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Featured Design Contest: Sailing Trinity – Sail Boat Logo

A logo is a crucial aspect of a company as it can make or break its reputation. A strong logo can help create positive associations with a brand and differentiate it from competitors. At Hatchwise, we understand the significance of high-quality logos that leave a lasting impression.

Our team of creatives is skilled in delivering top-notch designs within tight deadlines. In this blog post, we will examine a recent contest held for a company, showcasing the client’s requirements, several entries submitted, and the winning design.

What Was Requested 

The client reviewed the content brief before starting their design concepts. When describing their company, they said Sailing Trinity is a Youtube channel focusing on sailing adventures and promoting freedom and wellness.

When specifying what they were looking for they said the logo should be minimalist, unique, and versatile. The primary audience is people who love sailing and the ocean, seeking adventure, freedom, and wellness.

They said the logo should incorporate the Celtic Trinity Knot and a tribal tattoo design style. The font should be legible and complement the overall design. The color palette should be minimalistic, using two or three colors at most. 

A Few Of The Entries 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative FXF Creations

The design submitted showcases the company’s name and services in blue and gold on a white background.

The company name is displayed in blue, with the slogan in gold below it. A unique sailboat design is placed above the company name, with a distinctive design to the right of the sail.

The boat is placed on blue water, and the entire design is presented on a white background, making it stand out and create an impression. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative severinus_bria

This next design stands out by showcasing a dark blue design on a light blue background.

The design shows a sailboat in dark blue with the company name below it and the slogan below that. The font is simple and clean while standing out for elegance and simplicity.

There are some gentle waves shown below the boat, and the entire design ties together in a cohesive and stylish manner. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative tiveeight

This design features a turquoise-blue color scheme that deviates from the previous design. The design part is smaller, while the company name is emphasized in a thick font.

A small design is placed above the company name, with the company slogan in smaller letters below. The design is set against a white background, highlighting its unique design and color choice.

The small details complement each other well, resulting in a powerful yet compact design. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative PEACEMAKER

This new design employs distinct colors to differentiate it from the previous one. It features a sailboat with the company name and slogan displayed beneath it.

The design uses a nude color for the sailboat, dark blue for the company name, and brown for the slogan. The design is presented against a white background to create a striking impression. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative kintong

The creative presented various design options to the client for them to choose from. The chosen design features a circle with a design in the center and the company name in an outer circle.

A mockup was provided to showcase how the design would look on a wall in a business setting. The design is simple yet eye-catching, drawing attention to the smaller details.

The availability of multiple options allowed the client to choose a design that stands out.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative PEACEMAKER

The design features a dark blue background with a white sailboat design. The sailboat is outlined and positioned above the company name and slogan. The overall look is sleek and unique, making it stand out from other designs. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative FXF Creations

The design showcases a silver sailboat on a black background with waves below it. The company name is placed in a larger font below the sailboat than the slogan. The design is simple, elegant, and cohesive. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Digiti Minimi

The latest entry showcases the sailboat design in two bold color choices, strikingly contrasting the white background. The sail is uniquely designed with a half circle around it, while blue and black waves are depicted underneath the boat.

The company name is in black, with the slogan in light blue. The entire design is presented on a clean white background. 

The Winning Result 

Winning entry submitted by Hatchwise creative SATRI

After reviewing all the 88 submitted entries, the client chose a winning entry they would use as their new logo.

The winning entry is shown above and features three versions so the client can choose what they prefer. It shows the same design with a dark blue, light blue, and white design with different colored wording for each concept.

The design is simple yet makes an impact by using a boat as a part of the company name to emphasize the company and what they do. The client has many different options to choose from, and we’re always happy when a client receives a design they love! 

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