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Branding Trends That Have Rocked 2021

Branding trends come and go every year, and the ones that we’ve seen this year have been amazing. Companies are beginning to change their brand identity to be updated with what’s currently trending with brands so that they’ll fit in. If you’ve missed out or are wondering what the current trends are, this article shares it all!

Every year, new and current branding trends come out and we see the old ones disappear. In the past, we’ve seen some amazing branding trends, but this year has brought a variety of creative and unique ones that have rocked. If you want to keep your brand modern and make sure that you’re staying relevant to your audience, you want to be aware of what the current branding trends are and adust your brand accordingly. 

If you’re not yet caught up, we’ll let you know all the top trends that have rocked this year so far in this article. Let’s take a look at what have been the best branding trends so far this year and what’s made them so amazing. 

Faces With The Brand 

This year we’ve seen a surprising amount of brands deciding to include not only graphics representing their brand, but faces on the brand as well. It’s true that humans love to see the face behind a brand and get to know the more real side of what can otherwise be a heavily edited side to a brand. Branding designers are quickly adapting to this way of thinking this year and including faces in branding more. 

However, with this specific branding trend, what we’re tending to see is illustrated portraits instead of photos. For the graphic designer, this gives them more control to sculpt the final result into exactly what it needs to be. We’ve seen this brand come in a variety of results depending on the brand; cartoon images, portraits, and real images tweaked with designing have all been used to represent businesses. 

Expanding Color Palettes 

Branding this year has gotten very colorful. Although in the past brands have been restricted to using only branding colors, we’ve seen a new solution this year that allows graphic designers to branch out and get more creative with their color choices. This is to expand brand color palettes to give more room for expression. This year we’re seeing brands experiment with more unconventional color combinations as they bring more colors into their brand colors. 

Brands are now having more variety in their branding and choosing shades that although work well when paired together, are bold and strong on their own. Many brands are choosing to, instead of including all colors on their products, just to choose single colors from their palette to represent their products. This not only gives each product its image, but it also makes the brand recognition from a variety of colors. 

Stand Up For Something 

Something that we’ve seen more than ever this year, following the year of big discussions and decisions, brands deciding that they should stand for something. Branding has now revolved around brands making a stance on important issues going on. Building a brand around a substantial issue and reflect it with their branding through social media and advertising. Using photos, graphics, and your brand colors to emphasize your stance and to show your customers is a great way to build your reputation. 

This year we’ve seen brands making a stance whether social, economic or environmentally to show that their brand stands for something. For customers, it’s appearing now that if brands don’t take a stance that they don’t stand for anything, which makes them less appealing to brands. Ideally, this stance will be the same as your audience’s and you’ll be able to incorporate it well into your brand identity. Make sure that if you say that your brand stands for something, it is consistently shown throughout all of your marketing so that your audience is well aware of it. 

Be Different 

Standing out is getting harder every year and with the new trends that come out. Brands are similar in the way that they choose to express themselves and the latest and greatest always seems to be what everyone’s using. If there’s a new trend for particular graphics, it seems that every brand starts to use it. This makes it nearly impossible for brands to have signature looks that make them recognizable and makes it easy to stand out amongst competitors. 

This year we’re seeing brands be creative with their branding by making their company stand out with unique, imperfect designs. More and more designers are deciding to use quirky designs to give brands a signature look with one-of-a-kind images. Typically, you’ll see hand-drawn designs being used in this case for brands, so that they have a signature look from the designer. This is where it’s important that you aren’t afraid to experiment and you aren’t afraid to be different with your branding. Be adventurous and allow your brand to get a little crazy. 

Make It Imperfect 

Another branding trend that we’re seeing more often this year is for brands to have imperfect designs incorporated into their branding. Gone are the perfect designs that used to represent brands and instead we’re seeing brands that are a little rough around the edges and far from the perfect style. Once again, this usually means graphic designers using hand-drawn designs for branding and straying away from picture-perfect designs.  It’s important to remember that this branding won’t work well with every brand, but for the ones that it does it suits it perfectly. 

A reason why this form of branding is so popular is that it ensures that your brand stands out and looks different. When you have branding that’s still rough around the edges, it leaves a memory in customers and makes it so that they easily recognize your brand at first sight. By incorporating branding designs into your branding identity that’s rough around the edges, hand-drawn, and unique in its own way you’ll leave an impression on customers. This form of branding is incredibly popular this year and we’ve seen many businesses using it. 

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