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Featured Design Contest: Rare Genetics Inc. – T-Shirt Design Contest

Art and design have the power to bring meaningful stories to life. When combined with a noble cause, the impact can be truly profound. One such remarkable endeavor took place here on Hatchwise, where designers from around the globe participated in the “Shirt Design for Rare Genetics Inc.” contest. 

Rare Genetics Inc. is dedicated to raising awareness about rare genetic disorders and supporting individuals and families affected by them. Let’s break down some of the standout designs from the contest, shedding light on the artists’ creativity and how their creations echo the heart of the company’s mission.

What is Rare Genetics?

Before diving into the designs, let’s take a moment to appreciate the purpose behind Rare Genetics Inc., founded by Dr. Benson H. Horrill, a scientist who completed his dissertation at Utah State University and since then has been breeding snakes of his own. 

As an advocacy organization, their primary focus is to create awareness about rare genetic disorders. With the ultimate goal of supporting those affected, Rare Genetics Inc. empowers individuals and their families, fostering a sense of community and understanding in the face of unique challenges.

What is The Shirt Design for Rare Genetics Contest?

The “Shirt Design for Rare Genetics Inc.” contest was met with enthusiasm from both our seasoned designers and rising talents.

The client sought a design that could visually capture the essence of their mission while inspiring hope and resilience. With a $350 prize, the contest attracted eighty-four outstanding entries from designers passionate about contributing to a meaningful cause. 

Here is a breakdown sample of some of the entries: 

1. T-Shirt Design Entry # 3164015

This design by the user Habiba251 featured an incredible blend of two reptile lizards, two snakes, an overall DNA double helix, and, in the center, a Rate Genetics Inc. emblem.

While the design stands out with its black, white, and yellow color palette, it also contrasts with many other methods, which have more words. 

(T-Shirt Design Entry # 3164015)

2. T-Shirt Design Entry # 3163726

User Designape maximized the space on their t-shirt entry with the RGI logo, the website name, polka dots, a snake, and the different genetic contributions ranging from ‘Clown,’ a male ball python from Africa, to the mention of ‘Black Pastel,’ a type of ball python with a very dark colored head. The contours of the t-shirt have a grayish double helix, which fades into the background. Overall this T-shirt design is informative and eye-catching. 

(T-Shirt Design Entry # 3163726)

3. T-Shirt Design Entry #3163259

This entry stood out from the rest of the competitors with its unique yellow-green-colored palette. Although user expre123 received a three-star rating for their design, they did feature many. ball python terminology as the competitors. Their design featured two intertwined snakes, similar to a DNA structure with dots dispersed throughout. 

(T-Shirt Design Entry #3163259)

4. T-Shirt Design Entry #3163217

User supritybhattacharya created a youthful design that featured a yellow snake and gray lizard interlocked and RGI’s name front and center. Like expre123, this user experimented with a color palette instead of black and white. 

(T-Shirt Design Entry #3163217)

5. T-Shirt Design Entry #3163214

If snakes make the list of your top 10 most significant fears, you should avoid looking at this design. But you may love this design if you’re a ball python fanatic and a faithful RGI supporter.

Instantly, we’re captivated by a ball python looking at us in user Paulcantindesign’s t-shirt. From RGI’s logo to a double helix structure with key ball python terms on the right, the designer included all the main symbols of RGI with an additional ball python photo twist.

(T-Shirt Design Entry #3163214)

6. T-Shirt Design Entry #3163232

User Designape was feeling ambitious with this additional entry characterized by nucleotides. While others just covered a DNA strand, Designape takes us one step further and shows the building blocks of DNA structures. He labels the different ball python terms in the nucleotides, including distinct species. At the base of the design, you can see a snake slithering away. 

(T-Shirt Design Entry #3163232)

7. T-Shirt Design Entry #3163207

Our friend Paulcantindesign returns with another bold design. One stare at this design, and you’ll be locking eyes with a slithering beast — a ball python. While the invention features a double helix and all the ball python vocabulary, those stand pale in comparison to the image of our favorite reptile.

(T-Shirt Design Entry #3163207)

8. T-Shirt Design Entry #3162575

Designape submitted another design featuring a yellow, brownish, bluish, and white palette. Somewhere between snakes and a sunlike theme, this design features many creatures slithering their way to the corners of this t-shirt. In the middle of this sun-like image, you see RGI’s logo.

(T-Shirt Design Entry #3162575)

9. T-Shirt Design Entry #3160710

Everyone gets points for participation, and User Dark94 is no exception. User Dark94 has created a new RGI logo in this minimalistic design that breaks out the letters. Green and gray make up the typeface. 

(T-Shirt Design Entry #3160710)

10. T-Shirt Design Entry #3161026

Habiba251 was feeling creative with an edgy take on their t-shirt design. With the saying ‘Flex Your Squad Hets with RGI she features a snake slithering up the shirt who is doing the work by lifting some heavy weights. 

(T-Shirt Design Entry #3161026)

Who Won The Contest?

After careful deliberation, the winning design was #3163284 by user Armchtrmn, which flawlessly embodied the mission of Rare Genetics Inc. and broke down the different genetic mutations such as G-stripe and Rare Genetic’s breakthrough with the Desert Ghost gene in Ball Pythons. 

The winning design, #3163284 by user Armchtrmn

Hatchwise also mentions another surprise winning entry by dragandjb with design #316367, which features stellar illustrations of different types of ball pythons. These visuals stem out of a double-helix structure with the RGI’s logo at the helm. 

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