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What Is a Business Plan?

Questioning the importance of a solid business plan for your company? Wondering if it’s necessary? Well, it certainly is necessary! Wondering why? We’ve listed all the reasons, as well as discussing what a business plan is in this article!  

A good, solid business plan is of the utmost importance when it comes to building the foundation of your company. Without a business plan, you won’t have a direction for your company; your business plan is basically the blueprint for your company and it’s crucial to know the plan for your company. A business plan doesn’t have to be long and formal as many assume.

So long as it’s a roadmap that guides you on the right path and gives clear directions as to where you’re headed with your company it will work. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about a business plan including what it is and why you need it.  

What Is A Business Plan? 

First, let’s start this off by ensuring that we’re all on the same page by covering the basics. Maybe a few of you are unsure of exactly what a business plan or you have some knowledge that needs a refresh. Either way, we’re here to tell you what a business plan is before we dive into why you need it. 

The best way to think of your business plan is that it’s your roadmap. It’ll guide you on your journey to achieving your business goals and show you the big picture. A good business plan guides you through every stage of your company and guides you on how to run it. If you plan to bring on business partners and investors then a business plan is crucial. 

If You’re Seeking Investors 

When it comes to getting investors and loans they want to know that you’re serious with your company and that you have a plan for where you’re headed. This isn’t to say that you have to be prepared with a long document, but it’s important that you have a professional document that shows them about your company. 

Your business plan must make it easy and clear for investors and others to understand your company, what you do, and the history of your company. If you’re able to present data through charts, it will not only impress your investors but also give them more knowledge of your company. The more you can give them the better! 


One of the hardest decisions with running a company is when you have to spend a large chunk of money on a huge investment. You second guess yourself, debate if it’s truly necessary, and begin to overthink it. It can be difficult to decide with full confidence. 

A good business plan, however, fully outlines everything that you need to know when it comes to making purchases. It can be helpful to have an outline that tells you what’s coming next. As you enter a new phase in your company where it may be necessary to hire new employees, you can reference your business plan to ensure that the extra help is necessary. 

It Helps You Plan 

Although this one may be the most obvious, it’s still equally important to ensure that you know when thinking of the benefits of your business plan. Your business plan will, ultimately, ensure that you’re on schedule. It makes it so that your entire team is on the same page and there’s no confusion about where you’re headed. 

You’ll be able to not only tell them but show them how you’re attempting to meet goals and what your plan is to reach them. It’s a way of telling them your plan for getting from this point to the next. This shows the whole team the big picture and encourages them to go forward. 

When you have employees, regardless of the size of the company, you want them to feel like their part matters. This will encourage them to put the effort in and do their best if they know that participating is helping the company reach a larger goal. Having a clear goal for them to see and a way that you track the company’s progress is crucial to having a good work environment. 

Achievable Goals 

This goes with the last one. Every company needs to have achievable goals that they follow to be able to reach their vision. You want to ensure that you have a solid business plan that includes goals and milestones. These goals and milestones should be what your employees can see to know where the company is headed. 

The more goals that you have broken down into actions the easier it will be to reach your main goal by completing small ones. This will help ensure that the whole team is aligned with the same vision and the same goals for the company. Once you have these goals, you can guide your sales and marketing in the right direction to achieve them.

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