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FEATURED Design Of The Week:

Hi everyone!
While not the winning entry, we love this simple statement logo designed by FOX for a recent contest for a pet supply company.

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What you call your small business is one of the single most important decisions you will make regarding your company. And unlike your logo, your web design, or even your brand, when it comes to what you name your business, there isn’t a lot of wiggle room if you decide down the road that you want to change it. 

Even if you are 100% convinced that you have found the perfect name for your new business, sleep on it. Then, spend some more time brainstorming, test it with an audience, and put the name through even more tests. Don’t be afraid to take your time! Choosing the wrong name for your business can have big consequences — including financial ones. 

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Every entrepreneur dreams of scaling their company one day. When starting off, every company’s long-term goal is to work towards growing and scaling into a bigger company that, ultimately, makes a larger profit. However, this is often easier said than done.

There comes a time with every business where you’ve experienced steady growth, you’ve been around for a while, and your company is doing well. Let’s even dare to say that your company is not just doing well, it’s doing GREAT. You may think it may be time to take the next step, to embrace the future of your company, and finally, take a leap to get your company to the next level. 
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Branding seems simple enough, in theory, but building a brand that speaks to the heart of your company and has wide appeal is no easy feat. If you’re unsure how to tackle your branding, check out our latest article on the eight types of branding in marketing. Learn how they apply to you and how to use them to build a powerful brand that speaks to your target audience. 

Just like companies, branding comes in all shapes and sizes. For both start-ups and well-established businesses, knowing the eight main types of branding and which work best for your company is a must. Whatever branding types you choose, remember that the best branding is earnest and genuine.

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When it comes to online sales there is one company that consistently stands out from its competition. We probably don’t need to tell you what company we’re referring to but in case you haven’t guessed Amazon yet, well Amazon is that company. 

You know Amazon as your go-to marketplace for groceries, wellness products, clothing, e-books, or even television shows but even all those things don’t begin to scratch the surface of what Amazon offers. 

There’s a reason why shoppers visit Amazon consistently and it’s not only because shoppers can buy anything under the sun in a single purchase. What keeps shoppers coming back is that Amazon is a brand consumers trust and what built that brand awareness is a logo that is recognizable worldwide. 

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