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Featured Design Contest: Epicurean Healing Tree Wellness – Wellness Center Logo

Epicurean Healing Tree Wellness Center uncovers the root causes of ailments. The company has long been a haven for those seeking genuine wellness. They are taking their mission to new heights and embarking on a rebranding journey.

The brand provides healing by analyzing a strand of a client’s hair. They can unveil the intricate workings of the body, pinpointing the origins of symptoms and providing exclusive remedies to facilitate healing and symptom alleviation. This innovative approach has earned them a devoted clientele, primarily middle-aged women. However, they are branching out to touch more lives, particularly those of men.

The essence of Healing Tree Wellness Center is encapsulated in its powerful slogan: “Where the Impossible is Possible.” It symbolizes their unwavering belief in the body’s healing capacity when nurtured with the proper knowledge and remedies. 

What They Requested 

The challenge was to merge innovation, healing, and the timelessness that Healing Tree Wellness Center is renowned for into a single logo. Healing Tree Wellness Center’s previous logo featured a tree symbolizing growth, life, and vitality. But for this redesign, it was optional. 

They previously used earthy tones but were open to new colors, seeking something that would boldly stand out on signage, websites, social media platforms, printed marketing materials, and even television screens. Their vision was clear: a simple and classic logo that effortlessly captures attention and instantly communicates their identity. With 262 talented designers eager to leave their mark, the Epicurean Healing Tree Wellness Logo Design Contest began. 

The stakes were high, with the chosen designer set to receive a well-deserved prize of $240. Here, we will delve into the creative journey of the Epicurean Healing Tree Wellness Logo Design Contest, exploring the diverse entries and the ultimate winning design that will be the face of Healing Tree Wellness Center’s exciting rebranding. 

#3193435 by asun

Our first design features the iconic tree, symbolic of the brand, emerging from the letter ‘T’ in the company’s name.

The brand name is in uppercase letters, in a harmonious palette of earthy browns and vibrant greens. Directly below this, the tagline is in a sleek black font, ensuring clarity and emphasis.

#3193431 by asun

In yet another submission by Asun, the motif of the Tree re-emerges. This iteration features the Tree as the foreground for the brand name, crafted from rich brown branches interwoven with vibrant green leaves.

The brand name, boldly presented in uppercase, integrates shades of brown and green. Beneath it, the slogan stands out, rendered in a stark black font.

#3197165 by Omar_Elgendy

Our next logo design features a sophisticated embossed appearance. The first word of the brand name is presented in sentence case, using a green ombre font that transitions smoothly from one shade to another.

The term “tree” within the brand name is a rich brown, and several vibrant green trees emerge from it. Directly below, the “Wellness Center” is centered. In classic black and sentence-case, the tagline resides beneath as a finishing touch. 

#3193708 by Rainbow.1

This design submission showcases a tree characterized by its deep brown branches that stretch out in intricate patterns and are adorned with vibrant green leaves. The brand’s name, “Healing Tree,” is in a cursive font with shades of brown and green.

Beneath the main brand name, “Wellness Center” complements it. The tagline is displayed beneath in all capital letters. 

#3193403 by Real

This depiction presents a majestic tree painted in contrasting shades of black and verdant green, set against the backdrop of a towering mountain.

Beneath this scene, the brand name is boldly showcased in uppercase, harmonizing with the same black and green tones.

Complementing the overall design, a tagline graces the visual in the same subtle grey used to contour the mountain. 

#3197466 by Nikho_Zholeh97

Next, this submission unveils a majestic tree with deep brown branches that dance gracefully in the winds. Each branch is adorned with vibrant green leaves that flutter in the breeze.

Emblazoned beneath is the brand name, blending shades of earthy brown and lively green.

#3193448 by dis 

The design for the next entry showcases intricately detailed leaves that branch out from green, swirled stems. In varying shades of green, these branches curve to highlight the brand name.

The company name is displayed in a blend of both dark and light green uppercase fonts. The tagline stands out with a fresh shade of green and is in bold, all-capital letters.

#3195347 by Design Rock

This submission showcases a long, curved leaf sprouting smaller leaves along its arch. Nestled beneath are budding brown leaves that provide contrast.

Just below is the brand name, in a verdant green hue and set in bold uppercase letters.

#3195226 by yoyoksan

This logo design is highlighted by a circle featuring an intricate tree at its core. The upper part of the circle is adorned with an array of multicolored boxes, forming a mosaic.

Contrasting this, the bottom part showcases a singular leaf. Below this is the company’s name, in varying shades of green — from deep forest hues to light, fresh pastels, adding depth. The tagline is boldly typeset in all caps and a stark black.

#3193457 by dis

Next is a logo that showcases the emblematic “healing tree.” Its intricate design radiates in varying gradients of green. Directly below is the brand name in a two-tone green palette.

Completing the look, the tagline sits just underneath in uppercase letters. 

#3193275 by Ameer967

The next design showcases a monochromatic theme. The brand name blends shades of black and vibrant green.

The letter “I” in the brand name cleverly extends upwards, morphing into a tree with green leaves. Right beneath this sits a striking tagline in bold black uppercase letters. 

 #3197201 by stargraphic

The following design features a prominently displayed tagline, boldly set in all caps. This tagline is in a striking shade of green and arches over a circle.

Inside this circle is a brown tree. Its trunk stands firm in a patch of vibrant green grass, and the canopy has lush green leaves. Nestled just below is the brand name in shades of dark and light green in uppercase letters. 

#3195175 by muchib99

The next logo design features a striking circle at its center with a rich, dark green tree that stands out against light green leaves. The tree’s design integrates people, adding depth and character.

Below the circle, the brand name is proudly displayed in bold, dark, and light green uppercase letters. The tagline is positioned beneath the brand name, in a classic black, all-capitalized font.

#3196584 by Art_Creation

Encircled by the tagline is a tree of deep blue branches sprouting vibrant green leaves.

Beneath the Tree, the brand name stands out in bold, uppercase letters in shades of blue and green.

 #3197498 by dignr08

This design has a timeless elegance with its monochromatic palette. Dominated by a rich, deep black backdrop, it contrasts sharply with a pristine white silhouette of the Tree.

The brand name stands out in bold, all-capital lettering, also in brilliant white. The simplicity and contrast of the design make it both contemporary and classic. 

The Winning Design

#3195472 by Real

The client desired a design that seamlessly melded a bold statement with timeless simplicity. The winning entry, crafted by Real, masterfully encapsulated the client’s vision while daringly introducing a vivid splash of color.

Dominating the design is a distinctive circle emblem, where the upper arc gleams with amber, sunburst orange, and fiery red hues.

Beneath this vibrant arch stands a robust tree in earthy brown, its canopy a medley of verdant greens. To the emblem’s right is the brand name in a blend of brown and green uppercase letters, underscored by the tagline, elegantly set in classic black.

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