Featured Company: Canary Creative Group, LLC

We get to see some great contests run at Hatchwise, and it’s always amazing to have the opportunity to see clients receive their dream designs and see the entries submitted by amazing creatives from around the world. We love to share these contests with our readers, so we’ve compiled a blog post giving you all the details of this contest. 

About The Company 

Canary Creative Group is an interior design company that specializes in staging model homes, interior design, and more. The company says that they have three audiences; “1. Design Conscious Vacationers (Instagrammers, wabi-sabi/ millennial design enthusiasts) 2. Real Estate Agents and Developers who leverage design as a differentiator 3. Vacation Rental owners looking to improve customer/ stay experience.”

What Was Requested 

This client has requested a logo design for their company. They requested that the logo have a surf modern look, and said that they were thinking of their company name with a bird on top. They said that they would like the bird somewhat abstract, line work, and modern. The company included in their brief, “We want to logo to invoke the spirit of the brand – which is essentially wabi-sabi meets California surf culture. Refined – yet a little cheeky.” 

They included a few logos in the contest brief for the creatives to get an idea of what they’re looking for. The company also gave a list of what they would not like included in the logo, including a “Font that looks too much like Arial or other frequently used fonts in the word” or ‘Bright yellow. We only want mustard or a form of darker yellow.” 

The Logo Options 

Once they filled out their contest brief, they submitted it, and Hatchwise graphic designers have started submitting their entries for the contest. Although this contest is still active and receiving options, we’ve listed a few of our favorites so far from what Hatchwise creatives have submitted. 


Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Ebtihal

This entry stands out for its creativity and its difference from the other entries submitted. This creative wasn’t afraid to use their full creativity with the entry and ended up with a beautiful logo entry. As the client requested, the logo shows a bird over the company name. The bird’s yellow and appears to have a stained glass look to it. 


Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative ninjadesign

This entry is different from the other entries submitted for a variety of reasons. The first is that, unlike the other entries, this creative chose to incorporate the bird into the name instead of putting it on top. The yellow bird sits on the inside of the ‘C’ in blue, and half the letters are yellow as well. 


Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative ninjadesign

This entry shows half of a bird’s head above the company name with two palm trees inside of the tree. The logo shows a variety of different colors incorporated; yellow, black, and blues. This logo has a creative take on the contest brief by only showing the bird’s head and incorporating the palm trees. 

We can’t wait to see what other cool and creative designs this contest receives!

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