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Tips for Growing Your Real Estate Brand

Just like if you worked in retail, food service, beauty, wellness, or another service industry, your marketing presence as a real estate brand is important. With any of those careers, your prime concern is likely growing your brand and increasing your target audience. And with real estate, this has never been truer after this past year when the housing market boomed and the list of agents that buyers and sellers could work with grew immensely. 

When it comes to real estate, everyone that you meet can be a current, or future, client. It doesn’t matter if your business is only a few employees or a larger corporation, branding is important. Your marketing strategy needs to be more than just a logo, it needs to consist of a wide array of moving parts because when your marketing strategy is widespread, the reach you have grows. And this reach is so crucial to your business’s growth and success. 

Read on below to learn four marketing tips that can help you grow your real estate brand!

1.) Be consistent

What potential clients want is not a business that is only there when they need something. You want to be consistent, so your clients know that you are always there. Being reliable doesn’t mean simply replying to emails and questions, it means ensuring that your marketing messaging and content is also reliable. When you forego consistency, your followers will lose interest in your brand and go elsewhere. So, if you have a blog, then post consistently. There’s nothing worse than a reader stopping by your blog only to find that your last post was weeks, or even months, ago. And, if you have an email newsletter, be consistent with the timing of when you send it out.

Email newsletters are a terrific tool to stay accountable with delivering content to your audience, while also providing ongoing value to your readers. The thing with real estate content is that there are so many topics you can pursue whether that is current trend alerts, neighborhood spotlights, finance tools for home buying and selling, architecture features, or just general market insight. When you put content like this in a newsletter, you’re not only solidifying yourself as an industry expert, but you’re giving your potential, and current, clients the information they need in an aesthetically appealing way. 

2.) Have a social media presence

If you have never looked at your competitors’ feeds, do that now. This will help you learn what content is appealing to the customers of your competitors and will show you what your competitors are currently doing on their platforms. When you do this, you have the power to stand out and it’s safe to assume, that if a post gets a lot of “likes” or attention, then that is a post that resonates with your target audience. 

If a company does not have a social media presence, people won’t pursue them any longer. Having a presence on not only Instagram but other platforms as well is crucial to your brand’s success. Just like with other industries, these platforms have transformed the way that people interact with brands. When it comes to home buying and selling, the first place people will turn to is Google. The more of an online presence you have, the higher the likelihood that you will be one of the first results that they see for your area! 

Your feed can be more than just a photo of a “for sale” sign. Think about engaging graphics, 3D tours, video clips of the neighborhood, snapshots of the best places to eat in the area, client spotlights, and whatever else will mix up your feed. The more you post and the more “likes” you receive, the more you are seen and shared. If you engage followers even when they aren’t looking to buy a home, they’ll turn to you first when they are ready. 

3.) Increase your audience

When it comes to real estate, your audience is constantly changing. Once someone buys a home, they may still follow your feed, but the likelihood that they will need your service again soon is slim. But what these clients do have is the power to refer. That’s why you want to make sure that your content includes a mixture of content that appeals to the passive homebuyer who is following your accounts, as well as the prospective homebuyers. 

After this, then you want to transition to think about how you can grow your brand with new clients. One of the simplest, and often overlooked, ways to do this is by referrals. If you don’t already offer a referral gift to clients, consider adding one. If you don’t have an automated system in place to generate referrals, and process them, from your existing network, implement one. When you think about referrals, think about what clients would need (or want) to follow through on passing along referrals. Consider a creative approach like putting a sticker on a wine bottle, or a holiday ornament for new homebuyers, or a less flashy approach like a simple referral invitation. Both approaches will help you stand out with will remind your clients to follow through on referring you, clients!

4.) Don’t stop creating

If you’ve followed these tips you’ve now created a recurring email newsletter, increased your social media engagement, and have taken steps to get your brand in front of more people, but that’s not enough. Your audience wants to be engaged, and they want to continue to be engaged in different ways. Yes, this is extra work, but when you create new content, you are also getting in front of the people you didn’t get in front of with the other steps! 

This other audience you haven’t tapped into are people who don’t follow you on social media and don’t receive your emails, so create different content to get in front of them! Think about informative videos, downloadable content, e-learning materials, podcast episodes, business checklists, and other avenues that can generate new leads for your brand. When you do this, you are taking advantage of all the vehicles out there to build a brand and name recognition. Brand and name recognition go hand in hand with credibility because as you share more information on tips and tricks, you’ll become a subject matter expert in the real estate industry. 

When it comes to any brand, there are so many marketing components to consider, real estate included. No matter how large or small your real estate business is, you want anyone that views your content to stick around and be turned into a long-term customer. 

At Hatchwise, we can help you take your marketing strategy to the next level – whether you need help with your real estate business’s logo, website design, blog design, or something else!   

All you have to do is get in touch with our team at Hatchwise to kick-off a logo contest or other project to get started on growing your real estate brand!

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