Tips For Getting The Perfect Food Logo

Food logos play a crucial part in our day to day life; from the moment we grab a carton of milk from the fridge for our morning coffee to when we grab an energy bar from the store for a snack, we interact with food logos daily. Going out to dinner, grocery shopping, using groceries; food logos surround us. 

When you manage to get a logo that conveys trust for your company and displays your products in a way that will entice people to choose your product, you can earn the trust of buyers and encourage them to choose your product. You want customers to not only choose your brand but continue to choose it. 

If you’ve been looking for some inspiration to encourage you on the journey of choosing a perfect food logo, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve found some of the top food logos to inspire you! 

Find What Makes You Different 

Nowadays, standing out in the food industry is next to impossible. The second that a company finds something that works for their brand and helps entice customers, every brand on the market is using a similar technique, and no longer is it specific to just your brand. In this case, it’s important that you find something about your company that stands out and makes you different from the competition. 

This contest was held on Hatchwise for a pizza brand. As everyone knows, pizzerias are one of the most common food chains around. Unless you’re a top chain like Pizza Hut or Dominos, it’s difficult to get your brand on the map. However, this brand stood out from the competition by advertising on the winning logo for their contest that customers can ‘Kustomize Your Pizza’. 

This gives them an advantage over other pizzerias with their unique twist. They stand out from other similar brands for their differences and they embrace it. On top of their saying below their company name, they also show how they stand out with the logo design itself. The logo features half of a pizza with assorted toppings, giving the impression that customers can customize their pizza with any toppings they want. 

Simple Food Logos Can Sometimes Be Best 

Sometimes it isn’t necessary to be extravagant with your food logos. At times it’s necessary to have a logo that may not even resemble what you sell. It may be important to focus more on the brand aspect of your logo and less on what you have to sell. For example, this contest that was held here at Hatchwise was for a food court restaurant. 

They wanted something simple that showcased a subtle hint of patriotism in it without being entirely too obvious. They wanted the logo to convey American comfort food but also be causal. The winning entry was created by Hatchwise creative neilfurry, who managed to create a logo that subtly symbolized patriotism without it being obvious what the brand sold. 

Entry #1011273 by neilfurry

Show Your Brand 

The most important part of creating a food logo is ensuring that your brand is wholeheartedly put into it. People will recognize a brand that feels safe and genuine and they’ll continue to use it. Put your brand’s heart into your logo to show your customers what your business is. Remember, when buying a food product, customers have to feel safe enough to put what you’ve made into their mouths. 

This means that they have to trust your brand. Trusting comes with creating a logo that is genuine and shows your brand off well. This contest was for a company that wanted to put their brand’s entire heart into their logo and Hatchwise designer Quimcey was able to provide them with precisely that. 

Entry #1072511 by quimcey

This is a winning entry from a Hatchwise contest that shows the heart of a company in its logo.  

This logo clearly shows what the company does, but more than that, it shows the heart of the brand. This creates a brand that people know they can trust to buy from and a brand that they can get to know. Your food logo should show customers that you’re a trustworthy brand that puts effort into creating the perfect product for them.

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