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Hi everyone! This cool design was selected as the winner out of over 2000 entries in this contest.

We love the simplicity. Fantastic job, Balsh!

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Hatchwise Designs The New “X” Logo For Twitter

If you’ve been online within the last few weeks, chances are that you’re aware of the flash rebrand that occurred at Twitter, courtesy of its enigmatic leader, Elon Musk. In an act that has launched a storm of enthusiastic (and decidedly mixed) reactions, Musk announced that his social media platform would bear the emblem “X”.
It’s no secret that we love rebrands. While classic designs will always have a place in the design world, the drive to re-imagine conventional logos help keep our visual palates fresh.

While social media continues to debate the merits of the new logo, we eagerly embraced the moment and made it the centerpiece of our most recent design contest. The task was simple: see if you can one-up the wealthiest man in the world.

As we expected, our intrepid designers were up to the challenge. In total, we received 378 entries, ranging from safe, to weird, to the outer spatial.

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The History Of Fox News And Its Logo

Where do you get your news from? Is it Squawk Box? How about the Today Show? Or is it Fox News? If it’s the latter, you may already be familiar with the news organization but if it’s not, you’ll know everything you need to know about the channel by the end of this article. 

Credited with being a conservative news conglomerate, Fox News is the premier conservative news provider delivering breaking news and political content through its broadcast programming, website, and even Twitter.

For more information on how this news broadcast grew to be the most-watched news program and for more information on Fox News’ logo and branding, keep reading below. 

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The Complete History Of The NFL Logo

Back in the early days of American football, the NFL had a bunch of different teams, each with its own cool logos and unique styles. But it started getting messy and confusing with so many different looks.

The NFL knew they needed something special to unite everyone and show they were all part of the same fantastic team.

So, they created a cool logo representing the whole league and became a powerful symbol of their sport. It was like a magic badge that united them all and made them more vital than ever!

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Featured Design Contest: Sun Sea Beach

If you want to connect with humans, start by catching their eyes. Did you know that half of our brain’s processing power is devoted to making sense of visual information? Studies have even shown that we can remember up to 2,000 images with at least 90%. 

Even without degrees in psychology or neuroscience, our Hatchwise creatives know just how important your logo is for connecting with your target audience. Check out all the fun ideas they came up with for a small Caribbean hotel. 

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