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This fun contest featured some cool out-of-the-box designs, such as this one, by Wongsanus

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FEATURED POST: The History Of The Louis Vuitton Logo And The Brand

Esteemed as one of the most recognizable fashion labels globally, Louis Vuitton’s legacy blends rich history and modern allure, making it a coveted dream for many to own a piece of its fashion lineage.

Valued at approximately $28.8 billion by Forbes in 2017, Louis Vuitton’s remarkable journey from a trunk maker to a leading fashion brand showcases its unparalleled influence and prestige in the luxury market.

This introduction aims to delve into the storied history of Louis Vuitton, the evolution of its iconic logo, and the brand’s monumental impact on the fashion industry.

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15 Examples Of Good Brand Positioning & Why They Work

Brand positioning isn’t about tooting your own horn. It’s about a company finding a place in the market and developing a good slogan or tagline. Brand positioning focuses on just that- positioning your brand to help it stand out in a sea of similar businesses. It’s about getting people excited about your business and products.
When brand positioning is successful, a company not only boosts sales, but it also develops a personality that makes it memorable. People think and say the company’s name when a product is mentioned. They distinctively recall the company and can’t wait to do business with it again and again.

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How to Hire the Best Web Designer for Your Business

Yes, your business needs a website, even if you don’t plan on launching an e-commerce site or publishing lots of content. That’s because many people will search for your business name.
A high-quality website doubles as a virtual business card and 24/7 salesperson. In short, you want to make a good impression, and unfortunately, DIY web design isn’t always the way to achieve that. 

So, how can you find a web designer who can bring your vision to life and portray your brand effectively? 

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How To Host A Fantastic Unlimited Naming Contest and Get The Results You Need!

Naming contests have been developed as a way to connect the smartest creatives with the business leaders who can use their talents. To participate, creatives will read your creative brief, brainstorm, provide their information, and then submit the name that they have come up with to fit your needs.

In order to host a successful naming contest, you will need to do your research. Find out the best platforms for where this type of contest should be hosted. Research specifically where people in your industry are hosting their naming contests.

Naming is a unique blend of great copywriting and brand insight. A naming expert can wordsmith your business’s or product’s key elements into a memorable and enticing name. 

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