Featured Logo Design Contest: Drippy

This contest saw over 400 entries from our talented creatives and the client paid a total of $150 for their winning design! Over 100 creatives participated in the contest and submitted entries and the contest was viewed 9580 times.

This contest, in particular, was unique, seeing a variety of creative entries and a result that the client loved. The client wrote in their contest brief,We are developing a high quality, luxury personal lubricant. We want a clean minimalist style to match our clean minimal ingredient list. Good for the body, all-natural ingredients. We are targeting people who care about what goes into their bodies and the environment.” 

Based on the information provided in the contest brief, these are the entries that the creatives submitted for the contest. Let’s take a look at what was submitted and what the final result for the contest was! 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative SATRI

This entry usees a teel blue on a black background to stand out against the back. The first letter in the company name, D, incorporates a drop. The word below is in white, standing out against the blue and black on the logo design. This logo is bright, enthusiastic, and stands out. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative art dent

This logo uses large lettering in a teel blue color to express the company. The lettering below the name is in grey and it’s shown on a white background. The logo makes an instant impression and suits the brand well. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative fije

Using a teel blue for the color choices on a black background this logo stands out drastically for the brand. It’s sleek and professional-looking, with a minimalist design to it. Although similar to the first entries submitted, this design has its own signature look that makes it stand out from the others. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative ​​andsue

This entry shows the company name in a teel blue with the rest of the lettering below. The lettering is shown on a dark blue background, contrasting the lighter blue well. This logo has style and stands apart from the others. The light blue on the darker blue gives a sleek and stylish look to the logo. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative manD

This entry design is different, with the company name directly in the middle of the design and the words in grey above it. This design entry is simple and straightforward, not overcomplicating anything or cluttering the design. The entry is a simplistic and classy design while still being simplistic. 

Entry submitted by Hachwise created ariefsant88

This design is shown in a light ice blue, with the letters below it in the same color. This logo is shown on a white background, letting the logo stand out in crisp and sharp lettering at the front. There’s a little shadowing done here, but overall the logo is simple, with large rounded lettering for the logo choice. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative refky_design

This logo entry stands out for the color choices, displaying the logo in grey instead of the traditional blue. The lettering is above the company name this time instead of below it, with rounded lettering for the company name. This logo is simple and different from the other entries submitted. 

Winning entry submitted by Hatchwise creative refky_design

After reviewing all the entries submitted by our creatives and rating them, the client chose a winning entry as their new logo! Congratulations to refky_design for submitting the winning entry! The logo is featured above, a teal blue color choice and unique lettering on a black background. We love getting to review contests and see the different entries submitted and this contest was no exception! 

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