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10 Rules For Picking Your Company Name

You’re starting your business and things are moving along. There’s only one problem: What’s your business name? What’s in a name after all?

Choosing just the right name for your company may seem like a huge responsibility. But, before you start stressing yourself out by overthinking it, here are some helpful tips to get the creative juices flowing and point you in the right direction

Make It One Of A Kind

People need whatever your company has to offer because you can either offer a one of a kind experience or a one of a kind product. Why shouldn’t your name be just as unique? Nobody likes a copycat and boring names get lost in the endless vortex of our brains that are constantly bombarded with information. Choosing a name that stands out from the competition is rule #1.

Easy To Pronounce

How can people spread the word about how incredible your company is if they can’t even pronounce it? Some people read through words like a hot knife through butter while others struggle to make sense of it all. In order to reach the most amount of people, you should make your name something that everyone can pronounce.

Bonus points if you can get a toddler to repeat it constantly. There’s no shame in a little toddler marketing! Parents could probably use a break from “Baby Shark” anyway.

Keep It Simple

You’ve heard that less is more and the saying holds true for company names. Simple names are easier to remember and they’re more versatile all-around. The name will be printed on logos of all shapes and sizes. Having something simple and to the point will give you fewer headaches in the long run.

Drop A Hint

Use your company name to give your customers a little hint, or taste, of what your business is all about. You don’t have to spell it out for them. Instead, anyone reading your company name should be able to get a general idea of what you’re all about.

Make Sure It’s Available

This may seem obvious, but always make sure the name isn’t already taken. Save yourself time and money by checking around to make sure your company name is original and available before getting things custom printed. There’s nothing worse than spending money on customized products, only to find out you have to change the name and start from scratch. While you’re at it, check the availability of a web domain. You always want a .com address when possible.

Don’t Limit Yourself

While you want to make your name reflective of your products or services, don’t choose a name that is so specific that you corner yourself. For example, “Terrific Tables” is great, but that name is pretty limited to one specific piece of furniture.

On the other hand,”Humble Home Furnishings” gives customers an idea of what they’re walking into, while also leaving room to expand.It’s also generally a good idea to not make a name location-specific. Location-specific names aren’t always a deal-breaker, but they can make it hard to get a bigger audience outside of the local crowd.

Make It Make Sense

Nobody wants to be confused and people certainly aren’t going to spend time trying to decipher a company’s name. If you’re going for something abstract, that’s one thing.
Abstract names or obscure names can be fun. Keep in mind though that there’s a fine line between obscurity and non-sense. Walk it carefully.

Be Smart About Spelling

You can pretty much guarantee your company name will be searched on the internet. Do yourself a favor and make it easy to spell. Don’t try to be unique or catchy with overdone spelling modifications. You want your customers to be able to find you and remember exactly who you are.

Strive To Be Memorable

In a world where everything runs together, stand out. Choose a name that people will remember. Humor, irony, and cheekiness catch people’s eye and stick in their brains. If your name makes them laugh or smile, there’s an excellent chance you won’t be easy to forget!

Ask For Input

When in doubt, ask for opinions. Gather a list of your top three name choices and start asking friends and family what they think. They’re typically the easiest people in our lives to bounce ideas off of.
If you’re feeling up to the challenge, you can also venture out and ask potential customers their thoughts. If there’s a specific demographic you’re targeting, go seek

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