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FEATURED Design Of The Week

Hi folks!
Who says goblins can’t be cute? We love this design that recently won a lawn care logo design contest!
Great job, AbrarAbdillah

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FEATURED POST: Emoji Meanings and The History of Emojis

Everyone uses emojis; these are bright expressions that people of all ages can use to display their emotions in advertising, journalism, and a vast range of other professional and personal ways.

Emojis serve as visual cues for a range of feelings, yet their meanings aren’t universally fixed. One simple emoji can mean a dozen different things depending on the individual who uses it and the context in which it’s used.

Regarding social media captions, texting, newsletters, and more, emojis can be used in a thousand different ways depending on the context. It’s easy to get confused about what emojis mean, which is why you’ve come to the right place.

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Featured Design Contest: Singletary Fishing Co.

Singletary Fishing Co. came to Hatchwise with an idea of what they wanted, removed all limitations for the design, and when the entries were reviewed, selected the perfect logo they knew would be easy to recognize and that spoke to the angler in all of us.
If you are curious about what they had to pick from, take a look at a handful of the contest entries. A lot of thought and heart went into every one of them.

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Featured Design Contest: Shroomies

Shroomies was recently one of those companies that turned to Hatchwise for help in designing its custom logo. With Hatchwise, all Shroomies had to do was fill out a creative brief outlining the details of what the brand was looking for in a logo, and then Hatchwise’s team of creatives from all over the globe got to work on designing it.

It wasn’t long before Shroomies received a wide array of entries to choose the winning design from.

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The History of the Batman Logo

You don’t have to be a comic fan to have heard of the iconic Batman. Batman is a cultural icon that has been around since his first appearance in 1939.
Since then, he has taken the world by storm by making memorable changes to the comic industry and superheroes overall. Batman was initially mentioned in Detective Comics in 1939 and is now known as one of the most famous and influential superheroes ever.

What’s the secret to the superhero’s longevity? The key to Batman’s ability to stay popular despite the new superheroes that have come around and the new eras that comic books and television have seen is Batman’s ability to adapt to change.
Batman is a superhero who has evolved and changed over time, just as social media has. The famous Batman symbol exemplifies the evolution of Batman from being shown in comics and novels to TV and film. 

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