheme, and fun cartoon mascot are on point, and our handyman is ready to get the job done.

#2850822 by captaincolls

Drawing mascots can be tricky for even the most experienced designers, which is why it’s fun to see what creatives can come up with when given the opportunity. This handyman has a fun, quirky expression that makes him incredibly brandable should the client choose to go this direction. 

#2850810 by Senewen

Here we see a design that is clean and professional but doesn’t include the handyman character. It’s interesting though, that the same diamond/geometric shape was used for each of the two preceding designs as well. Perhaps it’s meant to make us think of the shape of a roof or housetop, or maybe it just looks great on a van or workshirt pocket. At any rate, it really works!

#2850746 by SATRI

This guy is happy to serve! While the design doesn’t use the colors suggested in the project brief, the color choice and gradient look good and give variety to the contest results.

#2850712 by Agust

This logo is clean, professional, and artistic, with just one corner rounded off in what would otherwise be a square. The only caveat here would be that we don’t know if The Handy Guys offer painting services, so the paint roller may be irrelevant here… But this is a top-notch design with lots of potential for use.

#2850609 by brein6

This guy is ready for any job. His confident stance, sly grin, and classic toolbox (not to mention his massively oversized pipe wrench) will get it done. He even has the company name monogrammed across his back brace. 

#2850027 by Agust

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…a super-jacked handyman hero ready to save the day! Anyone seeing this guy around town will remember who to call next time they need some help around the house.

#2849931 by Ichsany

This design looks classy and solid, with just a bit of playfulness. It also would look good on a work van or a toolbox. The hand helps drive home the company name as well. 

#2850382 by quimcey

While this logo doesn’t include a mascot, it does have all the other elements requested by the client. The three tools in the center leave no guessing as to what this business specializes in, and the badge shape looks professional and authoritative. 

And the winner is

#2848284 by FactoryMinion

In the end, our client chose to go without the mascot. This concept actually provides three different variations of the logo, so it’s available as text only or as a badge with an icon. This design is simple and professional and employs the color scheme originally suggested by the client. 

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