Logo Design Case Study: Bourbon & Bogeys

Hatchwise brings together skilled creatives from around the world. It’s a smorgasbord of talent! So, when a client starts a design contest, they often get an incredible batch of options. At Hatchwise, we love seeing the variety!

Here’s a recent contest for a bourbon-and-golf club. As you might imagine, this required a unique aesthetic. Our designers were up for the challenge! Read on to see the entries we thought were above par…and the one that brought home the trophy.

What Was Requested

Bourbon & Bogeys wanted a logo for their group that meets up for whiskey tastings and golf games. However, the tastings are the primary draw, so they didn’t want overt golf imagery. It was important that the design didn’t seem like either a tournament logo or a distillery logo. Bourbon & Bogeys’ target audience was mostly men aged 25 to 55. 

A Few Top-Shelf Entries

Logo Design Entry #2823674 by  Bhisma  

This logo design evokes the rustic comfort of a whisky tasting with one’s mates. An old-school whiskey barrel is the central image. The brand name appears in an earthy brown, bold serif typeface for a sophisticated yet fun look. A pair of golf clubs subtly cross behind the barrel, adding a dynamic quality. 

Logo Design Entry #2823544 by June 85 

This classy logo design expresses both the refined taste of whiskey drinkers and the pristine look of a golf course. Clean lines complement the simple color palette. The inner diamond suggests sophistication while the bold black crossbar helps the brand name stand out. The designer used a tall, thin serif for “Bourbon” and a modern sans-serif for “Bogeys,” highlighting the duality of the group’s main activities. 

Logo Design Entry #2823920 by sujono

This design also played on the idea of a whiskey barrel with crossing golf clubs. A dramatic golf ball appears at their intersection. The bold blackletter typeface suggests old-time customs and the charm of a public house. Meanwhile, the double outline and overall bold aesthetic create a sporty feeling.

Logo Design Entry #2824375 by LeoL

This logo design embraces a duotone, abstract aesthetic that makes great use of negative space. The inner circle is a golf ball, overlaid with a pint of beer. A ring of whisky glasses surrounds the central design, while a blocky typeface makes the brand name stand out. 

Logo Design Entry #2824293 by joegdesign 

Featuring excellent use of a blackletter typeface with Old-West vibes, this logo design shows a lowball glass flanked by golf balls. A simple barrel image ties everything together in the background. The curved shapes of the brand name and barrel create an organic, homey feel.

Logo Design Entry #2819323 by aymenfcb

This minimalist design cleverly blends a golf putt’s sweeping curve with the bourbon’s splash into a snifter glass. An elegant serif typeface connotes sophistication and simple pleasures.

Logo Design Entry #2817003 by ej94 

This logo design is visually complex yet sticks to a three-color palette. A golf ball nests inside a glass of bourbon. The distressed typeface on a bold banner shape suggests old-school sports. An elongated hexagon ties it all together. 

Logo Design Entry #2817037 by brein6

Styled like an old-school emblem, this charming logo depicts the brand name in an ornate typeface. The dark-brown silhouette of a whiskey barrel blends seamlessly into the border. Meanwhile, a small golf flag rises from the barrel, subtly hinting at the club’s preferred sport. 

Logo Design Entry #2824451 by nosukar 

This clever design combined the barrel and golf imagery as two halves of the main circle. The brand name appears in a bold typeface with subtle serifs. Look closely, and you’ll see the whisky bottle shape in the second “O.” The dropped baseline for the first and last letters add a dynamic quality.

Logo Design Entry # 2817648 by 237DSG 

Reminiscent of a traditional pub sign, this design depicts rough-hewn wood that evokes whiskey-barrel imagery. A more overt barrel shape intersects two crossing golf clubs, with a golf ball at the center. The entire logo is monochromatic yet textured for an earthy feel. 

And the Winner Is…

Logo Design Entry #2823928 by basicses

After reviewing 188 entries from 45 designers, Bourbon & Bogeys selected this logo design, which won a $250 prize. 

The final logo features the dual barrel-golf ball shape, a bold serif typeface, and earthy hues. Notice the flag at the end of the “N” and the snifter glass within the first “O.” The “&” appears within the “R” for a tight, highly legible design. It’s a fun yet sophisticated logo that evokes feelings of rustic comfort and friendly play. We’re very impressed!

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