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Unlimited Naming Contests; What They Are and Tips For Writing A Naming Contest Brief

The perfect unlimited naming contest result; it sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Usually, when it comes to naming contests, you can count on at least a few things going wrong, and, more often than not, you’ll have to tweak a things before you receive the perfect result.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. I’m here to tell you that there’s a way that you can get the perfect result from your unlimited naming contest on your very first try. 

Before you put all your faith in the information provided in this article it’s important to tell you that there is no magic recipe for receiving the perfect name. To receive the desired results, for any type of contest that you hold, it requires patience and the right selection in the platform that you use to hold your contest. You want to be assured that you are going to have not only plenty of participation but also be working with talented creatives. 

So, although we don’t have the perfect recipe, we do have a few tips on what it takes to receive the very best naming contest result. You want to find the business name of your dreams, and we are here to offer some ways to make that process as simple, and swift as possible!

Fill Out A High-Quality Unlimited Naming Contest Brief 

The first step to ensuring that you receive the best result depends heavily on your naming contest brief. This is often the step where people go wrong most often because they don’t spend enough time on it. They’ll often spend a quick minute filling each section without putting too much thought into it, but this is the opposite of what should be done. 

When it comes to your naming contest brief it’s important that you take your time to fill in each section. This is what creatives will see and how they’ll be able to judge not only what you’re looking for but also your company’s style and tone. This is crucial for what your result will be for the contest. 

Here are a few tips for filling out your unlimited naming contest brief

Background of your company. Creatives will need some information about your company before they can effectively write a naming copy for it. If you have the opportunity, take a few minutes to write a paragraph about where your company is and what it does. Talk about how it’s gotten to that point and give them some background. The creatives should know about the company that they’re writing copy for. 

Fill out your naming criteria. This section in the unlimited naming contest is where you’ll talk about all your dreams, wishes, and detests for the unlimited naming contest. If you have a strong dislike for a specific style of writing or specific words, this is the time to say it. Be as specific as possible in filling out what you want and want you don’t want. This helps to eliminate changes or edits in the future and ensures that the creatives will be more apt to get it right the first time. 

Your audience. The creatives must know who they’re writing for before they’ll be able to do it accurately. Tell them about your audience; their age range, their gender, and their interests. This will help them to aim copy that’s aimed at a specific group instead of just general copy. 

Be as descriptive as possible

When it comes to telling creatives about what you’re looking for, it’s important that you are as descriptive as possible with your unlimited naming contest brief. Unlimited naming contests are similar to unlimited graphic design contests and unlimited creative contests with the fact that the creatives need a lot to go off of. 

Tell them exactly what you’re looking for, give them examples, and be descriptive. You’ll be shocked at how close to your vision the creative’s entries can be if you’re as specific as possible with your unlimited naming contest brief. Be thorough and take time to ensure that you have covered everything; it may take time, but it will be worth it when you receive the results. It will also save you time in the long run by ensuring that creatives won’t be requesting more information. 


The key to any good result is communication. You can’t just expect to put out an unlimited naming contest brief and think that the creatives will automatically be able to ready your mind on what you’re looking for. If they (or the company that is running the contest) have questions, be sure that you’re always available to answer them. 

This will help ensure that the final result is exactly what you’re looking for. Communication can help avoid re-dos or causing issues with miscommunication about the end product. If the creatives or company come to you with questions or asking for better communication with something then it’s important that, instead of being annoyed, you have a more patient approach. 

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