Featured Design Contest: Mascot Design For Service Business – Mascot Design For Service Business

We always see a range of creative contests that are run here at Hatchwise, ranging in the type of contest and the entries that are submitted to the contest. This specific contest was for a business that was looking for a mascot for their company. According to their brief, they described their business as, “We are a service business that provides sales services for commission. For example – if you want to get your product on the shelves in Whole Foods, we will pitch the buyer on your behalf. If the buyer likes it you will soon be on shelves in all their stores.” 

We couldn’t have been more excited to see our creatives get started on this contest and see the entries that they submitted! In this blog post, we take a look at what we think are some of the best entries from the contest and the ending result that the client chose as their winning design. Let’s take a look at the mascot entries and all the unique entries submitted! 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative FXF Creations

This entry is unique and shows two creative seal mascots with bright and chipper personalities. The two mascots are shown next to each other with a computer between them. They’re both smiling and they appear happy and waving, with one taking off its hat on the left. This is not only a creative design, but the mascots are fun and bright. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative ekowahyu

This mascot design is a shark that’s wearing a spacesuit with a light blue circle behind him. The design is mainly blue, with the spacesuit being white, green, and red to bring a touch of color into it. The mascot is giving a thumbs up and smiling brightly to create a warm and welcoming personality. 

Entry submitted by  Hatchwise creative Rafiki

This mascot design is both fun and happy as well as adorable. It shows a blue snail that’s holding up a cup of coffee while typing on a laptop. The creative submits two different ideas with the bottom being the snail on top of a spaceship. He’s carrying two different boxes on top of the spaceship to show what the company does while still having a fun mascot idea. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative ekowahyu

This entry shows an otter wearing a unique outfit and smiling big. The otter is giving a thumbs up and is brown, with a touch of red, green, and grey in his outfit design. The mascot design is cute and has a strong personality. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative B.5 Art

This entry is creative, showing a mascot that’s on his laptop wearing sunglasses with a design behind him. The mascot is wearing a bright red tie that stands out and dark black shoes. He’s everything that you want in a mascot, both fun and creative while still being stylish and classy. 

Entry submitted by Hathwise creative B.5 Art

This guy takes the prize for the coolest mascot entry, with a smiling seal. It’s a light blue seal that’s sitting and pointing towards different icons. This shows what the company does while incorporating the mascot in a fun and artistic way. The mascot is fun and stands out brightly, an excellent option for the business. 

The Result 

Winning entry submitted by Hatchwise creative D’creator

After reviewing all the entries that were submitted and rating them, the client finally chose a winning design. The entry is featured above, showing different expressions on a seal mascot that’s riding a hoverboard. The mascot has a strong personality and uses colors that emphasize the fun side of the mascot and a mischievous side. We think this is a creative and fun entry and will work perfectly for the company! 

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