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How Do I Join a Startup Company?

Have you ever thought about joining a startup? Joining a startup can be a life-changing decision and, for some, the right one. But without the proper research and knowledge, you could find yourself entering a world that might not be a good fit for you. In this article, we cover all the basics of joining a startup! 

The idea of joining a startup may seem appealing to those who are considering leaving a fast-paced large work environment. Debating if you want to join a start-up can be a tough question; you don’t know if you’re ready for that step, and start-ups can be different than big corporations. 

Before you make your decision you want to do your research and know if, you decide to make your decision, you want to know how to join a startup and how to find one. Fortunately for you, we’ve covered all the basics of what you need to know. In this article, we’ll tackle everything that you have to know about joining a start-up! 

The Experts 

At one point, many thought that joining a startup would be too risky and not worth it. You wouldn’t know how long the company could be around and that in itself could leave the possibility that at any point you may be out of a job. This is where you want to ensure that you’re listening to the experts. 

See what the pros have to say when it comes to joining a startup. Many can give you valuable advice about how to go about joining a startup. A quick google search and you’ll have advice from hundreds of experts. Do your research and follow what the experts are saying; they know best. 

You Want More Cash

Although it’s true that joining a startup is incredibly risky and may not always be worth it, it’s also true that every company started somewhere. When joining a start up versus a big corporation, you have the potential to have a major role in what could potentially be a huge and successful company. 

When you’re thinking about making money with a startup, it’s important that you’re thinking realistically. Ensure that you’ve already covered how much you’ll be making with the start-up before you begin work. You need to how what your salary is, if bonuses are included and anything else that will impact your financial situation with the company. 

The main reason that people can make money with startups is when they manage to get equity with the company. The idea of having ownership in a company is something that may seem exciting to many, but it’s important that you’re realistic about it. Make sure that the equity you’re receiving is a good percentage and that it’s worth it. 

The Culture 

A startup’s culture is much different than a big corporation. It’s usually much less face-paced and, unlike big corporations, you’ll usually be dealing with the owners. As with joining any company, you want to get an idea of the startup culture in general and then the specific company’s culture. 

See what their day to day workflow is like. How do managers communicate with their team? What’s communication like between co-workers? What are social events within the company like? You want to ensure that you’ve covered everything and that you know what kind of work environment you’ll be getting involved with. 

It’s important that, when looking for a job with a startup company, you don’t settle. If you see any red flags or something that would turn you away from the job, don’t go with it anyway. Listen to those red flags and wait for an opportunity that works for you. You want to work somewhere that you like, as well as somewhere that will be able to meet your financial needs. If you find that the company you’re looking at can’t do either of those, it’s best to move on. 

Meet Co-Workers

In any company, it’s important that you have a good boss and good coworkers. Especially if you’re in a position where it will be necessary to collaborate with other team members on projects and being a team player is essential, you want a good team behind you. Many companies won’t mind you getting a good look at what their company environment and workflow looks like. 

See if you can watch the team and how they interact for a bit. Or, even better, if the company will allow you can even ask to join in on a project or collaborate on a side project. One important part to always remember is that you spend a good chunk of your time with your co-workers. Often more time than you’ll spend with your own family. It’s necessary that you’re excited to work with them and don’t dread your time with them each day. 

Don’t Let It Get You Down

If you find out that a specific path isn’t for you don’t get discouraged. The startup life isn’t for everyone and because of one negative experience it doesn’t mean that the door is permanently closed. All companies are different, with different cultures and goals. Your personal goals may change over time as well, and you may find a startup that works better for you. Keep looking and remember that every startup is different.