Featured Design Contest: TGIF Body Shop – Autobody Repair Logo

We see dozens of contents run at Hatchwise but every once in a while we’ll see one in particular that catches our eye. This contest for a body shop caught our interest as we were looking through the website and we were instantly interested in learning more about it.

Not only were we intrigued by the winning entry that was submitted for this design contest but we also enjoyed getting to see all the entries submitted and the variety of designs. These designs ranged from using a variety of colors for the concepts and different design styles that made each stand out from the others.

After taking a look at this contest and seeing how fascinating all the details were we were instantly excited to share it with our readers. 

That’s why we collected our favorite entries to share with you as well as the winning entry and the important details that our creatives looked at to design their concepts. Below we share all of this and more so make sure to keep reading! 

What Was Requested 

To start the process the client filled out the contest brief where they described what they were looking for and shared about their company. Before getting started on their concepts Hatchwise creatives made sure to review the brief so that they understood the company and gathered the necessary information.

In their contest brief, the client described what they were looking for as the following, “It should possibly connote what we do, as when I give my business card as a woman, we are often mistaken as an outlet for lotions or message. It would also suffice if it gives one the idea of what we are about. (I have no idea what that looks like. lol). Also people always wonder what TGIF stands for (To Get It Fixed….in case you forget the name you say to yourself I need to get it fixed….of yes, TGIF)

After reviewing the brief Hatchwise creatives started to work on designing concepts to submit to the contest. 

Entries Submitted 

This first entry focuses on the company name, displaying the letters in blue right at the center. Above it, we see a car in black and outlined in the same blue. The design features two spotlights on the car and the company slogan is shown in white and black. The entire design itself is shown on a white background and effectively shows what the company does while keeping it elegant and classy. 

This second entry keeps things cleaner by showing the company name and slogan inside a half-circle. This entry opted to use a light blue for part of the design while showing the remaining letters in black and on a clean white background. The design shows a car above part of the company in the same blue as the letters. The main focus in this design is the company name while subtly including the car, overall keeping a clean and simple look for the design. 

This creative opted to go in a different direction with their entry, using red, silver, and black for the design. The main element that we see in this design is a car that’s shown in front of a shield on a black background. The shield and car are outlined in red and silver on a black background. The company name and slogan are also shown in red and silver, standing out in contrast to the black background and creating a stark design. 

This creative opted to keep the design simple and clean, only choosing black and white for the color choices. We see a rectangle shown and inside it, there’s the company name with the slogan below it. Above the rectangle is shown half of a car with the words ‘Body Shop’ shown inside of the car. The whole design looks crisp and stylish while making an impact with the company name. The design ties together to create a bold and expressive concept that ties all the elements together. 

This last entry uses silver and light blue on a black background and decides to keep things classy with the design. The concept shows the company name in half silver and half blue and the company slogan below it in blue. Above the company name is shown a car that’s also half blue and half silver. This design does an excellent job of showing what the company does while also creating a stylish and classy design. 

The Result 

Winning entry submitted by Hatchwise creative walnzo

After reviewing all the entries submitted and rating them, the client finally decided on a winning entry and chose what they would use as their new logo. The winning entry is shown above and features blue and silver on a black mockup background. This design incorporates the company name and slogan while also showing what the company does by including a design of a car to the left of the name. The whole design is elegant and stylish while displaying the name and what they do. 

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