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Hi everyone!

We really liked this recent entry to an online cannabis market contest. So fun and creative.

Great job, CreaTed

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The Complete History Of The CAT Logo

The Caterpillar company’s iconic logo has had an evolution that mirrors its growth and transformation over the years. The Caterpillar (CAT) logo has a long and colorful history, reflecting the progress and shifts in its business orientation and corporate image. Caterpillar has been able to communicate its core values and identity through its branding and logo design.
The company’s earliest focus was on tractors and heavy agricultural machinery. Because of that focus, the logo’s design elements in the early days more closely resembled an actual caterpillar. The logo was then changed as the company branched out and the product line became more diverse.

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Featured Design Contest: Tohil Harmonics

A recent client and quantum harmonic healing service, Tohi Harmonics, came to Hatchwise to request a logo design that would reflect the unique blend of science and spirituality that the brand incorporates into its healing modalities.

Springing up from a group of 425 entries, the winning logo was the perfect match for the revolutionary quantum healing services Tohi Harmonics offers.

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Featured Design Contest: Epicurean Epiphany

 This logo design contest centers on a virtuous food company and a soon-to-come book named Epicurean Epiphany, which proudly touts the tagline, “Simple. Real. Whole Food.” The company was looking for a logo to front their new book.
They aim to spark inspiration in others through natural whole food. The mission of the company is to unveil the connection between food and a fulfilling life, debunking the notion that healthy eating must be boring or synonymous with self-deprivation.

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The Complete History Of The Playstation Logo

In gaming, innovators make pixels come to life, and innovation rules all. In this world, there is a symbol that stands as a beacon for gamers all over the world. The PlayStation logo is an iconic symbol that crosses language barriers and unites players from every location and walk of life.

Sure, the PlayStation logo is about design, but it’s also far more than that. It’s about creativity, evolution, and the PlayStation brand—a brand that has had long-lasting effects on the gaming industry.

Let’s head off on a journey through time to explore the history of the PlayStation logo. Along the way, we’ll highlight the brilliant minds behind the creation of both the console and logo. Ultimately, the vision and creation of PlayStation itself informed the branding and logo design.

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