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What Makes a Good Package Design?

Package designs are everywhere that we look. From our Amazon package in the mail to walking around stores and seeing the shelves stocked, we see package designs quite a bit. Most often than not, what we see on a product will determine whether or not we buy it. In fact, many products are overlooked merely because of the packaging. 

As a consumer, you probably assume that you’re a fairly logical shopper, right? Wrong. The subconscious has a lot to do with the average consumer’s choice of the product while shopping. A lot of choices are made within seconds, even when you think that you’re just browsing the store. 

This is where things get tricky for those attempting to sell their product. They need to find a way to grab the consumer’s attention and convince them, out of the millions of products on the shelves, to choose theirs. This is where a good designer can help. You need product packaging that stands out. What makes a good package design? Let’s see! 


Packaging first and foremost has to grab people’s visual attention. A high quality, attractive package design will stand out against others. It will draw consumer’s attention, even from a distance, to your product. Before adjusting your branding or deciding on a new package design, you want to think about your audience. 

Think about, in their terms, what they’ll find attractive. Different brands want to incorporate different aspects into their design to ensure that it will grab the attention of their audience. Maybe you’ll want to go with an all-natural look or choose bright colors based on your audience and brand. 


This one goes hand in hand with the first tip. You want your package to stand out, and the only way that will happen is if it’s different from the others. Get creative and let your imagination run wild; think outside the box. Remember that consumers are seeing hundreds of packages on a shelf and yours has to grab their attention. 

You have to offer something unique and out of the ordinary to your audience. GIve them something that they haven’t seen before. Think about what will make your product stand out and grab people’s attention. Don’t be afraid to be different and create a package design that stands out in drastic comparison to everything else. It may be the best thing that you can do for your product. 

Make The Brand Clear 

A good package design will make the brand clear. It’s important that, at a glance, consumers can tell what brand it is. You want your brand to be easy to recognize and displaying your brand colors and showing your company name over your packaging is the best way to accomplish this. 

If people don’t know what your company is, they won’t buy from you. Even more importantly, if people don’t know what the product is they own’t buy it. If your company name doesn’t directly tell people what the product is that the name is printed on, make sure that the product name is in bold. People want to know what they’re buying. 

Give Information 

Think about how many times you’ve bought something without knowing what it was and what was in it. It probably isn’t too often. Many people check the packaging to get information about the product and see the ingredient list. Your product packaging should include any information that you think maybe valuable for the consumer. 

This is also a perfect opportunity to include information that benefits your selling points. Think about what makes you stand out from your competition and why you think they should choose your product over the others on the shelf. You can include this on your packaging as selling points. It can make a huge difference in convincing consumers to choose your product in a split second. 

In Conclusion 

Overall, your packaging design is a critical aspect of your company. Without a good package design, your products don’t stand a chance against the competition. Think about how fast consumers are making decisions while shopping and what will convince them to choose your product instead of the others available. What will grab their attention? 

Think about what you can use to create a package design that you’re proud to display. You want your packaging to be attractive, be different from the others, make the brand clear, and give information to consumers about what your product is. With the right eye and knowledge, you’ll be creating amazing package designs in no time!