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Featured Design Contest: The Wanderosa – Native Spirit Sanctuary Logo

A company’s logo is more than a sign of your business; it represents your brand’s identity and ideals. The correct logo may boost brand awareness and differentiate a company. In search of the perfect logo, The Wanderosa came to Hatchwise, a platform that matches businesses with creative designers through logo design challenges.

On Hatchwise, we see some of the most talented creatives from around the world battle it out in contests for the winning prize. Below we’ll examine The Wanderosa’s logo design contest and compare a few of the exciting entries.

What Was Requested: Contest Overview

THE WANDEROSA Logo Design Contest

Brief Introduction: The Wanderosa

Wanderosa is more than a travel company. The Wanderosa inspires adventurers in a world of wanderlust. This organization was founded by dedicated travelers to create unforgettable travel experiences.

Wanderosa searched for the appropriate logo to reflect their wanderlust. They used Hatchwise, a logo design contest website that matches businesses with skilled designers, to realize their goal.

Contest Requirements

The “THE WANDEROSA” logo design contest featured 11 major requirements:

Client Identity: The Wanderosa, a travel firm that creates unique experiences, started the contest.

Contest Title: Design a “THE WANDEROSA.” logo.

Hatchwise held a logo contest, where designers submitted their ideas.

Contest URL: The Hatchwise logo contest allowed designers to submit their ideas on their platform.

Number of Entries: There were 1090 entries in total.

Creative Challenge: Designers were to communicate The Wanderosa’s goal and values in a logo.

Client Request: The Company wanted a logo that represented adventure, wanderlust, and immersive travel. This logo had to be original, memorable, and adaptable to many platforms and sizes while looking professional. A timeless style that was relevant to the travel sector was essential to avoid trends that could quickly become old. These detailed instructions helped designers create a logo that reflected The Wanderosa’s brand identity and principles.

Prize: The contest offered a prize to encourage designers to submit their best concepts. Numerous excellent designers worldwide entered the contest, demonstrating global interest in this interesting initiative. The winning entry went home with $360.

Unique Interpretations: Designers’ interpretations of The Wanderosa’s vision made picking difficult and intriguing.

Personalized Adventures: The Wanderosa’s personalized adventures philosophy inspired designers to create meaningful logos.

Community of Explorers: Wanderosa is a travel company and network of adventurers who love to discover.

A winning Entry: The Wanderosa chose a winning logo that best reflected their brand’s identity and principles after careful consideration.

Entry Comparisons

1.  #2839506 by Sandymanme

First “The Wanderosa” logo is interesting and attractive. The brand’s name is tastefully put in green underneath the rich letter “W” which symbolizes elegance and distinctiveness.

The white background is clean with a faint tree branch shade that adds a touch of nature and adventure and appeals to the brand’s adventurous traveler customers.

2.  #2838626 by ania

This “The Wanderosa” logo is simple yet intriguing. A road circles a stunning mountain in a lovely blue “W” indicating adventure.

It symbolizes The Wanderosa’s trip spirit with its clean white background and wanderlust.

3. #2838622 by logoito

This logo features snowy mountains, trees, and a rising sun in black and white.

The audience expects unforgettable outdoor exploration and elegance with this design, which represents adventure, new beginnings, and an eternal connection to nature.

4. #2838597 by design art

The contest received another logo entry that shows two youngsters picking fruits from a green tree with blue stars on a white backdrop.

This design evokes surprise, curiosity, and discovery, appealing to the brand’s adventurous travelers.

5.  #2839405 by fai_art

The above “The Wanderosa” logo is simple with white and black colors. The logo is spherical, like the world, with a curving line.

This sleek, universal style represents global travel and adventure, appealing to the brand’s clientele.

6.  #2838117 by dickyomar

This entry by dickyomar depicts adventure and wanderlust. Palm trees, an ocean, a boat or ship, mountains, a rising sun, and clouds are included.

These pieces create a tropical paradise and exploration on a white background.

The logo promises The Wanderosa’s adventurous visitors unforgettable vacations in unusual destinations.

7.  #2838060 by fasiin

This logo depicts mountains and trees in a spherical frame. The upper hemisphere is bright yellow and the lower tranquil blue.

This globe-shaped design depicts nature and adventure utilizing color contrast to create balance and harmony.

It nicely aligns with The Wanderosa’s objective of holistic travel experiences by promising to explore varied landscapes and world treasures.

8.  #2828175 by Bhisma

Bhisma does a great job with this simple but powerful entry. The logo features a hand clutching the phrase on a white backdrop.

This design suggests that The Wanderosa guides and supports travelers with a personal touch. The hand’s motion emphasizes trust and support, emphasizing a friendly and helpful travel experience.

9.  #2827690 by Milos 1807

In this design, simplicity meets symbolism. A “W” form is prominently highlighted in a circular design with a car tire-like pattern.

This minimalist style evokes adventure and travel. It suggests a journey and the open road, appealing to The Wanderosa’s audience and representing its objective of engaging and adventurous travel experiences.

The Winning Entry

10. #2838375 by artsword

A masterpiece of simplicity and detail by artsword bagged the prize for the contest. A hand-drawn “W” in a circular shape frames a gorgeous dawn over the ocean.

The contrast of black and white creates a timeless and elegant design that evokes adventure and discovery.

This logo wonderfully captures The Wanderosa’s adventurous travelers’ promise of amazing travel experiences. Its delicate balance of simplicity and intricacy represents the brand’s commitment to immersive and transformative journeys.

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