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Featured Design Contest: WhiteWater Consulting – Business Consulting Firm Brochure 

A brochure can be a challenging piece of marketing collateral to design. It has to present a lot of information about a topic – a business, a service, or a tourism site, for example – in a small amount of space. What’s more, it has to present that information in a manner that engages the reader and leaves them wanting to take the next step. At Hatchwise, we know how crucial it is to ensure your brochure’s copy, imagery, and every other aspect are just right. 

Recently, we were given the opportunity to design a new brochure for WhiteWater Consulting, which needed an updated, fresh version of its most important information. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the specs for this project, featuring some of the most compelling designs, and reveal the winning design. 

What Was Requested?

The customer started the competition by sending a brief to the Hatchwise creatives team. WhiteWater Consulting is described in depth in the brief as a Business Consulting firm that focuses on Human Resources for small and medium-sized businesses.

Support for HR Outsourcing, Employee Benefits Strategies, and HR Technology Evaluations are among its most in-demand offerings. Companies in the United States with 20–400 workers are the primary focus of this company.

WhiteWater Consulting sought an updated version of its brochure, with an authoritative but soothing color story and lots of information about the firm and its founder. Hatchwise creatives thoroughly examined the brief before starting on the contest entries.

Our designers submitted more than 100 designs to the contest, which featured a $150 prize for the winner. 

The Entries

#2267318 by adnan.84

This crisp design features repeated elements like white line icons, a watermark of the WhiteWater Consulting logo, and a bright blue for emphasis in text. It attractively arranges a considerable amount of text with several compelling stock images. 

#2265880 by n214004

This double-sided trifold brochure design is distinguished by its use of constellations in its graphic elements. It has a strong use of graphics and icons, using them as a tool for bulleted lists. It uses the logo behind the headshot of the company’s founder and repeats the theme of handshakes throughout the document. 

#2264560 by SplashBucket

Splashbucket’s entry in this contest is a book-style pamphlet with a strong visual focus on compasses and guidance. Like the other entrants, it uses pops of bright blue to contrast against a dark background. Its design spaces high-tech-looking images between the bits of text about the company’s values and services. 

#2264628 by plexdesign

Plexdesign, a group of graphic designers, went with strong, bold lines in the company’s contrast color and used “target” imagery to remind viewers how a consulting firm can help them. 

#2261480 by Ariant

Ariant’s design used slightly glowing stick-figure men connected with lines to illustrate how WhiteWater Consulting improves businesses’ human resources strategies. 

#2261253 by fuArt

fuArt’s design focused on soothing background images and crisp white text. They used a compass image and prominently featured the founder’s photo on the outer side of the brochure. 

#2259698 by King HTC

King HTC used grays and cool blues to construct the backgrounds and text of their brochure entry. 

#2253160 by riffa14

Riffa14 designed a two-sided brochure with broad, swirling design elements separating photos from text from the logo, which they also designed. 

The Winning Brochure 

#2268592 by kittu

Entrant kittu submitted several different versions of their design. The winner masterfully uses the curving waves of the WhiteWater Consulting logo, integrating the curvy lines throughout the book-style brochure’s design. Its use of white space and ample spacing around the text makes it enticing to reach and learn more. Congrats to kittu on their winning design and the $150 prize! 

All of the contest entries were excellent, and we are so proud of the many designers on Hatchwise who competed, entering a total of 122 designs.

At Hatchwise, we are thrilled to connect businesses with talented designers who can provide incredible designs. How could a new web design or logo help your business?

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