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Featured Design Contest: Tohil Harmonics – Alternative Healing Services

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A recent client and quantum harmonic healing service, Tohi Harmonics, came to Hatchwise to request a logo design that would reflect the unique blend of science and spirituality that the brand incorporates into its healing modalities.

Springing up from a group of 425 entries, the winning logo was the perfect match for the revolutionary quantum healing services Tohi Harmonics offers.

What Was Requested

Rooted in a fusion of energy healing, metaphysics, frequencies, and quantum technology, Tohi Harmonics sought a symbol that would resonate with its target audience, offering alternative healing services for humans, animals, and spaces.

To reflect their unique approach, Tohi Harmonics envisioned a logo that would embody balance, harmony, and the profound depth of quantum science. The client sought to blend natural elements with quantum symbols, signifying the convergence of science and spirituality at the heart of their business. The journey led to the exploration of captivating spirals, waves of energy, and a palette of calming shades like blue and purple, harmonizing with accents of gold.

Keep reading to discover 10 designs from the contest and how each approached the challenge of creating a logo that embodies the Tohi Harmonics brand and vision.

A Few Entry Comparisons

This entry went for human and spiritual elements with a representation of the 7 chakras framed by an ethereal vortex, a subtle triangle and the outline of a woman.

With golds, blues and reds encircling the core image and a black background, this logo is striking and a beautiful interpretation of the Tohi Harmonics brand.

#3160428 by Nikho_Zholeh97

This next entry ramps up the spiritual elements by incorporating a blend of sacred geometry, a central eye symbol, pendulum-like points and the use of blue and purple against a black background for a bold logo. Almost compass-like, this logo embodies the balance and tranquility represented by the Tohi Harmonics brand.

#3160678 by ENVIRON

Sporting a symbol of the atom and a person sitting in the lotus position, this entry emphasizes the merging of spirituality and science in a simplistic style.

With the Tohi Harmonics name presented in a serif typeface, this design differs from the flowing font styles present in other designs while offering a clean, professional look.

#3158610 by alvianberjaya

Leaning heavily into Tohi Harmonic’s suggestion for the inclusion of gold colors into the logo, this design is reminiscent of a vinyl record with a beautiful blend of blues and metallic gold.

Diverging considerably from most other entries, this logo is kept light with gold accents and centers a kneeling human (possibly ancient Egyptian) to bring the human element into this unique design.

#3158976 by Zerro7ID

An alternate take on an aforementioned logo, this design’s rainbow colors and use of sacred 

geometry has a mesmerizing look. Using inner and outer circles along with  a central eye, the design captures the eye while presenting the text in a light font and playful manner.

#3160273 by ENVIRON

With a central design heavily reminiscent of an atom or molecule and stars gracing the bottom, this entry has subtle allusions to science as well as a cosmic connection. The fading and merging of reds, blues and oranges give the design an interesting look while partially obscuring the font. 

While the design is beautiful, the difficulty in seeing the brand name against a black background and a lack of human element produce a lack of clarity overall. 

#3158593 by pramudya

This entry takes simplicity and creativity to another level, with a design that’s less busy than other entries but still effective.

An eye inside a semicircle invokes the human and spiritual element Tohi Harmonics desired while an interesting tuning fork symbol inside the text incorporates science and a suggestion of harmonics and frequency. 

#3158553 by liong

Close to the aesthetic of the winning logo and sharing the same designer, this entry uses imagery of flowing, curving text and a vortex to create an intriguing logo.

While chakras are featured in other designs, this logo uses a human figure to display the chakras in traditional locations along the human body. Primarily purple and white, this design is effective and unique.

#3154328 by Jagad Langitan

The designer of this logo went for a different take on the spiral theme requested by Tohi Harmonics.

With a female profile central to the logo, the design turns the “hair” of the figure into a spiral of white and colored circles that intentionally include spiritual motifs like the colors of chakras, a spark of light at the third eye and a flower in the middle of the spiral.

Compact, simple and done in various shades of purple with white text, this design offered a refreshing take on the Tohi Harmonics logo.

#3149685 by emha_pgk

The Winning Design

Winning the grand prize of $230, the winning design for Tohi Harmonic’s logo was selected out of 425 entries.

Incorporating the company’s wish to symbolize a dynamic flow of energy and a central element such as a spiral, the design captures the essence of what the brand seeks to convey.

Like many other entries, the winning logo places the 7 chakras as a focal point. With the flow of the text along the lines of the outer circle and the prominent vortex, the design emphasizes harmony, balance and flow.

The designer initially submitted a similar earlier work, but with the incorporation of the colors of the chakras, the design was elevated to first place.

#3164911 by Jagad Langitan

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